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to musclebeach on 5 August 2019

He’s always top class. Every show is better than the other. You can easily get addicted to him.

to musclebeach on 20 March 2018

He keeps getting better and better. A living sculpture.

to musclebeach on 7 March 2018

Had another fantastic show with him. I can't help but fall in love with his muscular perfection. I haven't seen such pecs in my whole life. Plus he's very kind and loves being worshipped. The best. Simply the best.

to musclebeach on 28 February 2018

After a long time I had a show with this incredible muscle hunk. He’s always beyond perfection. Sexy, sculpted, handsome. You’ll be wanting more and more.

to Drake96 on 13 November 2017

I sent him money, we started show and disappeared after 4 minutes.

to molertm on 10 November 2017

Despite what other reviewers said, I had a nice experience with him. He's beautiful. Truly ripped body. He's nice, confident and simply sexy. A true master and a muscle god.

to Dreamcaster234 on 20 October 2017

It was a long time since my last show with Jaden. He's always over the top. He's a dream come true.

to Caleb on 12 October 2017

A truly top notch camshow. His definition is excellent. He knows how to make you feel excited. I simply wish I was there to feel those hard muscles. 10/10

Caleb replied...
Don’t u ? ;) thank u

to Young Markus on 28 June 2017

He's super sexy and knows how to please you

Young Markus replied...
Thanks, I'm great you enjoyed it! :)

to Rage4domination1989 on 18 June 2017

The true definition of dominant muscle man

to CockyBoy on 8 March 2017

What can be said about Cockyboy that hasn't been said before? He's great in every sense.
He's charming, big and sexy. He knows how to play and enjoys the experience as much as you do. 10/10. The Best!

CockyBoy replied...
Thanks for the rate and see you soon bro, xoxo

to Dreamcaster234 on 4 November 2016


to YoungKris on 16 September 2016

This guy is exceptional. Polite and kind. He loves showing off. He is confident and his muscles are sexy as hell... Not to mention what lies under his pants... 10/10

to Roland on 29 June 2016

True alpha male. Professional, sexy and huge in every sense.

Roland replied...
Thank ;)

to Jeff Flex on 29 June 2016

Simply beautiful, adorable and sexy as hell!

Jeff Flex replied...
Thanks a lot! i really appreciate the support.

to Teenmuscle18 on 4 June 2016

He's so fucking hot you can't resist him. So huge, so sexy. His prices are reasonable too. I recommend him.

to musclebeach on 22 May 2016

The best! There are no words to describe how perfect he is.

to Dreamcaster234 on 30 April 2016

Jaden is a true master. He gave me thrills last time. His body is nothing but a living sculpture. He knows how to be sexy and cocky and he enjoys that. His muscular perfection is stunning. And what lies in his underwear... well that speaks for itself. Absolutely the best alpha muscle stud out there!

to LewisgotmeHARD on 14 April 2016

Beautiful, kind, easy going and sexy of course. You can't miss this wonderful young boy! :)

to AnthonyFlex on 9 March 2016

A very positive experience with this guy. Attractive, easy going, manly and very eager to please. I recommend him.

to biceptoris on 14 January 2016

He did for me a very good show. First of all he's accomodating and kind. He enjoys flexing his super defined muscles. You can't take the eyes off him. I think I'll come back for more of this wonderful hunk.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you so much for your support and admiration!

to Kanye on 21 November 2015

You can't imagine how sexy he is. He enjoys giving you a hot show. I hope to meet him someday.

to youngmuscles10 on 1 November 2015

This wonderful lad gave me one of the best shows ever... HOT HOT HOT HOT!

to JasonBest83 on 15 September 2015

Huge, nice guy and totally accommodating. Recommended!

to sexyjohn on 15 September 2015

I've had with him the hottest and wildest cam show ever. 100 % recommended.

sexyjohn replied...
thx bby.i hope see you soon.

to IronArms on 12 September 2015

I had one of the best flex shows with him. Sexy as hell.

to Dreamcaster234 on 24 August 2015

Did two shows with him. He's incredibly hot and beautiful. Great shows! :)

to wolverine on 7 August 2015

Immensely huge! That's the first thing you notice. He's even bigger than the pics. He's nice and trustworthy. He knows how to fulfill your muscle fantasies. I totally recommend him and I'll be back for more.

wolverine replied...
thx my are gr8 too

to BygHercule on 14 May 2015

Nice person and hot muscles!

to JhonMuscleForFun on 11 April 2015

Such a wonderful stud. He's kind, likeable and handsome. A hot body you will not forget. Recommended 100%!

to musclebeach on 6 October 2014

I want to say again that he is one of the best of this website. Kind, sexy and his muscles are a true scuplture. He fulfils every fantasy. A true sexy musclegod! I hope to meet him in person one day!

to Hardddmuscles on 18 September 2014

He has a body to die for. Not only he is beautiful, but he can be cocky and sexy as you want. He loves being desired and make you feel good. You will love him as much as I do.

Hardddmuscles replied...
Im glad I made you feel desired!

to musclebeach on 8 August 2013

His muscles are perfect in every sense. The show is so fucking HOT... One of the best, if not the best, on this website ;)

to Alexander Steel on 14 July 2013

He's truly amazing. Perfect muscles!

Alexander Steel replied...
Thank you :)

to Roy Morris on 6 July 2013

Nice and likable guy. His videos are truly amazing... you won't regret it ;)

Max Viera

Muscular perfection

25 July 2020

Super Saiyan Flex

Hot hot hot

25 January 2020

Super Saiyan Flex

This is a real young muscle god ??

7 December 2019

Super Saiyan Flex

Super hot stud

6 December 2019

Clark Kent

Finally an Italian (I love my country hehe). This is a true muscle god! <3

15 December 2018

Rock Hardman

So hot, but I can’t find you on Skype

3 October 2018


Hot body

19 August 2018


Super fucking hot.

7 March 2018


The hottest man on this site.

28 February 2018


True muscular perfection.

18 August 2017