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to AngelinoBoy on 24 January 2020

HOT guy! Great experience ordering a custom video with him. He was quick and easy to work with. He is very kind and approachable with fantasies. Thanks for a great video!

to Roland on 20 January 2020

I got a custom video from him. It was super hot, easy transaction, and he is very approachable with fetishes and fantasies. He doesn't make you feel weird or bad. Very accommodating! Thanks again : )

Roland replied...
Thank you :)

to JR Jamiez on 27 July 2018

Great custom video from a very attractive guy! Quick response and easy to work with. Definitely recommend!

to Roland on 10 May 2017

Bought a custom video form him a while ago. He is fantastic. I highly recommend him! He looks great, he is open to what you want, and he is timely and trustworthy if you couldn't already tell from his 156 positive reviews! :)

Roland replied...
thank you sir ;)

to Teenmuscle18 on 27 February 2017

Took my money and never made custom video. He said that his wi fi went out and that he'd have all videos delivered by the weekend. If anyone wants to confirm with me, my Skype name is ncraft7392. I'll be happy to show you the conversation. If he ever does turn around and make my video or refunds my money then I'll post another review on here to let you know but in the meantime I'd say don't risk buying something from him.

to benjamin kline on 7 February 2017

UPDATE: Now that he knows I posted a negative review, he is threatening to find me on facebook and talk to all of my online friends if I don't take down the negative review. WOW! Just don't even bother with this guy.

benjamin kline replied...
man i have all your conversation on Skype...dont worry u are really bed guy...i send 2 video and u paid 1 video...u are lie...keep out for this person

to benjamin kline on 7 February 2017

Not very satisfied with my video. He's very nice, but I gave him a list of 5 things I wanted in my video. He agreed and said it was all good, and only did two of those things. Again, nice guy but I don't recommend doing a custom video with him.

benjamin kline replied...
why u blocked on Skype...fake person...

to Roland on 23 January 2017

Love him. Second time I've used this guy and he's fantastic. His body is a 10/10, he's nice, takes requests, is very timely, helpful. I absolutely recommend him for cam shows and custom videos!

Roland replied...
thank you :)

to Riley Jackson on 6 January 2017

Hot body! Cute face! Great roleplayer! Open to ideas and requests. Paid and received show in the same day I asked and was great with communication and following up. Again, his body and face are just perfect for whatever you're looking for and the fact that he is a really nice, customer-oriented guy is just icing on the cake! 10/10!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thanks man!! I'm glad you enjoyed it all, you're honest and very friendly!

to Caleb on 2 January 2017

Absolutely fantastic custom vid! I highly recommend. Very trustworthy guy, very open to fantasies, looks every bit as good as his pics and better even! He was actually traveling when I ordered the video and he still made time to get it to me within 24 hours.

Caleb replied...
Thank you !! Anytime :)

to jean paul on 15 November 2015

I gave him $50 for a camshow last night and then he left Skype and never messaged me again but still took my money. DO NOT PAY THIS GUY. DO NOT USE THIS GUY. Find a better profile. He will just steal your money and leave. I hope TheBestFlex will investigate all of these bad reviews and shut down this profile. I will gladly share my evidence!

to Roland on 20 June 2015

He is perfect! Beautiful body, wonderful face, and he is very sweet and kind. I recommend him for everyone! He listens to requests and performs without flaw.

Roland replied...
thank sir! wait the next show ! ;)

to Addictivebody on 7 April 2014

What a man!! He's handsome, he has a perfect body, and he is very honest, polite, and kind. If you have not done a show with him, I recommend him highly!! Very reasonable with prices and he was very understanding of what I was looking for and interested in. He is just wonderful!

to farris on 10 February 2014

Hope you enjoy getting swindled. He says one thing and then doesn't do it.


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