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to MuscleGod7 on 1 August 2018

Custom video I ordered turned out amazing. Such a handsome, sexy guy to admire and watch perform. Highly recommended. Will definitely be ordering more videos from him in future.

MuscleGod7 replied...
thankyou mate. means alot. take care

to Alex on 15 February 2018

Absolutely a delight to work with. Really kind, helpful and was quick to make my requested video. He did everything I wanted for the video to perfection. The whole process was smooth and easy. If you're looking for a flexing vid with an incredibly good looking guy with an amazing body, I highly recommended him. I'll definitely be requesting more from him in the future.

Alex replied...
Thank you so much for the nice review and all you support! means more than i can say! Look forward to getting together again!

to Matt Cooke on 23 December 2016

Had a nice personality to begin with but I never got a show even after payment and setting up several times over the of several weeks. Now, he doesn't respond to my messages at all. Strongly advise avoiding him.

Perfect Flex Show

to Perfect Flex Show featuring Ryan James on 5 April 2021


Just like all his videos from before, I love Ryan’s new video as well. Seeing his video list grow is something I always love seeing. I really like the lighting in this one as it enhances his eyes. The little, charming smiles he shares throughout are also really nice to see. Such a handsome man. Never tire of looking at him. Of course, his body is as incredible as ever as well.

Watching him flex and caress his muscles is really captivating. Sure, he’s posed in underwear before, but watching him strip down to his underwear is quite the treat. The veins popping from his muscles, his broad shoulders, huge arms and legs, amazing chest. Ryan is perfect from head to toe and is my number 1 guy on this site.

LOVE MUSCLE - Bedroom Flex Show

to LOVE MUSCLE - Bedroom Flex Show featuring Ryan James on 14 February 2021


Ryan James is finally back and I couldn't be any happier!

Enjoyed this one just like all the others. He looks especially good in red underwear and watching him flex his muscles and pose in bed are constant reminders as to why he’s my #1 man on this site. His physique is just perfect; amazing chest, abs, shoulders, biceps, everything! I'll never tire of watching him.

He’s as handsome, muscular and sexy as he’s always been and I’ll always be looking forward for to his future videos.

Oil and Flex

to Oil and Flex featuring Lucas on 25 November 2020


Lucas is such a sexy and handsome man. I just love how ripped and lean his body is. His abs and pecs are especially brilliant. The way he applies oil to his body and how he flexes for the camera really makes this video great. Fantastic video!

Oiled, Pumped and Flexing

to Oiled, Pumped and Flexing featuring Adam Lincoln on 29 August 2020


Adam's body is simply stunning. On top of his good looks, I love the shape of his body, especially his chest and shoulders. His vascular arms and ripped abs are incredibly sexy. This video is easily one of my favourites.

Close Up Muscle Perfection 2

to Close Up Muscle Perfection 2 featuring Bernard on 24 July 2020


Bernard's muscles are incredibly huge and watching him flex and pose while sweat drenches his body is so mesmerizing. His massives pecs, arms and shoulders are insanely sexy and my favourite parts of his superb body. One of my new favourite videos. Absolutely loved it.

Your Perfect Muscle Man

to Your Perfect Muscle Man featuring Ryan James on 13 April 2020


I will never get enough Ryan. Really enjoyed the low camera angles looking up at his incredible body. Love his massive, vascular arms and perfect chest.

I'd love to see a sweaty muscle pumping/workout video from him one day.

Sexy Hunk Flexing At Home For You

to Sexy Hunk Flexing At Home For You featuring Ryan James on 8 February 2020


Another Ryan video, another instant purchase from me.

Really enjoyed the relaxed but sexy vibes of this one. Definitely makes me wish I had a sexy and handsome friend like Ryan to hang out with like this. I love the way he looks at the camera while flexing and posing. He has such beautiful eyes. And of course, I could never get tired of checking out his perfectly ripped body.

I hope one day he'll make a shower video. I would love to see that. Regardless, I'll never get tired of seeing new videos from Ryan.

Beautiful Muscle Man Flexing For You

to Beautiful Muscle Man Flexing For You featuring Ryan James on 31 December 2019


I don't think I will ever get enough of Ryan! He's the most captivating hunk on the site. It's always a wonderful sight seeing a new video from him.

I love the way the way he poses, he just exudes confidence. And I just can't help but admire just how perfect every inch of his body is. He's so good-looking, his chest is incredible, and the handsome smirks he gives the camera is so charming.

I will always be looking forward to future videos from Ryan!

Sexy Hot Hunk

to Sexy Hot Hunk featuring BeardKing22 on 29 December 2019


BeardKing is perfect! He's so handsome and his body is incredible!

The way he caresses his body, his poses, the way the oil enhances his perfect body is just perfect. I absolutely love everything about him and this video.

BeardKing is easily one of my top 3 guys on here!

Oiled Up Muscle Stud

to Oiled Up Muscle Stud featuring Ryan James on 10 October 2019


Another perfect video from Ryan! I love all of his videos, but this one has become my favourite.

His body has always been incredible but he looks better than ever here. The oiled up muscles and lighting truly shows how perfect his body is. And of course, he's so damn handsome.

Hands down, the best man on the site!

Just You And Your Muscle God

to Just You And Your Muscle God featuring Ryan James on 19 July 2019


As always, Ryan and this video are total perfection. Every video of his checks all the marks of my muscle fantasies. Incredibly handsome, perfect physique and flexing and posing to show how perfect himself and his muscles are.

I am always happy to see a new video from Ryan and always happy to purchase them. I look forward all your future videos, Ryan!

Close Up Pump Up and Flex

to Close Up Pump Up and Flex featuring Bernard on 11 April 2019


Incredibly sexy video. Bernard's body is fantastic and the oil really enhances how amazing his muscles are.

Strip and Flex

to Strip and Flex featuring Adonis on 13 March 2019


Handsome with an incredible body worth admiring. He's an amazingly sexy man. Great video!

Sexy Oiled Muscles

to Sexy Oiled Muscles featuring Muscle Diamond on 11 March 2019


His body looks incredible covered with oil and he's a great looking man. Love this video.

Oiled Up Muscle Perfection

to Oiled Up Muscle Perfection featuring Ryan James on 1 March 2019


Another perfect video from Ryan James and he is as handsome and sexy as ever! Have been looking forward to a new one from him from some time. Absolutely love this one, just like the others and oil just enhances his already perfect body. Any video from Ryan is a a guaranteed purchase from me!

Oiled Up Muscle Perfection

to Oiled Up Muscle Perfection featuring Antonio.Ricky on 15 February 2019


Antonio's body is incredible, especially his chest! He's really handsome too. Loved every second of this video. Can't wait to see what else he comes out with.

Oiled Up Muscle God

to Oiled Up Muscle God featuring Adam Lincoln on 26 January 2019


Adam's body is incredible and he's quite handsome as well. I really hope we get to see more videos from him.

Hairy Muscle God

to Hairy Muscle God featuring FrenchShapeUK on 27 November 2018


Awesome video! Great views of his body from all angles. Get to appreciate every inch of him.

Muscle God Shower

to Muscle God Shower featuring Tom H on 27 November 2018


Really love this video. The water really emphasizes how amazing his body is.

Handsome Hunk Flexing

to Handsome Hunk Flexing featuring FrenchShapeUK on 27 November 2018


Great video! Really get to appreciate his amazing body and handsome face.

Handsome Hunk In Your Bedroom

to Handsome Hunk In Your Bedroom featuring Ryan James on 5 October 2018


This video has made Ryan my absolute favorite model on this site. He is perfect in every way; perfect body, incredibly handsome face, and beautiful eyes. I'd love to request some custom videos some day from him but for now, I'm absolutely excited to see what other videos he'll come out with in the future. I'll for sure be purchasing them.

Muscular Rugby Hunk

to Muscular Rugby Hunk featuring MuscleGod7 on 23 September 2018


Sexiest video from the MuscleGod yet. The teasing and playful attitude make this a joyful video to watch. Perfect video to appreciate his amazing body.

Ripped Blonde Muscle Hunk

to Ripped Blonde Muscle Hunk featuring Ryan James on 28 July 2018


Really hot flexing video. Handsome face, perfect body, everything about him and this video is perfect. Instantly one of my favorite guys on here. Excited to see more videos from him.

Big Muscles Tight Shirt

to Big Muscles Tight Shirt featuring MuscleGod7 on 25 July 2018


Absolutely amazing video. Handsome face with glasses, incredibly hot body, with a awesome flexing makes this such a captivating show.

Naked and Oiled Up

to Naked and Oiled Up featuring Roland on 24 July 2018


One of his best. Absolutely loved and enjoyed every second.

Flex and Cum - Oil

to Flex and Cum - Oil featuring CockyBoy on 14 February 2018


Any video from him is pretty much guaranteed to be great, especially this one.

Huge Cum Shot

to Huge Cum Shot featuring CockyBoy on 5 February 2018


Amazing video. Easily one of my favorites. Strongly recommended.

Hard and Naked

to Hard and Naked featuring Roland on 18 December 2017


Incredibly hot. View lets you admire everything about him. Perfect bod, perfect everything. Worth the money.


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