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to JhonMuscleForFun on 11 June 2017

You get better and better. Thanks for the cam shows and photos. How about making videos for us? You are my Champion!

JhonMuscleForFun replied...
Thank you so much Paul . I will upload one video here soon . Many kisses . Take care

to DarrenMichael on 20 November 2016

Darren thanked me for my last review with an INCREDIBLE one hour pvt. THANKS Darren! I have asked Darren to make a new vid for this site. He has promised to do that and it should post at the end of the week. He is ready to compete again in 2017 and I want him to be Prime Romanian Beef. I hope you will support Darren along with me. This man is incredible. Keep up the Champion Attitude!

to DarrenMichael on 14 November 2016

WOW. Not sure about Steviej's issues -- but Darren is 100% ManMeat and a super good guy as well. We pvt for hours at a time -- and every single moment is so I can HARDly wait for what COMES next. An amazing guy--- a real Champion.

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you , I really appreciate

to Jhony on 24 October 2016

MEONLY --- sorry about your experience. My experience with Johnny is positive -- ONLY positive. Super guy, funny, amazing physique AND MORE :) Johnny --- you and me are a TEAM FOREVER!

to Jhony on 13 September 2016

It was my honor to tell Jhony about TheBestFlex. We have met online and also face to face. The man is incredible. Confidence with a championship physique. LOVE those pecs!! Has a super smile and a good attitude. When you pvt with him --- accept the challenge and WORK HIM OVER!!!

Jhony replied...
Hey Paul !!! Miss u Buddy

to handsomeguy on 13 May 2016

oh wow! Luci has a Killer Smile. The Smile works when those guns explode. Enjoyed 3 super one hour pvts with Luci in the last week. Fun, handsome, genetics for a king. Did I say -- OH WOW!!

to JhonMuscleForFun on 15 April 2015

So what is it that captivates the imagination? Those luring eyes, the smile, the guns, the "total package", .... Super guy!

to DarrenMichael on 4 January 2015

Darren said his first video would be good. It is excellent. The confidence of youth, the genetics of a champion. When does the second video debut!

to DarrenMichael on 11 December 2014

I have heard Darren is working on a video! I made yet another one hour session with this Prime Beef Stud today. He is refined, super nice, and "exciting." I tell him in advance --- "if I have a heart attack, call 9-1-1" You are wonderful, Darren.

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you buddy . :) I hope I see you again today and train hard.

to DarrenMichael on 23 November 2014

This piece of Romanian Prime Beef is top notch. And delicious :) I TRY and TRY to defeat him with exercises --- but he just smiles and asks for more. Check out his friendly eye wink while he is flexing those guns! Enjoy guys --- you have been warned.

to Shady on 1 September 2014

on the slim side of "muscular" --- totally ripped. Love that cute young man face. One of the best guys I pvt with in recent months. Strong recommendation!

Shady replied...
ohhhh ... thank you :* :* , love you buddy

to achiles55 on 9 March 2014

I took a chance on this guy--- his first day on BestFlex. A fun guy --- with a body to impress all who admire young muscles!

achiles55 replied...
thanks Paul and ready to meet other quality guys like you

to AngelinoBoy on 7 November 2013

I have watched this young man improve over the past two years. Confidence -- killer smile. Solid muscle growth. Loves to flex and exercise. Sweat and pump just makes him smile even more. Total satisfaction in every way. For guys like me, enjoy and help him improve. For Angelino-- best wishes as you move into bodybuilding! See you soon :)

AngelinoBoy replied...
thanks my friend from USA !

to CockyBoy on 28 October 2013

love this guy!

CockyBoy replied...
Tnks alot,kiss for you and hope to see you soon


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