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to alexalexmaster on 3 September 2018

Oh my god. Alex are realy a musclegod..a perfect grece god. His body are hot with all this defindet and big muscle. The big arms. His perfect strong chest and 8pack. His wonderful giant shoulders. The strong hands. Oh yes his cool legs with so much muscle. His ass.. mmmh i like and also his surprise.. woow.
Alex is great man i love him.. his beautyful face with cute smile and hair.. all money is good investment here.. thank you alex for all shows and pic.. oh my god wonderful. Kiss you

to Andrewfitness on 14 August 2018

Wow der Mann ist echt super. Seine Muskelshow war genial. Seine durchtrainierten Füsse. Die azsgeprägte starke Brust. Sein 8pack woow. Die starken Arme die definierte Schulter. Sein Lachen und seine heisse Zone. Einfach genial perfekt. Ich bin ganz hin und weg und freu mich auf einen nächsten starken aber sympatischen Auftritt. Krasser schöner Mann und Körper. Woow

Andrewfitness replied...
Danke Schone

to CockyBoy on 7 January 2018

I do not get it. Unfortunately, I was not lucky with him. I asked him for a skype muscle show and also paid for it. but hardly paid, I got no answer more... no show .. no pictures ... no money back ... nothing. I ask him what we do now..ecc. I do not know what I did wrong. but I find that very unprofessional and stupid of him. And so i want say here the people attention. I think he are a beautyful man. But i dont understand him...

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there OM74, im pretty sure you never order from me, i never send picture ( AS they are already available on my profile) but cam show snd custom videos i do make. so please talk again with me on my real account skype or email me on to chat about the details. WATCH OUT THERE IS A FAKE PROFILE PRETEDING IS ME!!!!!

to Chad on 4 April 2017

Cool chad was a very beautyful muscle man. His body are perfect. The big arms with viens mmmh. His big chest and shoulders are incredibel cool. The abs and the strong big legs woow... i like very much. His cute face with smile wonderful and incredibel. I hope i can see him again. Take care sexy chad....

to Poseidon on 21 November 2016

This men like a grece god. His beautyful body.. shoulder...arms... this cool chest and 6pack.. mhh great men. Also his cute face with nice smile... poseidon the wather god is very perfect. I hope i can meet and see him again.

to rdy2flex on 18 September 2016

Wow this men is very hot. Perfect body so athleticol and defindet muscle body. Great show with a big smilie men. Very funny. Wow and his different parts from body. The chest with cool dance move. Mh this big arms and hands.this abs... slim. Wonderful Shoulders and legs.... very cool. Complimenty and i hope can see again. This sexy men ;)

to Matt Cooke on 17 September 2016

Wow matt. So hot and sexy muscle men. Your show with cool move and gym sport... arr perfect. Your beautyful musclechest, your great arms, uhh your six pack or eight? Mhh very perfect. Your big legs, shoulder uhhh and your ass... wonderful. I like you soo. Thank you so much and i hope we see again ;)

to Bobby on 4 February 2016

Wow, this men are so beautyful. his arms with cool vens, shoulder, great chest, his sixpack... oh my god. is wonderful. his Show is perfect, and hi is wirly nice, a great beautyful smile. and the muscle Body... yes hot, sexy, and you see his hard work... great men. thank you for this Show. i hope i can meet you again

to alexlondon on 13 January 2016

Hey Guys, I can not understand what you have done wrong to you? I had a super show and excellent video of Alex. Even camera! He has a hot athletic body, strong and beautiful muscles - his great arms, the cool chest, his washboard stomach, his perfect calves, uh his shoulders ... really fantastic. It looks really great and is very personable. His dance moves and demonstration are really awesome ... because you will be very weak while watching videos and especially with his smile. He has a great body to view, even his hair is always styled cool. So check them out quietly. He will enchant you, I'm looking forward to coming back with him! Thanks Alex

to GeorgeyG on 2 January 2016

Ok, this man is really great. His body is perfect athletic muscle - his chest is hot, his Sick Pack or 8pack I did not quite understand is wonderful. His face is a bonus to boot. He has a smile and his eyes because it melts away. His hard biceps .. So really sexy this man. His show was also singularly well. He is motivated and hard for its customers at very. I have felt very well and it was funny with him. His fleet underpants with content is also arrr. Cool. I'm looking forward to the next time. Thank you so much - Great George

GeorgeyG replied...
Thank you very much, im glad you enjoyed it and hope to chat soon :)

to RussianMuscle on 1 January 2016

woow it's hot and sexy this men, really muscular, a very strong one, as he stood in front of me in real I was positiv surprised with its tight-fitting shirt and his short pants tight. Wow ZZS hot. So to look at him was incredibel- this defined beautiful body, with his big muscles in arms, chest, abdomen, feet, legs and shoulders ... mh. When he stood in front of me there naked, and his best (really nice piece) showed part, I felt great and was overwhelmed .. It was amazing, we had a lot of fun and it is very nice and personable. Even at this price - it is recommending wholeheartedly. Get Rus Uuuh Thanks you ver much

RussianMuscle replied...
Thanks for a nice comment, man. I appreciate it.

to Andrew on 10 November 2015

He is a perfect muscular man. Sympathetic, funny and playful. He shows his very athletic muscle body. Exciting, strong and hot. Very nice to look at. It pays off in any case. :)

to theSituation on 10 November 2015

Young, crisp and athletic, with strong arms flow through large veins, a perfect muscular chest, and 6 pack or 8 pack? hihi he has a beautiful impressive face, smiling, with a overwhelming. He is very personable and may well present in his shows. I could see him live and also about his videos - really cool. On the whole, highly recommended

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to Mattybladez on 4 November 2015

Matty has withdrawn a really hot show, its quiet and congenial playfulness of his sleek muscular body to hot sensuality, was very nice to see. He gave me more than it was spotted. Thank you it was a perfect pleasure. I am very glad to have tried it.

Mattybladez replied...
a pleasure mate! come back for more hot muscle anytime

to farris on 4 November 2015

wow - something you've never seen her! Muscles everywhere. Perfectly trained. Nice and crisp. From the steely thighs over his 8pack washboard abs, to his muscular chest, which has plenty to offer. At defined neck and shoulders up to his football-like biceps tatoo poor. The best part, however, is the combination of his body with his show. Simply ingenious and beautiful. He is very personable and always good humor and his smile underlines everything

to RAMONDAVOS on 4 November 2015

Hui Ramon's wonderful to describe his body will not be easy, because the words sound rather trite, because they are used repeatedly. But he has a great modeled athletic body. It is beautiful to look at how he moves and how he does his show. He is very humorous and just gorgeous. His beautiful face with laughter and cute grimaces makes him a whole fully perfect body. I would appreciate it once personally encountered!

to KAIN on 19 October 2015

I was more surprised than positively when I saw the show and experienced . Its beautiful full body dance routine use with the elastic movements of this athletic body . His great laugh , his entire body work from the eyes to the toes . his strong arms and chest game, his perfect butt and the match rod , the costume pieces , it was fantastic . 10 min clearly too short and too fast . Two cool songs have been played and you could tell that he works hard for his Kunden. hi gives all. yes same again!

to Poseidon on 9 October 2015

The meeting with this cool Greek man , was simply brilliant . He showed me his steely and very good fashion shaped bodies . His individual muscles exceeded the overall picture of the Greek sea-god . Whether its defined 8pack - his muscular game with the beautiful chest , his strong arms with big muscles , his sexy legs , his round butt in hot pants , his perfect shoulder ... just fantastic . Not to forget his unforgettable smile on his beautiful face . The idea with the Hutverkleidung and his bewitching movements while showing his great body was also great. Incredibel. My overall image is wonderful , I am looking forward to coming back with ihm.Yammie ;) really is the hot guy , thank you very mutch



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