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to Aesthetic Body on 20 May 2020

received a custom video from this muscle hunk, it was amazing, his biceps are incredible so big and peaked and he loves showing them off.

to Aero Boi on 20 May 2020

had a show with this guy and he was awesome, great muscles and he is only going to get bigger and more ripped. recommended

to Arthur Herid on 9 May 2020

had a show with this muscle stud, awesome body and easy to deal with, thoroughly recommended

to Hunter on 2 May 2020

hunter made me a custom video, man was was perfect, he is amazing, hot body and soooooo damn nice

to Hunter on 6 April 2020

shame you cant give a 10 star rating Hunter was awesome, his physique is perfection in motion, like the statue of David came to life but even better and more muscular. Best chest I've seen for a while.
He is sooooo friendly too, that southern accent makes you want him even more.
I will be back for more Hunter.
Do yourself a favor the check him out

Hunter replied...
Thank you very much for the review :) Made my day!

to Danbodybuilder on 5 April 2020

just had the pleasure of a great camshow with this muscle man, he is in great shape and such a nice guy, his chest and arms are amazing

to Calin God on 1 April 2020

Calin sent me an amazing video, done it less than 3 hours and absolutely awesome, his physique is incredible and he has a some of the best biceps on the best flex site, very friendly and easy to deal with.
treat yourself

to Xander on 21 March 2020

Had an amazing camshow with this uncle hunk, he has added some serious muscle mass. Super friendly and highly recommend paying him a visit you will not be disappointed

Xander replied...
Thank you for trust bro! Appreciate very much!

to mahdy on 21 March 2020

Had a camshow with Mahdy last week and he was amazing highly recommend checking him out. Super friendly and loves to show of his physique

mahdy replied...
Always my pleasure man. Thank you for kind words.

to Danbodybuilder on 15 March 2020

just had an awesome show with Dan he is huge and soooo friendly. do yourself a favor and hit him up

to Young Markus on 27 October 2019

do not understand bad reviews, Markus has always been great with me

Young Markus replied...
Thank you, I'm always great with everyone :)

to Master Traps on 20 November 2018

had a great show with Matt, his biceps are huge, nice guy too

to ClassicPhysique on 20 November 2018


awesome video thank you Adam

to Rippedreaper997 on 14 October 2018

awesome show with Nik he is growing each time i see him check him out

to Hades on 23 September 2018

had an awesome camshow with Hades, Very friendly and his body is ripped.

Hades replied...
Thank you , I hope you come back soon for another one I`ll be ripped and bigger in few months ;)

to SexyMuscled on 8 September 2018

had a great show with Chris he knows how to please and his body is ripped

to Jacked Jake on 3 September 2018

Jake contacted me and apologized, we then had an awesome cam-show.
give this guy credit and remember he has to deal with a lot on difficult members on here, pays to be respectful.
give Jake a break

to King Artur on 23 June 2018

awesome show great body and super friendly

King Artur replied...
Thank u

to ClassicPhysique on 29 May 2018

received custom video from Adam, he is in amazing shape and he know how to show off his muscled physique. Also he is a great guy to deal with, highly reocmmended

to ClassicPhysique on 13 May 2018


Adam was awesome great show

to Rippedreaper997 on 22 April 2018

had another great show with Nik last night, hes is so friendly and obliging, his muscles are growing and he plans to hit 100kg soon.

to ClassicPhysique on 20 April 2018

just had a great show with Adam, he is looking ripped, in great shape and always a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended

to Teacher on 25 March 2018

this guy is awesome, he has grown a lot it the last 6 months and is prepping for a show, super friendly and what a great physique

to mahdy on 19 March 2018

a pleasure to cam with Mahdy, he is such a nice guy with a great body

mahdy replied...
thank you so much

to Drake96 on 18 March 2018

I have had a few shows with this guy and he has been awesome, very friendly and his body is growing fast. He already has 43cm biceps and they are peaked.

to Niko on 27 February 2018

Niko is awesome, incredible muscular physique and he loves to flex and show off, he is also super friendly, highly recommend

to Natural on 22 February 2018

awesome show very friendly and great body

Natural replied...
Thank you so much!

to Rippedreaper997 on 11 February 2018

had a great show with Nik, hes is really getting some lean muscles mass and he is great guy so friendly

Rippedreaper997 replied...
My favorite man, thanks!

to Rippedreaper997 on 13 December 2017

jut had another show with Nik, he looks awesome, getting bigger each time i see him

to Rippedreaper997 on 29 November 2017

Nik is the most amazing guy, super friendly and he loves showing off his muscles.
highly recommended

to Rippedreaper997 on 3 October 2017

had another great show with Nik, he is so ripped, highly recommended

to Rippedreaper997 on 23 August 2017

this guy is awesome, super friendly and eager to please

go support him guys you will not be dissappointed

to justinmicahel80 on 3 August 2017

this guy is bad news stay away from him, takes your money and runs, finds excuses for not being available.

to justinmicahel80 on 30 July 2017

paid him for a show and he left and has not been back to fulfill.
he is a scammer

justinmicahel80 replied...
i told you i would give you the show little later cause i was busy liar , did not scam you

to balyenn on 24 July 2017

had a great camshow with this guy. very friendly and great muscles, he is going to get bigger and is worth meeting up with

to Rippedreaper997 on 23 July 2017

this guy is the best

Rippedreaper997 replied...

to balyenn on 16 July 2017

this guy is awesome, better in person than pics, hes looks great and very friendly

to Rippedreaper997 on 10 July 2017

This guy is awesome, highly recommended

Rippedreaper997 replied...
<3 :)

to Young Markus on 1 July 2017

hot show with Markus, hes is going to be a big muscle stud as he grows

Young Markus replied...
thank you :)

to Young Markus on 24 June 2017

had a hot show with markus

Young Markus replied...
thanks, appreciate it! :) looking for more

to Young flex on 23 June 2017

great show, this guy is going to be big

to Rippedreaper997 on 23 June 2017

Love seeing Nik flex, he is certainly growing

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you :)

to Rippedreaper997 on 18 June 2017

Nik is a delight to chat with and does great shows, highly recommended

Rippedreaper997 replied...

to Ale Nature muscle on 12 June 2017

had a great show with Alex he is super hot and friendly, great biceps

to Master Alan on 11 June 2017

had a 2nd show with Alan, he is really nice and he is prepping for contest so he is going to look even more amazing. Very sexy man.

Master Alan replied...
Im glad that u returned an ave some good time togheter Thx

to Master Alan on 8 June 2017

had agreat show with this guy

Master Alan replied...
thank you man . see u next time:D

to Rippedreaper997 on 8 June 2017

this guy is hot, you will not be disappointed.

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thank you for review! :)

to KAIN on 2 June 2017

this guy is rude didnt waste my time

to Rippedreaper997 on 1 June 2017

Had another great show with this guy, so friendly and he is definitely growing adding muscles. He will be a beast in no time

Rippedreaper997 replied...

to Caleb on 30 May 2017

had an amazing show with Caleb, he is such a nice guy, ripped and muscled and loves to perform
Highly recommended

to Rippedreaper997 on 27 May 2017

caught up with this muscle stud again last night
he is awesome, loved watching his muscles in action. he is going to grown into a muscle beast

Rippedreaper997 replied...
hehehe thanks!

to Rippedreaper997 on 21 May 2017

had another show with ripped, he is getting more muscled and he is super friendly

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thats because of you :)

to Danbodybuilder on 10 May 2017

had a great show with Dan, he is huge, massive biceps and super friendly.

Danbodybuilder replied...
Thank you, lovin' having you as another huge fan of my biceps

to Natural on 30 April 2017

great show with this guy he is growing and his biceps are big, hot guy

Natural replied...
Thank you :))

to Rippedreaper997 on 24 April 2017

nice guy very tall great legs

Rippedreaper997 replied...
Thanks man

to angusconnor on 16 April 2017

had a show last night with Angus, in great shape, very friendly.
Look forward to watching him grow

to Dennis on 20 March 2017

received video from Dennis, wow he looks amazing, ripped and muscular, and friendly.
Good luck at your next contest

Dennis replied...

to MuscleGod11 on 15 March 2017

Had another awesome show with this muscle god, he is ripped and very friendly

to JhonMuscleForFun on 7 March 2017

had a great show with this stud last night, he is ripped and contest ready.
very friendly, highly recommended

JhonMuscleForFun replied...
Thank you dude for amazing show . Kiss you

to theghostmuscle on 4 February 2017

just had a show with this guy he is awesome
amazing pecs and super friendly

theghostmuscle replied...
Thank you :**

to MuscleGod11 on 25 January 2017

had a great show with this guy awesome body and very friendly

to DylonSC on 22 January 2017

I found him rude and not just after quick buck

to mahdy on 14 January 2017

had another great show with mahdy awesome

mahdy replied...
Thank you so much you are so nice 👍 😍

to mahdy on 29 December 2016

had a show with this guy, real nice to deal with, very friendly an great body

mahdy replied...
Thank you so much 😊 ❤❤

to Natural on 16 December 2016

Had a camshow with Kris and was awesome very friendly and his body is hot, he is growing and eager to please

Natural replied...
The Pleasure is Mine!Thank you :)

to Teacher on 9 December 2016

Had a show with Angel last night and wow has he grown. His arms are huge and his pecs are now so thick and defined he is a muscle god and he loves to show off his amazing body.
He is also very prompt and reliable

Teacher replied...
thx buddy

to ClassicPhysique on 21 November 2016

Got a video from Adam it was amazing this guys is so nice and what an awesome body

to Teacher on 18 November 2016

Received a great video from Angel this guy has really grown and looks awesome
Nice guy as well

Teacher replied...
i will always grow when my customers are like you my friend :)

to ClassicPhysique on 29 October 2016

Adam provided another great show last night
h is such great guy and a killer smile

to ClassicPhysique on 19 October 2016

had another show with this guy and he is amazing also super friendly and honest.
He offered to refund money when he could not complete the camshow. 100% recommended

to ClassicPhysique on 11 October 2016

I had a great cam show with Classic Physique, he is bulking but still looks awesome and very friendly, highly recommend

to Riley Jackson on 24 September 2016

Riley is the nicest guy on this site not to mention he is very sexy with an amazing body, he is growing and will be a muscle beast
Highly recommended

Riley Jackson replied...
Hahaha thanks man I appreciate it!!! You're always good to talk to. Have a good day!

to Jhony on 24 September 2016

had a show with this sexy man, was very obliging and has great pecs

to Teenmuscle18 on 2 September 2016

just had a camshow with Brady and he is getting bigger, cant wait to see him when he is ready to hit the competition stage

to frazermusclegod on 20 August 2016

this man is hot. so sexy and looking even better with the hairy chest and beard.
Reel nice guy as well

frazermusclegod replied...

to Muscular Titan on 20 August 2016

Muscular Titan is an awesome guy, very friendly and amazing lats. I have had many shows with him and he is very genuine and friendly not to mention his awesome ripped body

Muscular Titan replied...
Thank you for the positive review!

to Mobydick on 30 July 2016

this guy is hot, great body

Mobydick replied...
Thank you

to Teenmuscle18 on 13 June 2016

Brady is awesome, so big for 18
looking forward to seeing him again

to Riley Jackson on 14 May 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Riley last week for a camshow, what a gentleman, so easy to talk with like an old friend.
He is the real deal and 1o/1o unlike some other a-holes on this site.

Riley Jackson replied...
You're an awesome guy too! I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Talking to you now over Skype hahaha

to AnthonyFlex on 8 May 2016

do not trust this guy, he will do one show with you if your are lucky then take your money and run.


Thes best flex should be banning people like this

to biceptoris on 7 March 2016

had yet another amazing show with Rob, he will blow them away when he competes

biceptoris replied...
Yes I will ! Lol !!

to Teacher on 28 February 2016

just had camshow with this guy and he was awesome

Teacher replied...
The Pleasure is Mine !!!

to biceptoris on 23 February 2016

had another great show with this stud he is awesome

biceptoris replied...
Thank You Ross!

to biceptoris on 31 January 2016

had another great camshow with this man, he is awesome and so much fun to watch flexing
He will be hard to beat when he competes this year

biceptoris replied...
Thank you man for belling in me !

to biceptoris on 10 January 2016

Rob made me video that was amazing, he is such a nice guy to, so friendly and he has the best body on this site.
I will be seeing him regularly

biceptoris replied...
Thank You so much Ross! Thanks for Your support man! You motivate me a lot !

to biceptoris on 4 January 2016

Just had another show with Rob and he is in great shape, the best biceps on this site and so friendly, a real genuine guy
you would not be dissapointed

biceptoris replied...
Thanks for your support !

to RussianMuscle on 31 December 2015

This guy is very rude don't go near him

RussianMuscle replied...
Well no time for free riders, sorry ;)

to Xander Flex on 14 December 2015

great show very hot tight body

to biceptoris on 13 December 2015

just had a great show with this guy holy cow amazing he is awesome
huge peaked biceps

biceptoris replied...
Thanks Ross! You are the man !

to Revalyx on 29 November 2015

This guy is amazing, super friendly and loves to show of his body. highly recommend

Revalyx replied...
thank you my dear friend :* i am glad u like what u see :D

to Radim on 17 November 2015

just had another show with this guy, he is awesome just loves to flex and please.

to RAMONDAVOS on 16 November 2015

do not understand where the negative post would come form Ramon is a real awesome guy, very friendly and he looks great.

to Radim on 11 November 2015

just had show with this guy and he is awesome, very friendly.

to RAMONDAVOS on 6 November 2015

Ramon was awesome, very friendly and a great natural body with huge arms, looks much better in person, lovely guy. recommended

to CockyBoy on 2 November 2015

Alex is an amazing muscle man so ripped and super sexy and friendly
highly recommend

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there, thank you for this review its amazing love it!!!

to youngmuscles10 on 9 October 2015

just had a great show with this muscle stud very friendly and awesome body

to sinflexxx on 12 August 2015

just had my first show, awesome great physique and very friendly

to Italian Strength on 19 July 2015

had a show with this man last night, what an amazing body, his back is awesome and so friendly.
highly recommended

Italian Strength replied...
thanks sir ,i appreciate

to Aanor muscle on 31 May 2015

Had a great camshow with this guy he is amazing

Aanor muscle replied...
Thanks !

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 17 May 2015

Had a great camshow with the beast awesome body and vey friendly

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
thanks if you want again the show,contact me ;)

to JayFlexCole221 on 15 May 2015

just had another show with Jay he is awesome what a great body

to JhonMuscleForFun on 15 May 2015

just did camshow and he was awesome

to JayFlexCole221 on 15 May 2015

had 2 shows last night with Jay, he is a muscle god, so damn sexy, thick solid muscles and awesome arms, he loves to show off and super friendly. You must see this guy

to BygHercule on 15 May 2015

did a show with HERC and he was awesome, so nice and polite and happy to please, recommend him

to Roland on 8 April 2015

just had very hot and sexy shoe with Roland, he is in great shape getting ready for contest, check him out.

Roland replied...
thank sir!see you next time! ;)

to Revalyx on 27 February 2015

Had a great camshow with this sexy man, great body and willing to please

Revalyx replied...

to theSituation on 16 October 2014

just had another great camshow with Viktor, he is ripped and eager to please. nice guy too will see him again

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much! See you next time. I'm waiting for it :)

to Tom H on 8 October 2014

had a great camshow with Johny great shape

to Damian on 6 October 2014

i have had a camshow with Alex and just purchaed a posing video and he is awesome, huge muscles and very happy to please and friendly, the real deal

to Roland on 4 October 2014

had an awesome show with Roland and he is awesome

Roland replied...
thank man! :)

to Jack Stacked on 23 September 2014

Met jay this weekend and he was amazing super friendly and his body is awesome had a great time

to Aesthetics on 22 September 2014

Good show nice muscles

to LionKid on 9 September 2014

This guy is amazing in every way, great body very friendly and eager to please

LionKid replied...
Its nice to hear that from you, i have respect for each my fan and i do my best to keep you all happy ;)

to Roberto on 29 August 2014

Roberto is a very nice guy
his body is amazinf so riiped
really enjoyed the show
will see him again

to theSituation on 26 August 2014

awesome bdy and super friendly guy

theSituation replied...
Thank you:) You are very friendly too. See you next time!

to LightingLee on 13 August 2014

just had another great show with Catalinn, he is so hot and always happy toplease

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 10 August 2014

Aaron was amazing tota muscle god and very happy to ensure you enjoed yourself.
would highly recommend him and i will be seeing him again

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 8 August 2014

Aaron is a nice handsome guy and happily gave me a preview.
His body is amazing and love the hairy pecs

to Johnny V on 6 August 2014

johnny is the best
awesome body and great personality

Johnny V replied...
I love you, big daddy! You always know how to take care of me!

to FitManDan on 6 August 2014

this guy has the best arms and great show

to LightingLee on 6 August 2014

this young gun is awesome, great shows and he will grow, looks great already

LightingLee replied...
Thanks man!

to hotathlet on 6 August 2014

I have had many show with this awesome man and he is amazing, his body is perefect and huges muscles.
He is also a very friendly model

hotathlet replied...
thank you , ROSS

to LightingLee on 5 August 2014

very friendly great flex show

LightingLee replied...
Thanks Oz!

to LightingLee on 2 August 2014

excellant show

LightingLee replied...
Thanks OZ!

to frazermusclegod on 10 May 2014

awesome show

frazermusclegod replied...

to hotathlet on 24 April 2014

Fantastic camshow

hotathlet replied...
thank you, ROSS !

to Matthew James on 21 April 2014

Awesome and super friendly

Matthew James replied...
Thanks for doing a show with me! I had a great time!

Jo berg

Added some seriousl muscle

21 March 2020

Calin God

wow massive peaks on those biceps

9 February 2020

Muscle Charlie

awesome biceps and pecs

26 January 2020

Muscle Charlie

awesome physique

19 January 2020


very sexy, nice abs

12 January 2020


awesome body

27 December 2019


muscular perfection

27 December 2019


the best pecs

23 December 2019

Muscle Armi

awesome pecs

12 December 2019

Aesthetic Body

amazing biceps

7 December 2019


looking great, ripped

27 October 2019

Calin God

awesome biceps

28 September 2019

Riley Jackson

wow looking ripped

8 August 2019

Aanor muscle

awesome physique

27 July 2019

Jo berg

getting bigger

6 July 2019


you will look amazing

29 June 2019

Muscle Ricky

great physique

28 June 2019

Bicep Bryce

wow awesome biceps

22 June 2019


amazing back

22 June 2019


looking ripped

22 June 2019


looking ripped

22 June 2019


damn sexy pic, nice nipple

1 August 2017


awesome physique

1 August 2017