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Reviews and Comments

to Luk Cage on 9 September 2020

Great show. His body is insane and he knows how to show it off. Loved every minute of it

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!!

to EnhancedAdonis on 4 September 2020

Great first show with this stud. Amazing body and incredibly friendly. All the positive reviews are true and I recommend him highly

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot buddy

to Arthur Herid on 25 August 2020

I had two great shows so far with Arthur. He is great. He is great at role-playing, his body is ripped and he loves showing it off. I’m going to do more shows with him. He’s a very nice guy and open to all sorts of suggestions. I recommend him highly

to Gunnar Stone on 13 August 2020

Just had my first show. This guy is absolutely incredible. Amazing at role-play and his body is off the charts. Highly recommend. Plus, he seems to be a really nice guy and really accommodating. ListenEd to what I wanted and executed perfectly

to Karlo99 on 8 August 2020

Had an amazing show with Karlo. A really great guy to deal with and an exceptional body. He was very open to what I liked and put on an incredible show. Very genuine and amazing guy

to Luk Cage on 18 July 2020

I had an amazing live cam show with him. He is amazing at roleplay and his body is unreal. Shredded abs and knows how to flex. Plus he’s a really nice guy to talk to

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot!!!

to Flexmanross on 10 March 2020

Had a great camshow with this guy. Super friendly and attentive to what you are looking for. Shredded body and loves to show it off

Flexmanross replied...
Thank you I love you forever for this bro

to Jon Fisher on 25 January 2020

Good show from this young stud. very ripped and flexed the entire time. I was pleased with it for sure

Jon Fisher replied...
Thanks :)

to Jimmy Blue on 17 November 2019

He's back and better than ever. Huge muscle and nonstop flexing the whole entire show. Very nice to deal with as well! You will not be disappointed

Jimmy Blue replied...
The man

to Jaysen Warner on 17 November 2019

had an amazing cam show with this ripped stud. very down to earth and got right into my scene. very nice to deal with too! try him out

Jaysen Warner replied...
Thank you for that awesome review!

to LDeMao on 15 November 2019

Had an amazing camshow with this guy. First of all, he's very nice and easy to talk to. His body is amazing, and he knows how to get into character. The ideas just flew off of his mind as if he has done this for years. He definitely is worth it guys...give him a shot!

to Greekgod on 12 October 2019

complete scammer. gave me a 3 second video to prove it was him. then when i sent him the money he said "give me 5 minutes to rehearse" that was hours ago with no messages back. SCAMMMMMMMMERRRRR. Mods should delete him

to Rolex on 14 September 2019

This is the first negative review i have ever done on this site. I was scammed. Paid for a 15 minute show for 100. Then first with the "ok let me get ready" 30 minutes later i asked if he was gone and he said "nope just got out of the shower" Another 30 minutes and he stopped responding completely. Its a shame because he seemed genuinely into doing a show. If i am called a liar, I do have the skype chat to prove it. If things change and he winds up refunding me the money or doing the show, I will retract this. But for now, AVOID

to Ragingbeast on 9 September 2019

Hey everyone
Just had my first cam show with Ragingbeast. Guys, he is definitely a must. His body is huge and ripped up. Totally gets into showing off, roleplaying and flexing his incredible body. Probably one of the most well defined bodies on this site. AND, he is VERY friendly. Very nice to talk to, accomodating and seems overall like a genuine dude. Hit hm up

to FlexMasterJoe on 1 August 2019

great show and amazing body. got right into my scene and went with it. easy to deal with and i recommend him

to Aaron Jay on 18 July 2019

just had my first cam show with Aaron. Wow, this guy is insane. His body is ripped to shreds and he completely got into my roleplay. A definite MUST

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you man was a really fun show to do and looking forward to being even better for you next time!

to craving4power on 1 June 2019

ok wow. i never have any expectations when i do a cam show with people, but this guy is unreal. He is a lover of roleplaying and got right into my fantasy. His biceps are unreal and he truly is a nice guy. I recommend him for sure!

craving4power replied...
Thanks a bunch buddy

to Tommy Flex on 24 May 2019

Great show and very easy to deal with. Got right into my fantasy and just ran with it. No wonder he has so many amazing reviews on this site :)

Tommy Flex replied...
Thanks for your support! Hope to see you again soon!

to Jimmy Blue on 26 April 2019

So I had my first cam show with Jimmy Blue. His body is smooth, flawless and big. his biceps are incredible and his chest is striated. Abs carved from stone...definitely a must. He got right into my fantasy and went off from there. Plus, he's very friendly too.

Jimmy Blue replied...
Great, easy going guy. Friendly and professional

to Master Marcus on 14 March 2019

Just had my first cam show with Marcus. All I can say is wow. This guy's body is off the chart and he aims to please. Totally friendly and well worth it. I cannot believe i did not find him sooner. I recommend him to all

to Tatted Athlete on 18 November 2018

Jay is absolutely amazing. He got right into my scene and ran with it perfectly. You have to check him out...very easy to deal with also

to KevinMuscle12 on 24 May 2018

Just had a camshow with Kevin. Definitely give him an A+ Very easy to work with, open to what i wanted to see and delivered an amazing show. His body rocks.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you! see you soon!!

to Peter Russell on 4 May 2018

I received a video from Peter and I have to say that all the reviews on him are spot on. It was an incredibly hot video and did everything I wanted and more. His body is ridiculous and he is very easy to deal with - i had the video the next day as promised. Plus, he really is a nice guy to talk with too. A definite must if you like hard ripped muscle

Peter Russell replied...
Always fun. Thanks you! ????????

to Musclefreak1234 on 19 February 2018

Great show! Very open minded and did a great job with what i wanted. Plus, his body is great and he is a really nice guy. Recommend for sure

Musclefreak1234 replied...
Anytime I’ll do my best every time ????

to LordZian on 26 January 2018

Very great show. This guy really aims to please and is definitely HUGE. Plus, he is open to what you are into and very easy going. I recommend

LordZian replied...
Thx alot bud ! gn ...oxoxox

to Flex Master on 22 January 2018

Great cam show with this guy! Definitely got into my scene and is very easy to work with

to Jake Daniel on 18 November 2017

Hot experience for sure. SUPER nice guy and gets right into my fantasy. A definite must for everyone

to Tommy Flex on 15 September 2017

Tommy is so hot. His body is insane and he gets what you want. A DEFINITE MUST for all muscle lovers

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Blackmusclemaster on 5 April 2017

absolutely awesome right into my fantasy and knew how to show off very well

Blackmusclemaster replied...
Thank you... see you soon!!!

to MuscleGod11 on 19 March 2017

This was a very amazing show. He got into exactly what i wanted and his body is incredible. A+++

to Caleb on 8 December 2016

Caleb is out of this world. Totally got into my scene and went above and beyond. His body is ripped, hard and he knows how to flex it. I definitely will be getting other shows from him for sure

Caleb replied...
You are awsome! Loved the role play. Thank u 😋

to Tyler King on 14 October 2016

Had a great cam show with Aaron. Amazing body and ripped. Gets into my fantasy and very open to suggestions and wants to know what exactly you're into so that he gets it right. Recommended!

Tyler King replied...
Right on man good to hear u had fun experience

to Aaron the Muscle God on 11 September 2016

Pretty incredible show I must say. The guy is shredded, listens to requests and delivers an amazing show. Friendly to deal with as well. Give him a try - there will not be any disappointment

to Rafa Martin on 8 May 2016

This guy is amazing. He is very eager to please and he has a hot as hell body. Very friendly and I see myself getting many shows from him

Rafa Martin replied...
Thank you! It was fun caming with you. Look forward to doing it again!

to GeorgeyG on 28 February 2016

great show and great guy. highly recommended. abs are insane

GeorgeyG replied...
Cheers man, I appreciate it :)


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