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to Muscle Domination on 25 January 2020

Amazing individual. Easy to work with. Extremely passionate in flexing and posing from all angles. Can and will accommodate all muscle fantasies. Give him a look and support his bodybuilding career 5 stars.

Muscle Domination replied...
Thanks alot!

to handsomeguy on 13 September 2019

Since my last review in 2017 and being overwhelmed by his dedication, drive, passion to become the best in his physique I have the honor to continue to invest in all his goals. Here it is 2019 and we have had a few one on one shows and of course have trained together, which has inspired me to continue my habit of getting in the gym to make the gym my lifestyle. I can say without any hesitation that he is the "Real Deal", honest and loyal. I recommend one and all into muscle and strength to add this athlete to your list of camshows/videos. I am so positive in saying that he has not reached his physique potential, only to strive to be the best for his fans....5 stars are not enough to show my reinforcement of my continued commitment!!!!

to handsomeguy on 17 December 2017

The photos do not do Luci justice. Had a live face to face muscle worship session with him. So massive in person with peaked biceps like steel and really enjoys to show off details ! Pumps and flexes with determination to display the physique of breathing GOD of muscles giving you the ultimate in muscleworship pleasure. I personaly recommend to either a CAMSHOW or meetup with if you happen to visit Bucharest! Handsome, huge smile and MUSCLES for your pleasure. 10++

to Atlas on 14 October 2017

Hello: Muscle worshipers, I have been away from this site for a couple of years and now have returned to rediscover my absolutely awesome muscle gods. ADAM is on this list and I had the opportunity to see him again. WOW!! Bigger, more mass, with symmetry and detailed definition. His muscle control will blow your minds. He is super attractive middle eastern MUSCLE GOD. To watch him pose is a statue awakening from a deep sleep to pump hard and express his physique with vascularity for the eyes to behold. Motivate him to grow as I have and experience the master with his muscled physique. He hits each beautiful pose, slowly moving the hard worked out muscle to see from all angles. I recommend this GOD of muscle to all of you the real muscle worshipper. He is not a clock watcher and preforms to your requests. Help him on his way to grow bigger and compete once again in 2018 early MAY. A 10+++

Atlas replied...
I enjoy to flex my muscle for the true muscles worshipers. Thanks.

to rdy2flex on 29 March 2016

Honest loyal guy who gives his best in a show 110%
Serious in the sport of bodybuilding and great showman for posing. recommend him high. Speaks english very well

to ARNOLD STEFAN on 4 October 2015

Hello all muscle fans,
This massive 6ft 4in muscle beast.
More ripped, more defined, more muscle
Had the luckiest day to be his first worshiper, and must say the movement of and style of posing was so euphoric in display.
Loves to be appreciated worshiped and desired.
Laid back amazing man who loves his muscles as I did, hitting poses for me to pump, flex and pump the vascularity huge.
Extremely large everywhere.
Easy to talk too understand English very well and preforms all the requests and shows atm the best physique for his upcoming competition this saturday.
A true greek musclegod tanned muscled waiting for all lovers of muscle.
Recommend him 100% and is not a clock watcher and gives all I wanted to pleasure me. Step up and see what I have posted a real beast alpha muscled handsome male.

ARNOLD STEFAN replied...
thanks u so much friendddddddddddddddddddd

to Tom H on 4 October 2015

Hello musclelovers, I really do not understand why some members post a neg response to this muscle beast. Remember they are hard working men wanting to create that awesome muscle physique for us to enjoy and be satisfied.
This magnificent bodybuilder spends hundreds of hours in the gym, with his nutrition, with his supps to focus on one idea! To be the best bigger better than the last competition.
Johnny is in the midst of 3 competitions in the fall and winter. Carb loading and depleting as he creates the possible shaped muscle, with definition and vascularity.
His passion and determination goes far beyond the gym it is to be on the stage and win.
He loves to be admired, appreciated and worshiped.
I visited him today and can say without a doubt....WOW
Wide lat spread, quads with amazing definition, pecs beautifully shaped with striations deep and rippled. Majestic traps and delts in his most muscular pose.
He is so much better in person than some of the photos.
Easy going guy who wants and needs the appreciation from all his fans and newcomers.
Recommend him 1000%.....Handsome greek musclegod ready to show all his mighty physique

to youngmuscles10 on 2 October 2015

Hello guys,
Today I met someone unique in the sport of bodybuilindg.
18 year old muscle pup who with his determination and passion possesses a physique that is amazingly balanced and symmetrical.
He has with limited resources has created a awesome body to compete and be on stage.
Young at heart but mature in mind to become one of the best Juniors to compete nationally in his home country then get to the pinnacle of the Juniors Arnold Europe.
Believe me he gives a show that displays his physique from all angles.
Style of posing for being young is PRO level in style and presentation.
Join with me to become one of his regulars o see him achieve greatness.
I close in saying check out his lat spread, wide shoulders and the quads.
The muscle control is wow.
Recommend him 100%, laid back honest gives you everything you request.

to theSituation on 24 September 2015

Hey, MUSCLELOVERS, I had amazing luck to finally meet this young musclegod. I mean finally because after seeing his posted youtube video those awesome pumped veins and muscle shape I had to meet and SEE him. Hurray, last night I was blessed to chat, witness his amazing at ease posing flexing and vascularity in my face. He is very laid back speaks and understands English and asks for your input so he can give you a personalized muscle show. He did not disappoint someone who is into admiration, of young muscles. Watching him slowly flex those biceps and hitting hard flexes instantaneously pushed his vascularity to the max. He teases with his kissing them wishing one was there to show him the muscle worship he deserves. This is someone who is honest and provides the promised muscle show and I personally recommend him 10++++++. Being from an eastern European country where the economy is very low, the monies spent for one of his amazing shows would provide him sups, gym fees, food for him to follow his dream of becoming the best. I THANK YOU again for your awesome show soon to follow your muscle month to month.

theSituation replied...
Thank you my friend!

to sinflexxx on 11 August 2015

Hello All musclelovers......I did something I never do and meet up with a brand new bber without reading reviews.
Today I had the LUCK of the IRISH, to meet this diamond in the rough.
He oozes masculinity and alpha attitude with awesome symmetrical physique.
I am into motivating muscles to be pumped in my sessions and this handsome bearded man posed, posed, and posed.
Great wide lats and peaked biceps with solid massive quads with beautiful diamond shaped calves.
He enjoys to entertain to all his new muscle fans your fetish enjoyment.
Mine being lat spread and biceps, I was so amazed in his slow control of muscle while preforming for me.
The show was 110% so positive that one has to experience his manliness and symmetrical, balanced pumped flexed physique.
I am so glad that I can leave his first review and recommend him highly to all worshipers and admirers of muscle.......110%

to Aanor muscle on 4 July 2015

Hey muscleworshipers, Has the best chance in meeting This new muscled model here on thebestflex. He is so awesome, kind and tgrustworthy and gives everything in his camshow. His videos and pics do not do him justice so much better on cam especially with his HD. Crystal clear with eyepopping flexing and pump to bring out all is vascularity. He displays a very handsome style of physique and even though he was a little tired he pumped and pumped until his muscles exploded from the flex. His traps and delt separation are on point as well as his perfect ripped chest with amazing striated uppe pecs. The abs ripped like steel and make a most intoxicating sounds as he runs his hands on them on his abs muscled instrument. A serious total package of alpha muscles for your pleasure. Laid back awesome amazing character and style who NEEDS to be seen. I so recommend him beyond doubt come one and all and enjoy this physique of a LION.....10+++

Aanor muscle replied...
Thank you Paul, thank you verry much !

to Roy Morris on 25 June 2015

Hello Gentleman..and muscle lovers....I am here to say that I have a couple of times cammed with this muscle beast god in the past. I will say that he is honest and loyal and gives the best muscle flex shows. He is currently bigger and more shredded for his up coming competition season. To the ones who have bashed him with negative posts that I am sure it was a misunderstanding and you should contact him again to clear up the issue. I recommend him 10+++ and huge muscles to admire and appreciate as he poses and flexes every inch of his hard muscled physique.

to Roland on 3 June 2015

Hello all muscle admirers, I had this afternoon one of the most spectacular muscle worship sessions with ROLAND. It started with some meet and greet chatting before he pumped his physique. I am amazed since my last visit with him his shape and symmetry has evolved into an amazing sight for the eyes to behold. Handsome as any Greek statue but with life and breath for his muscles. He was so kind to me and acommadting whe he started to show form the most interesting angles the body he has worked so HARD in the gym with multidude of reps, set, to create this work of muscle art. I was able to explore each region of this art. His mountainous peaks of his beautiful biceps, to the length and breath of his veined forearms attached to a massive thick and detailed horsehoe tricep on both of his amazing arms of the physique. He stood up and hit a massive wall of CHINA, those wide wide lats, with veins galore, wanting to be touched and licked. The delts exploded with each flex of huge boulders waiting to be kissed. The tree trunk quads and hammies with the calves were totally perfect. He is truly a gentleman who gives his 110% to his fans who need to appreciate and worship him. Nothing better than to watch a confident alpha male make me feel soooo HAPPY. Thank Roland you were/are the best and plan to visit more and more....10+++++++ recommendation

Roland replied...
like this review ! :) thank you so much! see you next time friend!:))

to BygHercule on 14 May 2015

Had a chance to meet this huge HERC. Very laid back kind and a massive physique that covers his 6ft 6in frame. Quick to show off with a smile to melt you. Honest and loyal look forward to chat and know him more and his massive thick powerful physique

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 14 May 2015

have added your Skype and look forward in meeting you on cam for chat and a huge posing and flex show....with regards..Paul

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
If you want see again my big muscles contact me again Thanks again

to HornyAlphaBoy on 2 May 2015

Guys, I can not explain this but from yesterday I had the incredible experience with this alpha male that I had to share in all his glory again. He is every bit HUGE as the first photo in this profile. 51 cm biceps with thick huge peaks. Massive pecs that cover his upper and lower chest, when flexed like slopes of a rugged smooth mountain. His delts have power boulder rock size and separation for days. The triceps hang as side of defined beef wanting be touch and admired. One needs to look at his calves and those solid hamstrings when he bends over to flex and revel strands of hamstring muscles. Then he turns to show the thick massive quads from that amazing tear drop to separation up to his waist. he has the passion to be desired worshiped and appreciation for all the hard work from the gym. A true beast muscle GOD who will give you a show of lifetime. Show respect and he is putty in your hands to see his amazing, awesome, fantastic physique from all angles. Explore his pumped muscle the definition, separation and veins and take in the total view of the muscle giant needing all of your passion for worship. Seriously guys, give him a look and you will leave feeling fulfilled by the muscle god. The 10++++ I leave is so little because it is beyond any camshow I have experienced. Let Sergui pleasure your senses with that powerful muscled thick strong mountain of a body.

to HornyAlphaBoy on 1 May 2015

HEY ALL, I finally made time for Sergiu and must say was a little surprised beyond my hopes. It, the camshow started out very structured until I hinted about let me motivate you and explore his physique. he went wild with anticipation knowing he had a real muscle worshiper who knew how to get the best from his muscled physique. So amazing in person, huge and thick with 20+ arms, slabs of pecs for his chest, thick defined triceps, mountainous traps bulging in each pose. Tree trunk quads with awesome muscle separation and diamond shaped calves. I explored each inch of this amazing alpha stud body and slowly he showed from extreme angles with artistry of flexing and hitting poses that are professional from any competition stage. Motivate him and he hits into high gear to flex harder with more intensity to show they get huge. I was able to get him into a sweat mode as he continued to drip and made his muscles even more detailed. Laid back guy with charisma and sincerity, honest and needs to be admired and worshiped. Not a clock watcher and I can say with out a doubt this is the MUSCLE BEAST I have always dreamed of. I recommend him 10+++++++, give this masculine of muscled ALPHA stud a look and be pleasured as I was....thanks again SERGUI

to JhonMuscleForFun on 1 May 2015

calling all muscle lovers: I had the fantastic experience to have had an amazing camshow with Jhonas. So amazing in person than the photos. Posed for me in red posers and reaked of muscle symmetry. He hit pose after pose with crisp preciseness. So much more potential to this beast can see in his style and charisma. Not a clock watcher and gives 110% for what I requested. L:aid back friendly and one of the best I had the opportunity to meet. Just the beginning because I will see more of this young muscle stud.....recommend 10++++ and again thank you Jhonas

JhonMuscleForFun replied...
Real thanks Paul ! :)

to Nathan Jones on 1 May 2015

Gentleman: I had the extreme pleasure in having a camshow with this Italian stallion today. He is huge and powerful. Thick pecs and wide back with tree trunk quads and the style of posing is with artistic flair, beyond compare. He needs to be worshiped and admired and pumps to maxium with each and every word from his clients who appreciates the beauty and alpha male stud can give his customers. my oh my...heart is racing thinking over again how he preformed and it was off the chart. Pumped and handsome, shows from every angle his amazing, awesome, fantastic physique. One all I recommend Nathan 10+++++ and give the beast a chance and you will leave wanting more.....thanks Nathan for all of you

Nathan Jones replied...
Thank you Paul, you're an amazing motivator.

to Roland on 1 May 2015

Hey musclelovers: I had an amazing experience with Roland. What charisma and beauty of his muscled physique. He is accommodating to your requests and not a clock watcher. He poses with flair and shows muscles from every angle. The definition to watch as he hits a bicep pose and the veins in his forearms need to be licked. Huge HUGE man with incredible muscle control to each body part. Loves to be admired and worshiped and goes to great lengths to show you a great time with his muscle physique which he is in shape only to be ripped as the weeks go by to prepare for competition. I give Roland 10+++++ and I recommend that all of you meet up and experience a true alpha male with gorgeous muscles to admire.

Roland replied...
Thank you so much!! :) i always do my best! :) see you next time :) ;)

to BigXander on 18 March 2015

Hello true muscle-lovers!!!! This is my 3rd visit with this symmetrical physique champion. All I continue to say is amazing, awesome, dreamy, exciting and the beauty of flexed muscle controlled muscles for ones enjoyment. OH YEAH.Laid back guy who wants and needs to be admired and worshiped each inch (cm). Motivate his desires and he will give a masterful muscle performance of controlled biceps, pecs, traps and defined quads to the eyes of the lustful beholder. Once again has out done himself to give the 150% in his Skype camshow. One and all, meet and see and view this alpha man's mountain of hard flexed muscles for you to be pleasure.....THANK YOU< (Farris)

BigXander replied...
thank you my friend

to Revalyx on 21 February 2015

Hey Musclelovers,

I had the extreme fortunate luck to have seen this young alpha male today. He has a smile that stretches wide as he shows a symmetrical lean muscled physique. Really shows huge physique as he poses and with striations across his pumped pecs and veins popping. Brilliant peaked biceps from all angles and gives a muscle performance that will keep you cumming back for more and more. His muscle control as he slowly flexes different muscle groups are extreme beauty. Pleasant young beast who gives 100% and beyond with his show and physique. Recommend him totally to see this young GOD of muscle.

Revalyx replied...
thank you paul (y)

to HornyAlphaBoy on 20 February 2015

Hello muscle lovers. I had the amazing luck to meet this hulk of an alpha male with a physique waiting to explode as he posed. His muscle control is dynamic and displays awesome separation of his thick hard delts, veins popping through his pecs and traps. Terrific artistry of his symmetrical muscled physique. He extremely enjoys to be totally admired worshiped for all the IRON he pushes in the gym because as he poses to max level the sweat begins to glisten over his powerful strong muscled body. His biceps are peaked to perfection and each and every pose leaves one breathless as he moves to different angles to show the best he has to offer in his muscles. laid back easy going alpha male with the understanding of English and wants to preform at the highest level for his many muscle fans. I recommend him and hope each one of you muscle lovers give his muscle the admiration, worship and appreciation he devours with each POSE. 10++++++

to AlexHunk on 13 February 2015

Hey has been only a week and I had to see my boy muscled beast again. It was so amazing his flexing, ripped, muscle,through out his physique. That cocky smile as he devours ones admiration and appreciation for the hard dedication from the gym and tons of IRON pushed to have created a moving marble muscled breathing musclegod. Non-stop poses and he will please each and every client he comes in contact with. To watch as his sweat rolled over his striated pecs was heaven sent. Friends do not delay and try one time to visit and get the passion from the beast in sharing his physique with you.......10+++++++++++++++++

to MaximusSteel on 13 February 2015

3RD Time is a REAL Charm. Once again I was enthralled with one of my favorite muscled beasts. Incredible symmetrical pumped flexed muscles with such symmetry. He even showed me in slow motion muscle control his amazing huge traps and separation of delts with that killer lats spread to devour. The muscle attitude and slight cockiness was sugar on the sweaty muscles to have on such a special day before Valentines day. Non-stop flexing with the sheer joy of all his details of each muscle group. Then he floored me when he went to his amazing massive quads..:-0, the muscled tear drop was to die for with separation up to his thin trim waist. Just enough Bad Boy in him to really desire appreciation admire and worship. I am wanting all to at least meet him one time because he will be in your muscle male directory forever as you can see by my recent reviews here. a REAL muscle MAN god to have and always enjoy.10++++++++++++

to Roberto on 11 February 2015

Hello muscle lovers:
I had an amazing muscle visit with Roberto. Young stud alpha male who is massive at 20 years of age. YES 20. Extremely friendly and laid back who enjoys to be admired and worshiped. Huge 20+ thick biceps, wide lats to block the sun. Moves muscle style to show from all angles the muscle he has trained to perfection. A winning champion on the stage this past year, which he will add trophy after trophy receive the PRO card to continue on to further muscled championships. Very respectful to accommodate his fans wishes and then he smiles and you melt right away at him and that MUSCLED physique. A total 10+++++++++

to MuscleGod1212 on 11 February 2015

Hello Guys,
Had an amazing muscle show with this awesome young muscle beast of 21. He is in every way better in person his photos do not do justice his 230 lb muscled physique. He is very personable and gives the best for his fans that admire and appreciate hard training from this up and coming soon to be PRO. Watch as he pumps his biceps to hard peaks and the veins begin to explode across his massive forearms and upper chest and delts. He is a total alpha male that needs to be worshiped. Laid back friendly and gives 110%. Recommend him highly....10++++++

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Thank you Paul so much really appreciate the amazing review, thank you!!

to AlexHunk on 10 February 2015

Hello musclelovers. I rediscovered Alex tonight and must say WOW. At present he shows extreme ripped muscle with veins of snakes across the forearms quads and biceps with the most muscular flex to see. The more you motivate Alex to show off the more he wants to give the best poses from all angles. Striated muscle across his pecs upper and lower muscle separation through his amazing delts all at 86 kilos of hard pumped muscles. Laid back awesome personality that wants to give the best to his customers that are totally into real muscles. I recommend ALEX a passionate dedicated bodybuilder wanting to become the best to all his new muscle fans....10+++++

to musclebeach on 3 February 2015

Hello muscle fans. I had an amazing admiration worship session with MUSCLEBEACH. Very easy laid back symmetrical muscled stud who with every second on cam shows the detailed hard worked out physique. He so wants to be worshiped and gives a muscle performance as he attains a serious pump with vascularity that like snakes across his biceps and forearms. The muscle control is awesome from his huge traps to his thick delts to his incredible super sized muscled wide LAT spread. Serious alpha muscle male with charm and handsomeness to satisfy each and every one of his fans that appreciate and admire REAL MUSCLES, recommend 10++++++, not a clock watcher and will reward you with his camshow

to Adonis on 26 January 2015

Hello muscle worshippers. I have discovered a hidden gem in ADONIS. One awesome amazing man that really enjoys to show the muscled physique that he has worked on to real muscle admirers. He has a bravado of pure testosterone in each pose when he flexes. Amazing vascularity across his biceps and thick forearms. Pecs and lats for days and the quads are from another muscle planet. Easy going man that is not a clock watcher and gives of himself through special requests. Please guys want to enjoy real muscle? Meet Adonis and have the 10+++ session you both will enjoy. Entirely honest alpha male with a body of a true musclegod.

to Atlas on 26 January 2015

Hey muscle lovers and worshipers. Here is a muscled beast named Adam that I have had the awesome priviledge to see in muscle motion. Check out the first video in red trunks this is his present offseason muscle size. Note that being heavier still maintains size shape and definition. Besides the muscle he is handsome engaging with his admiring muscle worshiper. He is extremely accommodting to every wish. His muscle control is perfect from all the angles. The veins popping and pump are to die for. Think any one who witnesses him for the first time ill as I to visit him more and more as his journey to be the biggest with his natural symmetry and balance of muscle will also become one of his all time supporters as I have become. Come one , come all and be pleasured by ADAM serious muscle HUNK

to BigXander on 14 January 2015

Hello all, Had another AMAZING muscled worship show from Farris. Extremely symmetrical and the muscle control is incredible. Easy going individual who puts one at rest to enjoy his awesome physique. The separation and definition of individual muscle are sheer joy to se and watched as the striations of his pecs ripple up and down. Ask him to show his hamstrings so ripped for the winter season. He tops his muscle posing off with his huge symmetrical peaked biceps hard as steel and then his most muscular pose with the delts traps and chest combined exploding for your enjoyment. He is a total gentleman and I am soooooooooo looking forward to face to face worship session when I travel to Bucharest this EASTER. Happy as a clam, ;-)....10+++++++

BigXander replied...
Thank u my friend

to MaximusSteel on 12 January 2015

Hello my fellow muscle lovers. I again had an amazing muscle worship with this hard muscled stud. Was so accommodating with his amazing pumped physique and his posted photos do not really give the definition and muscle striation that being live with me gave. He flexed posed non stop at all angles from the calves to his huge muscled traps. Understands English not a clock watcher and has so much alpha muscle attitude which shows the passion dedication to his craft and all his muscle fans. I tried a new way of sending money and that is western union and I am pleased he can actually receive it for his continue quest for the perfection of his muscle. Once again like to say that MAXIMUS has the muscle and the goods to make his clients enjoy high quality muscle worship shows....recommend 10+++++++

to SexyMuscled on 8 January 2015

Hello all, Had a muscle camshow with this muscled man and must say the photos posted on his profile does not do the justice to his physique. Bigger and more defined showing vein vascularity. Not a clock watcher and enjoys to show off the hard work from the gym to his customers. Incredible shape and symmetry close up and away from computer to make you drool for more as he gets PUMPED to the max. Understand English very well and gives the best total performance of a muscled physique, yes he offers many exciting other fetishes and all are top notch. I recommend him highly 10+++++. Thanks again sexy for an amazing muscled camshow.

to Atlas on 13 December 2014

Hello friends that enjoy a muscled flexed physique. I have had the amazing luck to have met this bodybuilder and to experience one of his cam shows. I must say Adam had an awesome symmetrical shaped physique that shows with all the work from his gym, striations, definition and vascularity that brings the beauty of his muscles to our eyes. He is very likable and easy going individual and offers all requests to his fans old and new. I must say that when he poses the muscle control is terrific from all angles. From close up to full body physique. I have been entranced by his hard working in the gym and his character that I will follow his journey to become the best in his weight class and future competitions. Very reasonable rates, so one and all just meet him once and then understand why he wants to be a IFBB champion.

to Thor on 21 November 2014

Hello Guys, I have had a camshow with Thor and can say if you check his last video on youtube what you see is real quality and professional bodybuilder in off season. His posing is flawless and gives great muscle session easy going laid back muscle man that has the attitude to provide you the member the best possible time spent with him.He is legit and recommend him very highly....10++++ hurry and have fun and be amazed by his massive muscled physique

Thor replied...
Thank you Paul. Nice of you, appreciated !

to Andro Muscle on 11 November 2014

Hello fellow muscle god worshipers. I had the most amazing experience in having a huge muscle session with a muscle beast of a alphamale. He is hugely built head to toe with a manly voice wanting you to worship every inch of his huge incrediable hard muscled body. His posing is eye catching from the moment when he hits a TRAPS pose hard and beautifully veined. Huge boulder sized delts topping off those amazing gunz with awesome abs and tree trunk quads and the most amazing thick and WIDE lat spread that seem to go for days. He is not a clock watcher and offers great rates for time spent. Worshipers unite and call upon the muscle god and enjoy your session soon. Recommend 10++++++++++++++++++++

Andro Muscle replied...
Thank you my friend!

to HairyMuscles on 9 November 2014

Had an amazing worship session with this amazing muscle rugged model. He is very accommodating with his physique and show quality massiveness with his amazing huge thick pecs and dense solid boulder delts with awesome thick tree trunk quads. He is massive and wants to become very nice handsome face with bodyhair to drool over. Every inch a mature muscled alpha male, muscles waiting to worshiped by your eyes, has mic and has a sexy french manly voice to excite you with....I recommend this man to all 10++++++

to Alinn WoW on 30 October 2014

Hello Gentleman, I had a muscle cam show with this amazing muscled model. I must say he has a brilliant symmetrical physique with awesome size and shape. His attitude is confident and is cool laid back person who is interested to please your every desire. When he flexed and posed his muscle with his amazing muscle control got pump with beautiful vascularity. Watch his pecs as the ripple from bottom to the top of his pec shelf. He also is not a clock watcher and I recommend him very much.....10++++++

Alinn WoW replied...
:* thake u very muhc this is an attitude

to MostMuscular84 on 30 October 2014

Gentleman, I had a camshow with this muscle model and can say with his symmetry muscle control and confidence in his style of posing will amaze you. Very laid back nice guy who accommodates every request and has very reasonable rates. He competes frequently and is in great defined vascular shape. Watch as he moves from pose to pose with fluidity to show off his award winning physique form all angles. Recommend him highly...check him out....10++++

to Zeecko on 5 October 2014

Hello All, This past Oct 3rd had an amazing muscle flexing camshow with Pavel. He has grown immensely with thickness and size since I visited him over a year ago. His posing is on point and I recommend to ask for his trap and gunz pose, to drool over. Flexes with passion and has the confidence and attitude to become a serious challenge to others on the stage of bodybuilding. Laid back and courteous young man that pleases to give you the best in this physique. ....10++++

to AdonisMuscleHunk on 22 September 2014

hello guys! Had an awesome muscle worship session with Adonis HUNK and yes total hunk! He is sitting at present at 220 total muscle beef with beautiful shaped muscles on his frame. He poses with the quality of a pro and can bring the veins to max pump for ones pleasure. His muscle control is so above average that will make one drool of his handsomeness voice and ALL those muscles...recommend him very highly and is laid back attitude with hidden aggression ready to be displayed when he flexes. Has great rates for minutes provided...what a super beast of muscle will not be disappointed.....10+++++

to AlexSantee007 on 19 September 2014

Hello all, I just had an amazing show with ALEX...must say he knows his physique and great muscle control was given during his show. He even pumped his muscles with a provided barbell he has in his room. Watching him rep and motivating him to rep hard he achieved an awesome pump that brought his veins out. A handsome and laid back guy that is very accommodating in any request I asked for. I recommend him highly....10++++

to Andrei Black on 19 September 2014

Hello Guys, I had a amazing camshow with this awesome muscled physique model, a young man who is extremely vascular and with the most amazing muscle control. He shows his physique in poses from all the angles to give you the best from his muscles. He enjoys to be admired and appreciated for the hard work he has created his physique with the blood sweat and tears in the gym. He understands English and enjoys to relax and chat candidly. I recommend this young amazing muscled beast with no questions. Visit and be amazed....10++++

to Tom H on 18 September 2014

Gentleman, I had the luck of the Irish and finally had that camshow with Johnny. I want to say that he is 110%better in person photos do not do his amazing vascular flexed physique justice. He is a young man with a passion, desire and intense dedication to make it to a pro card. He is competing in 3 junior bodybuilding shows leading up to the world juniors in Finland, this competition season. To see him pose is an amazing muscle control style with enormous vascularity present. Has a freak wide lat spread and delts and traps that are mountainous when he poses his most muscular shot. Laid back young man who appreciates the attention, handsome and will give you the best show possible. Recommend him highly....10++++

to Handsome Fit Stud on 17 September 2014

Hey guys, Had an amazing camshow with this model. He has dumbbell free weights to pump his awesome biceps and has great vascularity. He is easy going and will entertain all offers for his awesome camshows.I recommend him highly and you will never be disappointed....10+++

to MuscleOctavius on 16 September 2014

hello guys, wanted to post this message about this amazing model. yes not massive but has great lean muscle control of his physique when he poses and flexes. Honest laid back guy who gives and awesome display of his muscle from all angles. Has dumbbells to pump with also and brings out his vascularity to the max to be admired and worshiped. I was blown away what he can so with his muscles and highly recommend a camshow with this muscle model

to hebert gomes on 15 September 2014

I was pleased with the recent camshow with Bruno. Awesome laid back guy from Brazil with a great symmetrical physique that enjoys to show his muscle from all angles. He is a confident bodybuilder wanting to become a pro and I recommend him highly to all. 10++++

hebert gomes replied...
Thank you my friend.

to LionKid on 7 September 2014

Meet this amazing young bodybuilder today. He has determination, passion and desire to become the best. I happen to see him while he is preparing for competition in 6 days and has a physique that will blow you away. Great symmetry balance and with shred and extreme definition. Down to earth laid back easy to chat to and confident bodybuilder who has so much potential. He is willing to accomodate his guests that schedule a pvt screening. I recommend him highly and lets get behind him and push him to greater success on the stage and the gym

LionKid replied...
Thank you, i really appriciate taking time to write a long review, i promise i will be doing what i do till the end , and i promise i will grow even bigger better more shreded one day i will become number 1 !

to Kane on 31 August 2014

Hey guys, I wanted to post this review since I had a one on one live worship session in his home country this past year. He is so much more in person, handsome, huge, hard, muscle with vascularity to make one drool. Very laid back kind and offers the best of his physique to his client. Not a clock watcher and enjoys to please even the shyest of worshipers...recommend his amazing physique to you and will be the best....10+++

to Bobby on 31 August 2014

well Bobby I wanted to add you but the Skype ID you have with no pic does raise a red flag. Not to offend but would be nice if it the real deal. Be awesome to see a pic on your avatar. Have a great day

Bobby replied...
I'd be happy to prove you wrong sir :) Im the real deal and you will see from my shows. I keep my skype profile very discrete. Hope to chat soon

to DarioDeMarco on 21 August 2014

Hello Guys.... This athlete has the charisma the muscle attitude and the muscle control to give his clients the best possible muscle posing and flexing of his unique physique. His knowledge of showing the muscle from all angles which he craves from the motivation received pushes him to pump until his veins in his peaked biceps pop with a roadmap to enjoy. Ask him to pump and he will pump out a piece of gym equipment to pump his rounded shaped frontal and side delts to bring the peaks of size to his biceps until the sweat enhances each muscle under the lights. A mortal with godlike qualities to give the best pleasure possible in his state of the art CAMSHOW. Recommend this model muscled athlete 10+++++

DarioDeMarco replied...
thanks my friend

to Mark Magnus on 23 July 2014

The artistry of beauty is exhibited in the shape, symmetry, vascularity and muscle control with his incredible physique. Your eyes are captivated with his sultry movements of muscles as he prepares to hit pose after pose until the muscles are displayed ready to be devoured by the eyes. Handsome man with awesome confident attitude with laid back personality that aims to pleasure your every demand in the session of muscleworship. I recommend him highly and this is a must for true real musdcleworshipers to enjoy.....10+++++

Mark Magnus replied...
Thx Paul it was nice to be with u in pvt.Hope to see u soon.I really enjoy our meetings.Take care my love

to DavidMuscle84 on 23 July 2014

Hey guys, Had another amazing show with David. I want to say just as amazing and awesome as the first camshow back in JUNE. The upside is that he has better place to flex and pose. Watch as he pumps his 49cm biceos to hardness and vascularity. Watch as his lats flex wide for take off. Watch as he hits his amazing most muscular pose of traps, delts and huge pumped pecs exploding into huge muscles to be devoured by the eyes. Easy going laid back individual who wants to be appreciated for his hard work and to undress his physique with your words and eyes to worship him totally.......10++++++++

DavidMuscle84 replied...
thamks u verry much FRIEND !

to Conor on 21 July 2014

Had a amazing surprise with this muscled model. Very laid back individual that really knows how to please the individual with his muscles. He is so huge for his weight and the muscle control is beyond belief. Motivate him and he will get his muscles pumped to show from every angle his hardness, shape, symmetry, and veins to drool over. This is one man that needs to be admired, appreciated and worshiped 100%..... recommend him 10+++++

Conor replied...
thanks so much and I'll wait for you next time

to MaximusSteel on 29 June 2014

Hello guys, I had another amazing flexing worship session with this beast man of muscle. It was incredible the poses he bombarded me with. His passion for training is given back to his fans 1o fold in the best possible individual muscle control and getting the best pump possible for his physique. The more you worship the more he gives back. He has a great attitude for muscle training and wants and needs to be admired, appreciated and worshiped. Interacts with his fans just as intensely as with his muscles. Recommend that show one looks for in a perfect serious muscle god to have the best time together......scale of one-ten, a 100+++++++++

to Lazar The Bodybuilder on 29 June 2014

Hey guys. I want you all to know about LAZAR Had an amazing muscle worship session with this giant of man. His physique in repose is a breathing sculpture with muscle on muscle waiting to slowly come to life to display huge shape, balance, symmetry and definition. This will amaze anyone that loves muscles in your face and then he gives the best possible posing and flexing session for us to view every inch of his trained physique. The biceps are a set of peaked mountains with the awesome split of his biceps head. He will show his muscle control as his pecs ripple from top to bottom. Totally a physique of the gods to be admired and appreciated. Very awesome character and gives his customer the very best always...recommend this stellar muscle on muscle god a 10++++++++

Lazar The Bodybuilder replied...
Thank you ALOT Paul !!

to LightingLee on 26 June 2014

Hey guys, Have met this young muscle stud today. He has a packed muscular physique that is symmetrical and balanced to the eye. He has great muscle control and separation of his muscle groups. Recommend you ask him do his fav pose the traps., will blow you away with the flex. I can say he wants to flex and pose to give the best quality show possible. Young and ready for greatness in the sport of bodybuilding, to grow and become the best. Recommend this muscle athlete at 10++++

LightingLee replied...
I will try to be better than I am now :) Thanks again!

to DavidMuscle84 on 20 June 2014

I had the awesome presence of mind to have another muscle worship session with this amazing 1 meter 94 cm giant. Easy going and laid back and enjoys showing each muscle group to its fullest, in shape, size and definition. Push him beyond the limits he wants to get the best pump possible as you admire his awesome poses, flexing. The vascularity is dominate when he achieves his goal of extreme pump and intense showing off. No one will go unfulfilled when his session is completed. I recommend him highly and gives the customer all he desires from the muscles of his physique. Schedule a serious muscle event with this muscle beast, NOW

DavidMuscle84 replied...
the best friend paul the best WORSHIPPER kiss u!

to MaximusSteel on 15 June 2014

I had yesterday an amazing time with this muscle beast of a man. He flexes and poses with the confidence of a seasoned IFBB PRO, with muscle control to each muscle group. He wants to be admired and appreciated for his muscles and when getting pumped the array of veins are so thick and impressive. He is a awesome sincere guy that gives each guest that shares the time with him every detail of his awesome amazing body. I so recommend him highly and you will never be disappointed.......10+++++++++

to BigXander on 15 June 2014

It has been a few months to have visited with this awesome muscled beast. I must say that his physique is more ripped and defined and the muscle control beyond comprehension. He is a handsome muscled bber wanting to show muscle on muscle and needs the appreciation and worship from his fans. Easy going laid back person to give the best of himself and that's MUSCLE. Recommend highly, get in line and schedule your worship session NOW

to hotathlet on 12 June 2014

Tonight I had the amazing muscle session with this model. This is my second time and even was more impressed with his size. He allowed me to request what to see and do and he 100% accommodated me . He got so pumped and displayed extreme muscle control to each inch of his physique. Finally having his pump the vascularity was astounding across his biceps, delts and traps. He had the best attitude to make feel that I was the only one. He is amazing, awesome, muscle beast and I so recommend him, believe me you will not be disappointed in his 20 inch arms his 253 muscled pounds packed on a 6ft 4in physique

hotathlet replied...
Thank you Paul !!!

to Demetrius Moutzouris on 6 June 2014

Today was a very lucky day for me. I met this amazing bodybuilder who has the physique power and strength of an IFBB pro from Greece. Has a mic and speaks English well and our muscle session was the most amazing sight to behold as Demetrius flexed from pose to pose and exceedingly giving to the cam show as I desired. Such a powerful force in the sport and I had the most awesome muscle experience which I know will schedule another muscled flexed and posed cam show with this beast of bodybuilding. I recommend Demetrius more than 100% and 10+++.

to Luke on 20 May 2014

Today I had an awesome flex cam show with Luke. Totally a gentleman and has a symmetrical, balanced physique that craves to be worshiped and admired. Motivate him in his poses and flexes and he will pump to the max. He is a 10+++ and watch as he gives you angles of the physique he has worked hard in the gym to carve into a flesh breathing muscle god...

to Tony D on 16 May 2014

Had the amazing luck today to have met and witnessed one awesome muscled physique. Tony has it all. The gunz and striations of inner pecs. The control of muscles to give you the best view of muscles from all angles. His assertiveness and confidence in his physique and poses and the flexing needs to be appreciated and admired by all. Welcome Tony to thebestflex and he is the real deal..thanks again for the awesome pumped and flex show.

to CockyBoy on 23 April 2014

Hello All,

Just had a muscle show with this model. I have to say with out a doubt the muscle model knows his physique top to bottom.
Each request was granted and in perfection in shape, size, symmetry and pump.
He likes to be admired and will pose and flex like a pro from the competition stage.
Very heart warming guy with awesome character and speaks and understands English 100%
He is an amazing muscle stud that wants you to explore each inch of his body and has the right amount of cockiness to pose and flex with the perfect hardness of muscle
On a scale of 1-10 there is no question my friends it is 10++++++
He is a must and the following 48 reviews behind me are truth full, honest variations of customers who know muscle
Look forward to many meetings in the future with this talented muscle stud again and again

CockyBoy replied...
OMG what an awsome review.Thank you so much buddy i really apreciat what your wrote here for me is amanzing! thank you again and defently see you soon!

to hotathlet on 5 April 2014

This beast of muscle is incrediable live. His 20 inch gunz blazing with size and veins. The most muscular pose huge with veins rippling across his chest. Side chest pose with huge upper pec shelf. He has the handsomeness of a GOD and every muscle to be worshiped and appreciated. He need his BICEPS and PEC worshiped and will pose until the pump is extreme. Guys I recommend this amazing hulk of muscle at 10+++++

hotathlet replied...
Thank you, Paul !

to Addictivebody on 5 April 2014

I had the luck of the Irish today! It is the first day this amazing bodybuilder posted on the best flex, April 5, 2014. I added him and he was online. I contacted him an with small talk got to see an amazing physique presentation. He so much bigger and vascular on cam. Speaks and understands English well. Has HD cam and when he flexes can see serious shape, balance and definition with eye popping veins. The he pulled out the elastic rope to pump more as I motivated him to bring out more veins and size. Towards the last part of his posing he had a hand weight to do fine tuning of pumping his deltoids, trap, biceps and lats to the extreme. He appreciates the muscle attention and the motivation to give a 10+++++ muscle show. I so recommend him and you will walk away from his show satisfied and with self satisfaction

to Roberto on 30 March 2014

A young man grown into a massive muscled physique to begin the career of the sport of bodybuilding. I had a muscleworship session with this handsome modest man and he gives the best of flexing and posing and strives to satisfy his client. A 10++ in muscle and camshow, worth every flexing second

Roberto replied...
My pleasure Paul ! Thank you !

to DavidMuscle84 on 28 March 2014

I had a session with David and I can say gives 110% In posing flexing as I admired him with close ups of his huge physique. 6ft 5in tall and muscles to be worshiped. Easily sets you at ease and wants every ones eyes to motivate him to becoming bigger, vascular towards future competitions. In simple words amazing, fantastic, awesome, dripping with muscle confidence

DavidMuscle84 replied...
thanks u verry much

to Adryano on 3 March 2014

I have known this athlete bodybuilder over 2 years and have had cam shows and always been the upmost in honesty. He has had this SKYPE always and never has made another Skype to hurt anyone. Hey A. ever thought that maybe it was in the transaction from PAYPAL? Please if I am wrong please post Skype convo to convince and support your negativity to this model. He trains hard and continues to grow to be the best and I can vouche for this as been there to train him in his country. Please A put up or discontinue your negativity....

Adryano replied...
thanks Paul

to MuscleMountains on 5 February 2014

Just had an amazing time with this mature flexed beast. He is into muscle, flexing, and to accommodate his fans for muscle and more muscle. The more you give the more you will get from this 10++++ beast for flexing and showing off the physique he has worked over the years. Pleasure to have met this real deal

to BigXander on 10 December 2013

I have experienced an amazing muscleworship session with the musclegod from the land of ROMANIA. His body is symmetrical and hard with vascularity galore and flexes and poses with the intensity of passion for his fans. I recommend FARRIS ++++++++ and beyond. You will have the best excitement possible once he displays the physique with all the alpha make he exhudes...Thank you FARRIS

to musclebeach on 18 November 2013

another of bodybuilders that I have worshiped. He has an amazing symmetrical physique and hisshow is top notch when it comes to watch his awesome muscle control...Give him a shout out and enjoy the session as much as I


Maks King

Monster Max

18 y/o

180cm (5'11")

110kg (242 lbs)