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to Father Ivan on 14 February 2021

Where to start? I met Ivan when he was just starting online. He looked great then. NOW, he has added to his self-confidence. The smile. The guns. The smooth skin. The playful attitude. Yesterday we had a Skype muscle worship session and yummy!

This guy is a total winner!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you so much my friend!

to Gato2510 on 29 January 2021

I have been admiring this young stud for a few months -- WOW! Looks, physique, attitude -- a total package. Enjoy :)

Gato2510 replied...
Thanks big boss i hope keep enjoying with you

to J Vicente on 21 January 2021

I have meet making long wonderful pvts with Jose via Skype for three months or more. He is a super nice guy. He is not a steroid freak. He is handsome, confident, and sensual. Just amazing....

to Sculptor Timmy on 15 December 2020

5 is the highest number?! After seeing Tim's photos we connected to make a Skype show. This man has ALL the qualities --- young, handsome, confident, ripped. Did I already say R I P P E D!! We used translator to help with language (I do not know Russian :( ). Will I pvt with this young muscle stud again? Absolutely. Thanks Tim for the opportunity to admire you.

to Arthur Herid on 19 October 2020

Continues to be a #1 in my book!

to MartinezFame on 22 August 2020

Welcome Back, Martinez!! I was the first guy to worship and admire this Muscle Pup face to face --- just him and me --- back in January. TOTAL pleasure :)

He has had bad reviews in the past. Martinez and I have talked about his in the past two weeks --- customer service, etc. All to say, FOR ME, Martinez is not only a great guy but super improved.

Right now he is looking for sponsors for upcoming contests --- and I have signed on. So far so good!

Count me a VERY satisfied customer :)

to AngelinoBoy on 20 July 2020

Angelino is just fantastic! Always has been! Today I signed up for his new OnlyFans account and believe I will continue to be "satisfied" :)

to Arthur Herid on 1 July 2020

This guy started out as a piece of Muscle Man Meat for me --- but now he is also a super friend. Love that smile --- every time he flexes those guns and shows off the incredible pecs -- there comes the smile! Always the best...

to Arthur Herid on 6 June 2020

Artur is my latest addiction. The combination of looks, muscle, self-confidence, an incredible smile --- AND a desire to please create an explosion for me every time. This man is just about Total Perfection!

to Father Ivan on 12 May 2020

I made a long Skype pvt yesterday with this fine Russian specimen of manhood. He is fun to be with and likes to be admired. I am glad to have helped him :) This guy is a winner!

to Arthur Herid on 1 May 2020

this is one fine hulk!! Super friendly, worth the time (and the money). He gets me every time we pvt :)

Arthur Herid replied...
Thank you my friend Paul.

to Father Ivan on 1 May 2020

I have made several pvts with this fine physical specimen. He is proud of his physique --- who would not! Super nice. A REAL man in every way

to IronArms on 29 April 2020

I was able to meet "IronArms" in person a few years ago and enjoyed a face to face pvt with him. He is one super good guy --- and I am glad he's back!!

to The King Clauss on 10 January 2020

Clauss has become my #1 for 2020. We have talked online several times and the pvts we have made are toooo fabulous. 8-pack abs and solid guns. Match that with a Killer Smile and personality and you have a powerhouse. Clauss is not shy at all :) !! He has no reason to be shy either.

to Young Markus on 3 October 2019

Spoke too soon in my earlier review --- we had a meet up scheduled and Markus did not show up. Made several excuses. Tried to make a new plan and he wanted more money before meeting. There are lots better guys to connect with

to Young Markus on 17 July 2019

Have worked with this guy on several occasions. Smart, great attitude, looks, potential --- if I could only be his private sponsor for future competitions!!! :)

Keep up the good work Markus!

to Marc105100 on 2 March 2019

I have enjoyed many private sessions with Marc. I call him my Captain America. Looks, personality, self-confidence == he has in abundance. Welcome this young stud to TheBestFlex!!

Marc105100 replied...
thank you I really enjoyed our show( thank you

J Vicente


21 January 2021

J Vicente

This man is to be admired !

21 January 2021

Arthur Herid

Great progress, Arthur! You inspire me. Keep up the good work.

14 June 2020

Arthur Herid

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 !!

2 May 2020

Arthur Herid

A pecs festival!!

2 May 2020

Arthur Herid

Does he see me in the distance?!

1 May 2020

The King Clauss

shorts just a little bit lower , please

18 January 2020

The King Clauss

just a little bit lower next time....

14 January 2020

The King Clauss

Wonder what waits inside?

14 January 2020

The King Clauss

the King and his kingdom

10 January 2020

The King Clauss

you are teasing....

10 January 2020

The King Clauss

Those eyes looking at me admiring him.

10 January 2020


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