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to Bryan Long on 6 October 2019

This guy is not human, he is a king. From the start he lets you no know he is the judge, jury, and executioner. He makes you prove your worthiness to be in his presence. He tells you to respect your master and to shower him with accolades and tributes. He then slowly peels of his royal garments, to unveil his majestic being. Then if you good, he tells you to kneel down before him. Then he looks down at you in scorn and makes you do what your job is which is to heed his instructions. If you are really good, then he looks down at you and then he reveals his feet. Then you proceed with extreme caution because you do not know if you will be able to contain your excitement. Trust me, guys you have all you need in his kingdom. Hopefully, you are up for the task. Marvel should make this guy the next Super Hero. Renember to shower this guy with all your monetary tributes that are due him. Just maybe and I do mean maybe, you will be called his slave!

to Mr Latz on 22 September 2019

Mr. Latz is the best. He is always eager to please. This guy is large and always in charge. He keeps is word, and is so professional. Mr. Latz is cocky, built, and is great at what he does. You have to get rid of the rest and try Mr. Latz because he is the best. Trust me he is a fantasy come true. A true Marvel.

to Tyler King on 18 September 2019

This guy is the world's greatest. There is no need to look any further. This guy is the true Alpha King/Master. He will have you on your knees, obeying his every command. Tyler's body is so chiseled and sculpted you will not be able to contain your excitement. He will have you paying him tributes on a daily basis. Trust me, Tyler is gift from God and a marvel to behold!

to Caleb on 17 June 2019

Absolute perfection, simply the best.....


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