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to DarioDeMarco on 4 March 2019

Dario had a video in my inbox within 24 hours of receiving payment and looks just as good as he does in his videos on here. I've already ordered my next video from him. He's definitely a must if you like smooth tan studs with huge chests.

to Kane on 3 March 2019

Just got a custom video from Kane. He has an awesome turnaround time, looks great and definitely knows how to pose

to CockyBoy on 6 August 2018

I just got my first custom video from CockyBoy. He looked amazing, did everything I asked for, and definitely knows how to use the lighting to make himself look even better. Will definitely be getting more from him

CockyBoy replied...
Happy to hear the video was a succes. See ya’ soon!

to Jake Daniel on 18 December 2017

Awesome body, very sexy guy. You can't go wrong with Jake

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou very much

to Sixpackswagg on 29 October 2017

I paid for a video on October 7. So far, no video, and no response to inquiries.

to HornyIrishStud on 20 September 2017

I paid for a video near the end of July. Still haven't received it, and recently this guy has broken off contact after repeated attempts to reach him

to Claudiu on 30 July 2017

I just got a video from Claudiu. He looked better than his pictures and did everything we agreed on. I'll be getting some more from him.

to Justin Sanders on 29 July 2017

Just got another video from Justin, and he looked incredible and put on a great performance. Everything looks bigger on him now

to Caleb on 28 July 2017

Caleb films a great video when he says he will at a reasonable price and looks even better in the video than in his pictures. Basically, what the other seventy-some guys have said

to Matt Cooke on 26 July 2017

Looks like the last two reviews are becoming a pattern. I paid for a video I haven't received.

to DannyRockmore on 24 July 2017

I ordered a custom video from Danny, and he had the video to me later that evening and did everything I asked for really well

to Danbodybuilder on 24 July 2017

Dan delivered an incredible video in record time and was very easy to work with. He also has one of the biggest chests I've seen

Danbodybuilder replied...
It's a grower and a shower!

to Beautiful Keith on 21 July 2017

He delivers an incredible video with a fast turnaround time. I'm in the process of ordering another video already

to Alex on 4 July 2017

I've lost count how many videos I've gotten from Gaston, but this time he completely outdid himself. He took a really difficult concept I had in mind and delivered an amazing video and looked incredible

Alex replied...
I always appreciate a fun challenge! Im so glad you came to me and allowed me to do videos for you. Thanks for the nice review and Ill very much look forward to hearing from u and getting together again soon!

to Male Fitness Model on 12 February 2017

easy to work with and delivered a great video

to MuscleMessiah on 7 February 2017

I ordered videos in the morning and had them that evening. He also did a great job of incorporating everything I wanted in the video and looked great.

to Justin Sanders on 3 February 2017

Just got another couple videos from Justin. He looks great either smooth or hairy

to Alex on 3 February 2017

I just got another couple videos from Gaston. He's super friendly and easy to work with and made sure I got everything I asked for in the videos

Alex replied...
I want to say thank u for having multiple opportunities to work with you and do multiple videos for you. The support means more than i can say. i very much hope to hear from u soon.

to Dreamcaster234 on 1 February 2017

Just got a couple custom videos from this guy. He had a super-fast turnaround time. He's also got a lean, hard body and really nice package. I highly recommend him.

to Jake Daniel on 22 November 2016

Jake made me a video with a super fast turnaround time and looked even better than he did in his pictures. I'm very impressed

to Justin Sanders on 21 October 2016

Justin looked amazing in his video and did a great job giving me what I asked for

Justin Sanders replied...
thank you!

to ARNOLD STEFAN on 23 November 2015

Got a custom video. Great turnaround time by a super hot guy with an awesome body. Will definitely be getting more soon!


Big Kenny

THE Muscle God

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James King

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187cm (6'2")

91kg (200 lbs)