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Reviews and Comments

to Marc105100 on 4 March 2019

Very easy going and very polite. Being a russian his English could be better which makes conversation a bit tricky sometimes but he really tries. Nice guy.

Marc105100 replied...
Friends all hi. only today I will make a show of muscles for $ 20, I can also sell a 10-minute video where I pose with my hot muscles for $ 20, write to Skype ui

to Jake Daniel on 11 April 2018

Great guy, huge muscles yet still great definition. Easy to deal with and well worth the money.

to DarioDeMarco on 26 February 2018

It is impossible to get enough of Dario. He has a body that is beyond words, does an amazingly sensual flexing routine and finds the best camera angles.

to Jhony on 8 October 2017

Great guy, does all kinds of things. Good looking, in good shape and very easy to deal with.

Jhony replied...
Any time with pleasure ! :*

to Damoninferno on 11 September 2017

Nice guy, easy to deal with.

Damoninferno replied...
Your welcome

to Danbodybuilder on 29 August 2017

Great guy and amazing show. Topnotch physique!

Danbodybuilder replied...
Hey, thanks for your review!

to Alain Lamas on 27 January 2017

Great guy, great show. Real easy to deal with.

to Chad on 24 January 2017

Amazing body, both ripped and huge. Great physique and a really nice person to deal with. Highly recommended.

to MagicFlex on 22 September 2016

Tried adding him but no reply.

to Divine Hercules on 20 September 2016

Loved the show, great body, beautiful face and a really nice guy in general.

Divine Hercules replied...
Thank you buddy.Appreciate it.

to Jake Daniel on 19 September 2016

Good looking and a nice guy. Did several shows on point at first but since sending the money this last time, I have been waiting for three weeks for a show. New things seems to get in the way constantly and now I just feel like an idiot for nagging.

to Alexander Steel on 13 July 2016

Great guy, amazing looks and jaw-dropping physique. Really easy to work with.

to Roland on 10 July 2016

Amazing guy, very friendly and a body that you could only dream about. Highly recommended.

Roland replied...
thank friend,see you soon in a next show :)

to Exequter on 14 June 2016

Amazing body, really nice guy and down to earth. Even better than the pics ....

to daniel carter on 18 May 2016

This stud never seizes to amaze me. Perfect flexing routing where he slowly shows of his entire range of guns, abs, quads, pecs and so on. Every damn inch of his body is perfection, I can't get enough of Daniel.
And besides his stunning looks, he also happens to be one of the nicest camguys I have ever come across.

daniel carter replied...
hey thank you! I have a feeling I know who this is:)

to MuscleGod7 on 29 February 2016

Real deal, frackin amazing body, ripped as hell and a really nice guy.

MuscleGod7 replied...
Thankyou mate!

to Bobby on 2 February 2016

It's hard for any pics to do this guy justice. Crazy ripped, amazing body and even the voice is sexy. Hot moves and gives a great show.
Nice guy and hot as hell.

to DavidMuscle84 on 16 January 2016

Did a great first show. Two weeks later ripped me off. Total scammer.
Stay away.

to GeorgeyG on 22 December 2015

Amazing guy, so nice to deal with and really, REALLY easy on the eyes. Great body, great face and fantastic moves.

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks a lot man :)

to RAMONDAVOS on 3 November 2015

Amazing guy, really nice to deal with and picture perfect. The pics are 100 % accurate. A real professional, in every aspect.

to daniel carter on 7 October 2015

I am completly in love with this guy. He is such a nice guy and always gives his utmost in every show. I have never seen him as ripped as he is now, downright perfection. Se huge and yet so ripped.

to Kanye on 1 October 2015

Simply amazing guy. Very easy to talk to, listens and is very flirty. Loved every second of his show. Looks exactly like his pics, great body, awesome muscles and great looks.

to KAIN on 22 September 2015

Nice guy, great show.

to Muscle God Mike on 20 August 2015

Good looking guy, symmetrical, ripped and very well defined. Did a lot of domination and felt a bit stupid saying that I am not into that but he seems like a really nice guy, with or without the domination-act. Cared about what I thought about the show and seemed very customer oriented. A pleasure, all in all.

to Bobby on 9 August 2015

Just did a show and I am at a loss for words. Such a great guy with an amazing body. The abs are razor sharp and the guns pumped. You can really tell how he loves to show off and he is damn good at it. Amazing experience, highly recommended.

Bobby replied...
Thanks! Glad you liked

to Dreamcaster234 on 17 July 2015

Recently did a show. Jan is very forthcoming, honest and very nice to talk.
He has a fantastic body that shows years of dedication in the gym.

to theSituation on 2 June 2015

Had a great show. Nice, trustworthy guy.

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to 4King on 12 May 2015

Really great guy. Nice guy, knew how to satisfy a customer and really find the things I liked. Fantastic body, great smile and great looking all in all. Amazing muscles.

4King replied...
you are a great guy also :) thank you

to DarioDeMarco on 11 April 2015

Just had a cam show that blew my mind. Dario is ripped, moves like a pro, smooth and tanned and with bulging muscles all over. Amazing guy!

to daniel carter on 17 March 2015

I recently bought another Epic cam show and Daniel never disapponts. He has always kept his word and delivered above and beyond expectations.

daniel carter replied...

to Jake Daniel on 2 March 2015

Gotta love this guy. Buff, wild and good looking but still very attentive to the customers desires. Highly recomended.

Jake Daniel replied...
Thankyou so much Sammael , appreciate it , Daniel will be living with me soon

to Male Fitness Model on 21 January 2015

Great body, very accomodating, easy to talk to. Keeps appointments and loves to show off!

Male Fitness Model replied...
Thank you Sammael

to daniel carter on 17 January 2015

Huge arms, great body all around. Very easy to talk to.

daniel carter replied...
thank you so much!

to Atlas on 21 December 2014

Great body, like showing it off.

Atlas replied...
Welckom any time!

to James Muscle on 10 December 2014

Had an amazing show with this guy. HUGE muscles, extremly defined.

to Tom H on 18 October 2014

Great guy with a fantastic body and handsome face. Very accomodating.

to Aesthetics on 6 October 2014

Really great guy, dependable. Great body, Classic bodybuilding poses when flexing. Not much small talk but not everybody like that, his physique more than made up for it.

to DarioDeMarco on 16 August 2014

Fantastic guy, zero body fat and a shitload of muscles. Knew exactly how to pose and move like a true artist. Very nice guy.

DarioDeMarco replied...

to SatisfactionHD on 2 July 2014

Fantastic guy, awesome show as usual. Perfect flexer.

SatisfactionHD replied...
:D Thanks Sam, I appreciate you soo much

to Alex on 8 June 2014

Best shows ever, great personality, trustworthy and one hell of a body.

Alex replied...
YAY!! it feels so great to be back!!

to Tanner Whitlock on 15 May 2014

Love to cam with this guy. Very nice body, good cam-quality, excellent personality and loves to please.

to Joshua Armstrong on 1 March 2014

This guy completly blew me away. His smile alone is enough to make me jizz. Perfect gentleman with a body that will blow your mind!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
wow thank you i loved it too :)

to SatisfactionHD on 17 December 2013

I've done several shows with this guy. He always came through, great cam quality and a fantastic show.

SatisfactionHD replied...
Thank you Sammael, you are such an amazing client, fan and good friend.

Sexy Shower Flexing

to Sexy Shower Flexing featuring daniel carter on 23 February 2015


Daniel is simply amazing. He keeps constant eye-contact with the camera as he slowly flexes his unbelivebly sexy body. Every square inch of his perfect physique is carefully put on display for us to admire.

Red Leather Pants

to Red Leather Pants featuring Joshua Armstrong on 1 April 2014


I love the way Joshua moves with absolute certainty and shows us ABSolutly everything (well, almost everything). This videos really nails it with just a hint of cockiness and those mesmerizing smiles.



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