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to Apolllo on 30 November 2019

His videos are great--the look and the attitude.

to Kanyebieber on 3 October 2019

Besides his good looks, one of the best parts about working with him on a video is that he stays in touch and he works to get it to you as quickly as possible.

Kanyebieber replied...
Thank you for the trust, I will always be at your service to fulfill all the things that ask me for a very strong hug

to KevinMuscle12 on 31 July 2019

He is definitely escalating things on his OnlyFans page. Many updates. He's looking great. Hot material!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you!

to Delz on 19 July 2019


Got a great video from him a few weeks ago. So much mass and definition! He works hard! Can only imagine how popular a duo video of him and someone else would be.

Delz replied...
Wow, thank you!! I'd love to show more and defly would collaborate with other huge guy!!

to Max Flex God on 30 June 2019

I got some videos from him recently and he did a great job. His legs are really looking strong. He is easy to work with.

to KevinMuscle12 on 30 June 2019

He has definitely kicked his OnlyFans page up a few notches. Does anyone work as hard for his fans? Doubtful.

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you!

to Muscle hunk 3 on 12 May 2019

He does good videos delivered quickly, and he puts a lot of effort into them. He can definitely move like few can.

to KevinMuscle12 on 20 January 2019

I checked out his OnlyFans page. It's looking good. Lots of updates. He's definitely delivering!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you ! see you soon!!



6 February 2021



4 February 2021


Good shot, Carl!

17 January 2021


How's it going, Carl?

26 December 2020

Quad King

Merry Christmas, Quad Ruler!

22 December 2020

Predator Jay

I think Predatory Jay looks good. 5 stars seems right!

13 December 2020

Austin Lynch

Looking great, Dustin Lynch!

28 September 2020

Quad King

A total Quad Tsar!

26 August 2020

Max Wood

Business casual.

16 August 2020


Great pic, Jaguar!

15 August 2020

Father Ivan

These black and white shots of Feather Ivan are good.

15 August 2020

Max Wood

Seeing great definition from Wax Mood!

12 August 2020

Max Wood

This metallic blue is well chosen.

9 August 2020


A great pic of the TheSexTP !

8 August 2020

Master Marcus

Very nice, Mr. Marcus!

2 August 2020

Vadim Bright

Well, well, Vadim is looking even brighter in blond.

2 August 2020

Quad King

The Quad Emperor is looking great!

22 July 2020



15 July 2020

Den Murphu

So many great pictures coming from Dan Murphy!

24 February 2020


Great shot!

13 January 2020


The BreadKing has great definition.

30 November 2019


Impressive results from BigDan!

29 November 2019

Calin God

Except for those of us who do. Great photo.

6 September 2019

Max Flex God

What's up, Max?

24 August 2019

Luke Sinner

It's great that you're adding pictures, but what has been requested is your contact information on your profile.

13 August 2019

Max Flex God


9 August 2019


tigur rós is looking great in this pic.

3 August 2019

Hungry beast

It really is a great picture!

31 July 2019


Who can doubt that it's a great picture?

20 July 2019

Max Flex God

Looking great!

18 July 2019



17 July 2019

Max Flex God

Great pic!

16 July 2019


Looking strong

14 July 2019

Jake Daniel

Weird that it looks as if someone gave this photo a low rating. He's obviously been working hard. It doesn't hurt to show some respect and admiration or to leave people alone.

13 July 2019

Max Flex God

Good all around.

30 June 2019

Kevin Smith

Very convincing!

25 June 2019


Looking strong!

9 June 2019


Great news pictures, but the Skype handle doesn't seem to work. Has it changed?

5 May 2019

Max Flex God

Legs are looking strong!

18 March 2019

Max Flex God

He looks great. He should have an OnlyFans page.

19 February 2019

Hungry beast

Great pic!

12 February 2019



11 February 2019


Wow! That pic really gives you a sense of the size!

10 February 2019

Calin God


4 February 2019


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