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to Hunter on 7 April 2020

Hunter is the most exciting muscle dude to come along in a very long time. He exudes sizzling hotness and his sensuality is unparalleled. His solid, muscular, ripped and veiny body will have you salivating for more. And more. And more.

Hunter replied...
Thank you so much for posting a review for me!

to Flexmanross on 23 March 2020

He sent me several vids for free...which I did not ask him to do...and then pleaded and begged me to buy a custom vid. I did buy a custom vid but he did not make what I asked for and just sent me another premade vid.

Flexmanross replied...
I apologize and promise to do better brother

to Diesel Derrick on 26 February 2020

The vid was worth the wait.

First you notice how hot and sensual he is as his sexiness oozes from his majestic presence and soothing voice. His beautiful skin tone enthralls you.
Then his confident and cocky demeanor commands your attention as he dominates his ripped and sexy arms over you. HYPNOTIZING! The power veins that aligns his peaked gorgeous biceps will have you drooling. You want his vice like forearms to grab you. And when he kisses and licks his bicep peaks it’s game over.
But he continues. He drops his jeans and you imagine being squeezed by his hard jock wrestler’s legs that you wish to any god you could touch.
Then he moves back upwards and you just want to bury your face in his striated chest. For days. And more days.
Amazing Sexy Power Alpha Muscle Master
And he’s only going to get bigger and better.
Lit as fuck!
And he knows it.
And now you do too.

to Diesel Derrick on 25 February 2020

Avoid. Scammer. Paid for a video but never got it.

to Armani Flexxx on 3 December 2019

Recently ordered a video. Ripped shredded sexy intoxicating muscle that’s hot as fuck! Biceps peaks are phenomenally orgasmic! Highly recommended!

Armani Flexxx replied...
Glad you enjoyed scooby!

to Alpha Kade on 3 November 2019

Ordered a custom vid but he never delivered it. Avoid.

Alpha Kade replied...
Had some issues with hacking in the Fall of last year. I’m sorry to hear you were affected, please message me on Skype or Twitter to resolve the issue.

to AlexBoons21 on 28 October 2019

I just got my first custom vid from Alex and it was AMAZING! Delivered quickly and great quality.
He’s so BIG and THICK! Beefy forearms and legs! Thick round biceps! Deep hypnotizing voice! And he knows how you want to worship his muscles!
5 lit stars!

AlexBoons21 replied...
Love working with you Scoob

to Nick Masterfield on 2 September 2019

Gorgeous pretty boy muscle. His peaked biceps, full round chest and thick legs will mesmerize you into wanting more. Lit as fuck!

to Timothy Addleman on 24 August 2019

I got a vid from Timothy and it was AWESOME! Lean ripped sexy vascular muscle. The shape and formation of his chest is AMAZING! Succulent and perfect. Ripped washboard abs that are cut down the middle. Round and sexy horseshoe triceps. Arm veins for days. V-line. Striations. Sensual cocky attitude. He knows EXACTLY what is hot about him and EXACTLY how one would want to worship him.

Timothy Addleman replied...
thank you scooby ;)

to Mr Latz on 6 July 2019

Paid for a video but never got it.

to Chiseled Nick on 3 July 2019

Sexy muscles, hypnotizing voice, and SO DAMN STRONG!! Let him be your superhero!

to EthanSmith on 24 June 2019

Legit to work with. Got another vid. I wanna bury my mouth and tongue all over his abs and chest.

to EthanSmith on 23 June 2019

Sexy shredded muscle and excellent vid quality.

to Redneckmuscle on 21 June 2019

Sexy country muscle!

to Redneckmuscle on 31 May 2019

Just got my first video with redneckmuscle and it was AWESOME! He looks better than the pics. Getting shredded. Very muscular and veiny. Highly recommended!!!

to Master Brad on 25 March 2019

ALPHA! And he knows it! I could bury my face in his biceps all night long....

to Master Marcus on 24 January 2019

Ordered a second video. Also delivered in a few hours. Aesthetically amazing body. Peaked juicy biceps and ripped sexy abs. Highly recommend!

to Master Marcus on 24 January 2019

Ordered a video. Delivered within a few hours. Hot and sexy and shredded.

Master Marcus replied...
Thank you Scooby

to John guccione on 8 December 2018

No longer responding to his Skype. Apparently blocked for no reason.

to Bicep Bryce on 21 November 2018

I bought a flexing vid from Bryce and it was awesome! He had trouble delivering it to me but he was diligent and once I got the vid it was worth the wait! Huge bulging arms and sexy veins. Round perfect pecs and boulder shoulders. Dude’s lit!

to John guccione on 16 September 2018

Sensual. Exotic. Captivating. Shredded. Sexy. Muscle. And cute as fuck. I wanna lick and kiss all over his body for days.

to Holy-aesthetics on 12 September 2018


to Mr Latz on 6 June 2018

I just got another custom vid from Mr in other words I visited Muscle Heaven for 10 minutes! Bicep peaks are phenomenal! I could stare at and suck on them for daysssss!!! Quads are massive tree trunks ripe for hugging and never letting go! Abs are ripped and ripe for the licking! And my face needs to kiss on and then suffocate in those huge round pecs! MUSCLE WORSHIP ECSTASY!!! I want more. And more. And more. And more. And......

to James Branson on 20 December 2017

Got a custom video from James. Loved it! This dude is PERFECTION!

to James Branson on 16 December 2017

I just had another cam with James Branson and he is without a doubt one of the greatest cammers I have ever experienced with one of the most sculpted bodies I have ever seen. He also has a very charismatic personality which places him a step above all other cammers. He is my new favorite! Experience His Ecstasy!

to James Branson on 14 December 2017

I just had my first cam with James Branson and he is for real one of the best I have ever seen. He has such a sexy, muscular and aesthetic body. FLAWLESS!!! Peaked bulging biceps. Veiny forearms. Boulder shoulders. Big rounded pecs. Washboard abs. Tree trunk legs. HE HAS IT ALL!!! Not to mention he is handsome with a sexy alpha voice. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND ENTICINGLY ENTERTAINING!!! Go get some! You will not be disappointed!

to johnnynutz on 2 December 2017

Always busy and never really responds much.

to Jake Daniel on 27 November 2017

Just had my first cam show with Jake. WOW!!!! His body is AMAZING!!! Big. Ripped. Striations. Veins. Peaked biceps! Thick round pecs! Washboard abs! Tree trunk legs! His hard work has produced a phenomenal aesthetic body! Let him satisfy you!

to Ragingbeast on 21 August 2017

He seemed cool when we chatted last night but he said we would plan a vid tonight but he ended up not responding and he was online.

Ragingbeast replied...
Was busy with work and training clients, and didnt have the time to reply to you, sorry that you had such a horrible experience due to my Schedule

to Tommy Flex on 18 August 2017

I just got a vid from Tommy!
Gorgeous muscular body! Cocky!
Hot as fuck!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you very much!!

to Aesthetic God on 13 June 2017

Smoking hot and ripped!

to Austin Cooper on 1 June 2017

WOW!!!! Those armmmmssssss!!!! 😍😍😍

Austin Cooper replied...
Search me on there by email.

to chocolate thunder on 29 May 2017

Chiseled and ripped! Hard and sexy muscles!

chocolate thunder replied...
thank you

to chocolate thunder on 29 May 2017

Delivered a second vid to make up for the delay!

chocolate thunder replied...
thank you for understanding also thank you for your review

to chocolate thunder on 29 May 2017

He had family issues but finally delivered the vid and it was great!

chocolate thunder replied...
thank you for understanding also thank you for your review

to chocolate thunder on 25 May 2017

Still did not deliver a vid.

chocolate thunder replied...
my apologies, i know it isnt an excuse but i have been dealing with death and moving on top of that. ill deliver your vid and give you another free of charge. thank you for your review and once again i do apologize for the wait.

to chocolate thunder on 23 May 2017

Bought a video but never delivered and stopped responding. Oh well...

chocolate thunder replied...
my apologies, i know it isnt an excuse but i have been dealing with death and moving on top of that. ill deliver your vid and give you another free of charge. thank you for your review and once again i do apologize for the wait.

to Aesthetic God on 18 May 2017

WOW!!! Ripped. Veiny. Hairy. Sexy as fuck!!! And those rock hard bicep peaks!!!! ❤️❤️

to chocolate thunder on 17 April 2017

Ripped solid sexy veiny muscles and super nice with a deep voice! Better than the pics! Highly recommended!!!

chocolate thunder replied...
thank you.

to Mr Latz on 20 March 2017

Worth the price of admission just for the huge peaked bulging biceps and the thick tree trunk quads! Deep sexy voice too! Let him seduce you!

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 11 March 2017

Just got another vid this week. Just took another trip to muscle heaven this week.

to Logan Lowe on 28 February 2017

WOW! 😳

Logan Lowe replied...
I promise you more than just wow my man 😀

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 19 February 2017

I received a perfect intro custom vid from a perfect man. Oh. Forgive me. I have sinned. Let me make restitution. I received a perfect intro custom vid from THE PERFECT MAN. The camming world's superhero. Let him save your day.

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 18 February 2017

HOLY FUCKIN WOW!!! If I could create my dream guy it would be youngmusclestud90. Five feet eleven and 215 pounds of georgeous ripped Godlike muscle. No. Wait. Not Godlike. HE IS A GOD! Let's worship. The voice. The deep sexy hypnotic voice with which I could listen to him recite a phone book and fall to my knees. The chest. The beefy round firm muscular chest I could sleep silently on for all eternity. The arms. The perfectly sculpted veiny chiseled rock hard arms I could feel up and down on all day and night and never tire. When he flexes those peaked biceps I am in a state of nirvana. The abs. The washboard eight pack abs and provocative Adonis belt I could lick my tongue all over for hours and hours and still want to lick some more. The quads. The tree trunk legs I could bear hug and never want to let go. The dark body hair sprinkled all over that oozes sexiness...especially on the chest and abs...that makes me want to cry WOOF!!! The treasure trail leading to what I am sure is worth a thousand pirates' chests. The handsome sultry face with the goatee and dreamy eyes. But he is no dream. He is a reality. A reality everyone who loves muscle must experience. I can die fulfilled now.

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 18 February 2017

Trustworthy and hot as hell!!!🔥🔥🔥

to Caleb on 13 January 2017

So hot he should be bronzed and made into a statue so all mankind can admire that ripped, veiny and aesthetic body for all eternity!

to Caleb on 9 January 2017

Caleb and his mesmerizing muscles keep getting hotter and hotter with each and every vid! Salivating satisfaction with every ferocious flex! GET ADDICTED!!!

Caleb replied...

to Caleb on 8 January 2017

Ripped veiny baseball biceps looking even better! Super hot aesthetic stud! Sexy muscle worship vid!

Caleb replied...

to Caleb on 8 January 2017


to Elliott on 8 January 2017

Wide traps. Boulder shoulders. Thick round pecs. Baseball biceps. Tree trunk quads. Firm cut calves. I could worship his sexy muscles all day and night!

to Gain Bulk on 2 January 2017

Got a custom vid from Alec! LOVED IT! Beefy veiny arms! Poppin chest! Cut abs! Thick legs! Sexy ginger fur all around! VERY AESTHETICALLY PLEASING!

Gain Bulk replied...
Glad you liked it!

to Caleb on 19 December 2016

Ripped sexy muscles keep getting bigger and better all the time!

Caleb replied...

to Caleb on 19 December 2016

Playful and sexy! Mesmerizes every time!

Caleb replied...

to Caleb on 14 December 2016

Got another vid from Caleb!!! Cute face. Sexy voice. Plump chest. Peaked biceps. Ripped abs. Cut legs. Sexy ass. 'Nuff said!!!!

Caleb replied...
Your the best! :)

to Caleb on 14 December 2016

Ripped and sexy as fuck! Muscle! Worship! Ecstasy!!!

Caleb replied...
😝 thanks so much!

to Caleb on 13 December 2016

Got another vid from Caleb. One sexy ripped wild man alpha lean muscle stud vid!!! 🔥😍

Caleb replied...
Thanks 😘

to Caleb on 9 December 2016

I got a vid from Caleb and loved it! Hot shredded sexy muscle with a deep sexy voice and cocky attitude! Peaked biceps...washboard abs...cut legs...FIT AS FUCK!!!

Caleb replied...
Thanks so much scoob!

to Gain Bulk on 22 November 2016

Loved watching his big veiny arms as he flexed them! HOT!!! 🔥

Gain Bulk replied...
I appreciate it!

to Gain Bulk on 21 November 2016

Big beefy chest and pumped biceps!!! And so cool to chat with too!!! Check him out!!!

Gain Bulk replied...
Thank you for your feedback!

to Jake Daniel on 20 November 2016

Big ripped shredded veiny sexy muscle!!! Dude's LITTTTT!!!🔥🔥🔥

Jake Daniel replied...
haha your awesome

to Cameron Walker on 24 October 2016

I just got another show with Cameron. To be wrapped in those arms for days would be pure eternal shredded Musclegod bliss.

to Cameron Walker on 22 October 2016

Cameron has one of the most amazing bodies I have ever seen. He looks even more incredible than in his pics. His upper body is thick, veiny and shredded with a deep striated chest and washboard abs and his legs are tight, athletic and sexy with cut calves. What is most mesmerizing though is his bicep thick and tall like baseballs exploding out of his hypnotizing....I could stare at them for days and days and never tire. Go experience a camshow with Cameron and enter muscle paradise.

to BlackTANK on 10 October 2016

No cam though.

BlackTANK replied...
told you I wasn't able to cam at the time u contacted me. I don't think that should be a reason for a negative feedback. I even stated in my profile that I prefer making custom vids and pics

to BlackTANK on 10 October 2016

Just got some pics from BlackTANK. Ripped and sexy with shredded abs! HOT!

BlackTANK replied...

to Malachifit on 21 September 2016

Just had my first show with Malachifit and WOW!!! AMAZING ALPHA STUD with a THICK BEEFY BODY and a DEEP MESMERIZING VOICE!!! His biceps are huge and peaked, his poppin chest is round and firm and his legs are tree trunks! HOT AS FUCK!!! GO GET SOME!!!

Malachifit replied...
Omg thank you so much!!!!!!!!

to Justin Sanders on 7 August 2016

I just got my first custom vid with Justin and it was AWESOME! The quality too was the best! What a Muscle Stud! Highly Recommended!

Justin Sanders replied...
I'm glad you liked the video!

to MuscleGod1212 on 6 August 2016

Just got another vid! Gettin bigger and more shredded with a chiseled 8-pack and veins are poppin! LOOKIN AWESOME!!!

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Lol you should see me now Scooby;)

to Justin Sanders on 2 August 2016

I just had my first camshow with Justin and WOW😀!!! Peaked biceps! Beefy hairy chest! Thick legs! Deep voice! Very fit and sexy and looks so strong! GO GET SOME!

Justin Sanders replied...
Im glad you liked the show scooby!

to MuscleGod1212 on 27 July 2016

All is well! He contacted me tonight and I found out he has been exceptionally busy with a lot of things going on at once and he will make the vid as soon as he can.

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Thank you scooby..sorry about the wait, I always stay in touch with my clients ;) thank you for your patients it will be SO worth it ;)

to MuscleGod1212 on 26 July 2016

Ordered another vid but unfortunately has not delivered it when he said he would. Each day said DEFINITELY would do it but didn't. Good when delivers but maybe inconsistent.

to MuscleGod1212 on 18 July 2016

He's back and better than ever! He's prepping for a contest now and looking so BIG and RIPPED and VEINY! THICK ARMS! POWERFUL CHEST! GIANT QUADS! RIPPED ABS! And he's only gonna get better! DAMN DELICIOUS SCOOBYSNACK!

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Hahaha thank you man for the awesome feedback!! Loved working with you!!

to Aaron the Muscle God on 9 July 2016

He finally made the vid! He apologized and said he was going through some things. Shredded, sexy and dominant! HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Aaron the Muscle God on 29 June 2016

Paid for another vid but did not deliver this time.

to Forbidme on 20 June 2016

I just got my first custom video with forbidme. WOW!!! All his muscles are so big and thick....arms, chest, legs, everything! Veins too! He looks so beautiful when he flexes! Overall, he has one of the best hard sculptured bodies I think I have ever seen! SO HOT! GO GET SOME!

to Aaron the Muscle God on 2 June 2016

Well talk about a Scooby snack! I just had my first cam show with Aaron and WOW!!! SEXXXXXXXYYYYYYY!!!!!!! What a hot, ripped and cocky ginger! Peaked biceps! Pumped chest! Cut abs! Firm legs! And a round booty. Looks better than in the pics! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

to AnthonyFlex on 21 May 2016

Based on the negative reviews I will have to pass on doing a camshow or vid. Sounds risky.

to Jason Genesis on 17 May 2016

I just got my first custom vid from BigDaddy and it was awesome! I love his big peaked biceps and thick beefy quads! His voice is deep and sexy too! This guy is one of the good and honest ones! GO GET SOME!

to Aesthetic God on 8 April 2016

Ripped abs and chest! Shredded quads! Big bicep peaks! HOT!

to Aesthetic God on 8 April 2016

Finally delivered a vid and was worth the wait!

to Aesthetic God on 8 April 2016

He aims to scam!

to Aesthetic God on 25 March 2016

Scammer. Paid for a custom vid but he never delivered it and has not responded to messages.

to Mr Latz on 12 March 2016

So big and hot with a sexy voice and very personable. Arms of steel with peaked biceps and tree trunk legs! GREAT SHOW!!!

to AnthonyFlex on 10 March 2016

I just had another camshow with Anthonyflex. Just can't get over how big his arms are and how peaked his biceps look. He is willing to do whatever you would like him to do. SUCH A BIG AND BEAUTIFUL STUD!

to AnthonyFlex on 7 March 2016


to AnthonyFlex on 2 March 2016


AnthonyFlex replied...
Thank you

to daniel carter on 18 January 2016

I just had another camshow with Daniel. BIG right now. Always one of the best.

daniel carter replied...
awesome thank you!

to Bobby on 6 December 2015


to Bobby on 30 August 2015

I gave Bobby another try and WOW!!! Biceps so peaked and shredded you want to kiss and suck on them. Pecs so popped out and firm you want to bury your face in them. Abs so shredded u want to lick all up and down on them. BOBBY=SHREDDED RIPPED PERFECTION!!! SIZZLING HOT!!!...And I love how he knows it!

to daniel carter on 14 August 2015

Daniel mesmerized me so much with my first custom video that I immediately bought a second one. He is the ultimate muscle worship satisfying experience. You will feel the need to go to no other person. Oh wait. No. Maybe you will go to other people. But then you will repent and come back to kneel at the shrine of THE ONE TRUE ALPHA AND OMEGA MUSCLE GOD!!! NO ONE ELSE WILL SATISFY COMPLETELY! ALPHA! STUD! MUSCLE! GOD! ALERT! Please excuse me. I need to go sound the alarm.

to JayFlexCole221 on 9 August 2015

I purchased a custom video from Jay and I was not disappointed. He is big as well as shredded now and he looks better than ever before. He mesmerizes as he flexes his peaked biceps, shredded pecs and killer quads all of which are huge and hard. He also has a deep voice that soothes you into muscle worshipping attention. He is one hot mound of muscle and I will be back for more vids.

to daniel carter on 9 August 2015

I have had a couple of cam shows with Daniel so I decided to purchase a custom video. I am so glad I did. This man really is a MUSCLE GOD. A SUPERHERO. A MODERN DAY THOR. The video quality was in HD and matched the superiority of his body. Even in clothes he is an ADONIS but as he flexes and strips out of them you see the true HERCULES underneath. How he flexes one individual pec up and down makes your heart race. His veins are a racetrack of excitement and his muscles are HUGE. From his boulder shoulders, canon biceps, concrete slab pecs and tree trunk legs he is a Mount Everest of Muscle. He makes you want to reach through the computer screen and run your hands all over his body. For hours. As a bonus he is handsome as hell and as nice as can be possible. Even his voice is deep and masculine and soothes you into a muscle-loving trance. I will be back for more and more. For life. Daniel is a MUSCLE WORSHIP PHENOMENON. JOIN IT!!!!!!!

daniel carter replied...
wow... thank you! this is a reign of complements! thanks so much

to Bobby on 8 July 2015

I had my first Skype show with Bobby. Beautiful body but just okay show. Got interrupted although he did finish. He does not show his face though and said he would. Lost some cam quality the second time. Offered a great price though. May or may not try again.

to MuscleGod1212 on 23 March 2015

I just got my first custom video from Ryan. This guy is AMAZING!!!! BIG AND RIPPED!!!! My favorites are his huge veiny arms, his shredded eight pack abs, and his beefy calves. I also love his deep, sexy, hypnotic voice and personable personality! He makes me want to worship his body alllllllllllllll overrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! MESMERIZING!!!

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Thanks a ton scooby!! :) can't wait to make you some more videos in the future!

Master James


11 March 2020


Body and Soul

Masterful Alpha; THE MuscleGod you CRAVE

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