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to Body and Soul on 9 January 2020

Had to leave another review of this Superman! Amazing body, awesome voice, and the best Alpha attitude there ever was. His Whole attitude Makes you feel like you’re in the presence of a true Greek God.

to Body and Soul on 19 November 2019

This should count for 2 reviews, but just bought this stud’s 2nd vid and he’s even more Alpha than before. Tells you how perfect he is and puts you in your place.
ALSO, I’ve had more Skype cam shows with this Musclegod and he never disappoints. So Alpha, so huge and rock hard, the perfect Musclestud. If you like cocky, confident, rock hard muscle THIS is your guy!

to Body and Soul on 7 November 2019

Just had my first (of many more to come) cam show with this legit Musclegod!! He is exactly what you see in these pics but way more. He truly embodies the word “Musclegod”. He flexed his amazing muscles for 10 straight minutes that kept me amazed and In awe.

to Jack King on 23 April 2019

I’ve had Skype shows and he never fails to amaze with those incredible muscles and the control he has over all of them. Total tease and loves to get into the flexing. Amazing muscle control and striated rock hard muscle everywhere.

Jack King replied...
Haha whatsup my man!

to Jake Hunter on 8 November 2016

Just had another amazing camshow with this MuscleGOD!!! He was bigger and harder than ever! Bulging rock hard muscle everywhere!! He is THE Alpha, deep, sexy voice to go with his amazing body. His control of his muscles is unreal!! Can't wait for my next show!

Jake Hunter replied...
Appreciate the awesome review man! Glad you enjoyed the show. Looking forward to our next one together. ;)

to Jake Hunter on 22 April 2015

Just and ANOTHER amazing camshow with Master Jake. Everything from his body, to looks, to voice is perfect. He's a true Alpha, knows how to show it off and tell you how awesome he is. Can't get enough of his awesomeness. Totally lets you know why he's the only ALPHA there is. I'll be back for more!! Thanks for showing off MuscleMaster Jake!!

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for the review man. Glad you can see why I'm the only true alpha. Can't wait till next time. ;)


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