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to Mike Oxlong on 16 September 2021

Outstanding guy, in every single way. The video I got was fantastic and mind blowing. A dedicated, handsome and reliable man. I could watch his video 24/7 and I will be definitely back for more! Too bad there's no way to give more than 5 stars, he deserves more than that!

to David Biceps on 31 January 2021

This guy is new here, but he already outshines everything. From the first second, he was open, friendly and wanted to give me the best experience possible. And he did. This video was a masterpiece, even though he doesn't have any experience yet, but still it looked like he's been doing this for decades. I am absolutely thrilled and besides, he is still growing. So watch him become an absolute monster. Next video is already ordered.

David Biceps replied...
Oo wow, i m happy for you. Thank you so much. Yess, i try have with all people a good experience. See you with new order ????????

to Sculptor Timmy on 31 January 2021

Hot guy with a golden heart! The video he made for me was breathtaking and 100% on point. I enjoyed every second of it and you guys should give him a try!

to Muscle Max Freak on 23 January 2021

Contacted this awesome guy and just wow!! I'm still speechless about his incredible thick muscles and the way he flexes! He's also very friendly and communicating! Delivery was in time and the video he made was way beyond my imagination. I can't wait to order the next one, so give him a try, you won't regret it!

to Tim Nash on 2 December 2020

This man is everything we dream of here. I mean, just look at him! This body... this face! Besides, he is such an incredibly lovable person, but he can also be very dominant and then again be sweet. This combination makes a huge difference for me.
I bought several videos of him now and each one was better than the one before. He calmly listens to what you want and then implements it 1000%. Tim goes far beyond his own limits just to make you happy. He himself is only satisfied when his customers are satisfied. This passion is simply refreshing and unbelievably hot and this is what makes his work so incredibly good and unique.
The reviews here probably all speak for themselves. Since he started here (not that long ago) he has received only positive feedback. I would like to see this man just getting bigger and better. I mean, he's already outstanding, but we all know that there's always room for more.
Let's help Tim, to reach whatever he wants to achieve!

Tim Nash replied...
this is an incredible review, thank you very much for such warm and kind words,I am very pleased

to Whiteshark900 on 22 November 2020

I always wanted to see this guy and finally he is back. And god damn, he is hot and really big! The video was delivered within a few hours and he did exactly what I asked for! He's a great guy and deserves to be worshipped!

Whiteshark900 replied...
Thanks a lot, friend :)

to Tim Nash on 9 November 2020

What can I say about Tim? He is simply an incredibly great person. It's not just his body that makes him so incredibly attractive. No, it's also his character and the dedication with which he makes the videos for his fans. He focuses body and soul to present the best possible and he succeeds every time in a way that leaves me completely speechless. It's actually really hard to put into words how incredible he is. Every single second is a dream, a journey, something you will never forget. I could watch for years and it would just get better and better. This man just deserves the best and you should be part of it. See for yourself how phenomenal Tim is!

Tim Nash replied...
my God, my dear friend, thank you for these warm and kind words,I am always happy to make high-quality content for you

to Tim Nash on 20 October 2020

What an absolutely guy! So strong. So dominant. So incredibly handsome! I could watch him for hours and hours. He's like a drug, you want just more after you saw him. He will take you on a ride you will never forget, with his huge and veiny muscles and his outstanding flexing!
He's a great guy and a sensation, from head to toe, do give him a try. You will love him.

Tim Nash replied...
Oh my god!thank you sssoooo much my boy

to Father Ivan on 21 August 2020

I don't even know where to start. This man is just incredible. In the meantime I bought three videos of him, each of them is unique and more than I had hoped for myself.
Just imagine: I wrote to Ivan for my first video. The answer came fast, friendly and he was generally very interested in details, but also in my person. In the meantime we just wrote, I had almost forgotten the video. Then he sent me the video and I was just thrilled. This combination of an awesome body and dominant posing was just brilliant.
I was addicted to this video. It is simply the whole package. This guy not only has a great body and knows how to present it. He also looks really good. Coupled with his personality it's just a jackpot of the highest order.

Every other video was a dream for me. I especially liked the last one, he learns a lot and is always happy to apply this newly learned knowledge. With this he offers me the best experience I could ever wish for. I could hardly believe myself what was presented to me. How can someone be so incredible?

This man is pure gold, diamond and more. You shouldn't even think twice about it and take the chance to see this guy in action. He is worth every single cent and you will fall for his charm, personality and body just like me.

Father Ivan replied...
Eevery time making a new video for you is something amazing, I really like working and communicating with you, thank you bro!

to Luk Cage on 20 June 2020

Just incredibly brilliant and awesome guy. I wrote him and asked if he could record a video for me. Within a few hours everything was ready. So first-class service, that's what I personally value. And what a body. Incredible physique, nice and powerful muscles: I am just impressed, the whole package is just right. In any case, he can be recommended 100%. Thumbs up and keep it up my friend!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks a lot my friend!!!

to Father Ivan on 10 June 2020

Young dedicated, handsome and very nice guy! The video was just so incredibly awesome. He knows how to present his body and I can't wait to see a guy like him improving in the future!

to Father Ivan on 9 June 2020

Young dedicated, handsome and very nice guy! The video was just so incredibly awesome. He knows how to present his body and I can't wait to see a guy like him improving in the future!

to Jeff B on 9 June 2020

He's just freaking awesome! The video I ordered was delivered the same day and he knows how to flex his muscles, an incredible guy, who deserves to be worshipped!

to AestheticsBoy on 30 May 2020

Several custom videos later and I won't stop buying from this guy! He's a great one, with an amazing body and attitude, you'll will love those freaking massive biceps, I guarantee it!

to Vadim MuscleFlex on 14 April 2020

Ordered one custom video and it's easily one of the best I've ever seen! His body? Huge and a nice physique. His personality? Respectful, friendly and caring for details. Besides that he's just really handsome, what makes the experience even better. I am amazed and will be back for more.

to Airon on 13 April 2020

Great guy! Listened carefully to what I wanted to see and the video was delivered in like 2 hours. Handsome and a stunning body. Highly recommended!

to Tyson Carter on 9 April 2020


My second custom video and its almost unbelievable how incredible this guy is! I wanted a role play and man...what he delivered was 150% on point. One of my fantasies turned into reality! Into a breathtaking reality I won't ever forget. He's also getting pretty ripped these days, especially his rock hard legs.
Always a pleasure to watch this handsome stud flexing. Besides that he's respectful and really a nice guy. There should be an option to rate more than 5 stars. 5 stars for his little toe maybe.
So give him a try. Its worth every penny.

to CockyBoy on 7 April 2020

I just don't know where to start this review.
Its been at least 6 or maybe 7 years, since I've
bought the first video from Alex. It was a pre filmed
one and I knew at that point, that I needed more.
A little later I discovered that he is on skype.
I was so nervous. But after 10 minutes of chatting with
him, that feeling vanished.

He was kind, respectful and cared about what I wanted.
The first custom video was a masterpiece of work.
His body, his handsome face, his character.
The way he filmed the video.
I just loved it. It was beyond what I expected.
This goes on for many years now. It doesn't
matter what I want, he always delivers.

But whats the most important thing: he
doesn't treat you like a customer only.
And this kind of work and attitude is what I
miss these days.
Thats why I'll never stop supporting a guy like
him. He truly deserves that.

So thank you Alex. Looking forward for
the next video, which will be again
an epic experience.

CockyBoy replied...
Time flew so fast! didnt even realised we been working together for so long but thank you for being here with me and follow my journy and working togehter ! much apreciat this review and hope to catch up soon! stay safe xoxo

to Tyson Carter on 11 March 2020


Breathtakingly hot! The video I ordered was beyond what I imagined! A pleasure from the first second to the last, will be definitely back for more!

to Xander on 1 March 2020

Such a great guy! He has everything: handsome, great personality and an awesome body! Got my custom video very quickly and the details made the difference.
Definitely recommended!

Xander replied...
Thank you for the beautiful words and I am proud that I managed to satisfy your requirements!

to Aesthetic Body on 15 February 2020

I just can't get enough of this raw masculinity and handsome man. Pure perfection in every single aspect.

to Dennis on 8 February 2020

First time dealing with this guy, ordered a custom video. He did put so much effort in the video. Detailed, done with care and always keeping me updated. The way he performed, the way he flexed, it was really a special feeling. And this guy definitely knows how to present his muscles! Every single second was a breathtaking journey, and I'm glad that I didn't miss a second of that. So thank you for that experience. It's more than worth it.

to CockyBoy on 19 January 2020

This man is pure perfection. Big and an awesome physique, no matter if off season or not.
The thing is, I always know what I want to see and this guy knows it much better. He delivers you a video, which is so breathtaking that you become addicted.
I stopped counting how many videos I've gotten so far, but it will never be enough. I can't stop watching this god growing bigger and better all the time, and flexing his humongous muscles while he's so unbelievable handsome.
That's why not only me but everyone else will always come back. He's everything what you're looking for and, as in my case, even much more than that.

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there buddy oh thank you apreciat the review and hope to make more !!!! xoxo hugs and kiss and thanks again !!

to CockyBoy on 5 January 2020

I've seen many videos of Alex and he is a diamond. A huge diamond. Every video is so unique and intense and the way he performs is out of this world. In fact there are no words to explain how awesome he is.

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there buddy oh thank you apreciat the review and hope to make more !!!! xoxo hugs and kiss and thanks again !!

to Max Hardy on 15 December 2019

Such a great guy! Easy to talk to, massive body and an easy going personality!
Delivered the video so quickly and it was so incredibly awesome! Knows how to please!

to Ripped Riki on 15 December 2019

Absolutely awesome young man, from head to toe! Kind and respectful in terms of communication! Breathtaking body and handsome too! Ordered a custom video and it was delivered really quickly. Everything like I wanted, a rising star with a great future ahead. 150%recommended.

to Aesthetic Body on 2 November 2019

This guy exceeded my expectations by far. I mean like really. I bought so many videos from him and it's getting better and better. The last one totally blew up my mind!
I've never met a guy who has been paying attention to details as much as Adrian. He notices what I like and keeps that in mind, in the last video I agreed with him to surprise me. Man, never ever I've seen a better video than that one.
He's getting bigger and more ripped every time, his veins alone make me so weak. The way he poses and flexes his muscles is an own category, the whole presentation is out of this world. Another reason why I will always coming back for more is his personality: such a kind hearted and easy going guy, always funny to chat with him! He treats you with respect what makes the videos much more personal.
So let me say thank you for everything at this point. Can't wait to continue with everything!

to CockyBoy on 16 September 2019

An absolutely amazing guy! I ordered so many videos from him and every single one was breathtakingly good!
The way he flexes and that damn smile. You will feel so weak in front of him.
Thank you for the experience my friend, hope to make much more videos soon!

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there, amazing review thank you again! and for sure we will make more see you soon dear!

to Hungry beast on 21 July 2019

Says he does custom videos (even here it's written in the description) but after that he just doesn't respond. Only wants to do shows. Not responsive and really arrogant. There are much much better guys on this site!

to craving4power on 21 July 2019

A fucking beast! He plans to grow as much as possible and I am excited to see this happen! One of the best videos I've ever seen, flexing, acting, everything on top!

craving4power replied...
Thank you !!

to Caleb on 30 June 2019

Caleb is a great actor! In combination with his attitude and his hot body, he turns every video into a sensation!

to Aesthetic Body on 30 June 2019

I can't even describe how much I appreciate the work with that guy. He listens. He delivers. Every video is a great experience, something that I never thought of. I know what I want. But this muscle god knows it better. He knows exactly how to trigger me!
I had so many custom videos, every single one of them was breathtaking. There is no one like him on this site!

to Aesthetic Body on 20 May 2019

There should be a possibility to rate more than 5 stars, because his worthiness can't be described with this 5 stars. He is polite, open minded, reliable and has an easy-going character.
It's the 3rd custom video I ordered. All three videos are insanely, breathtakingly awesome, and he is improving every single day.
His physique is magnificent, huge muscles, ripped and outstanding veins and boy, he knows how to flex. I enjoyed every second of this demonstration and I can't wait to see him improving in the future.
So stop wasting your time and give him a try. You don't want to miss this.

to Aesthetic Body on 4 May 2019

Second custom video and this one was even better than the first one!
Everything was just like I wanted it and surpassed all my expectations. That guy is just awesome, huge ripped muscles, knows how to present his body and really hot.
I can't wait to order my next video!

to Aesthetic Body on 27 April 2019

First custom video and it won't be the last one, for sure. Nice guy, easy to communicate with, delivers fast and the video was breathtakingly hot!
100% recommended!

Aesthetic Body replied...
Appreciate your comment! Always happy to film more videos :)

to Max Wood on 11 August 2018

Ordered one custom video and it won't be the last one. He is massive and has an awesome physique. He also knows how to flex those huge muscles. Man I got weak after some minutes! And he will get even bigger and better in the future. If u miss this it's your own fault! Highly highly recommended!

to HornyIrishStud on 4 July 2018

Every video is a new experience. His body isn't the only thing improving, his skills in doing videos like I want them to be, also improve! There is so much love and detail, that's why I will always come back. Keep up the great work my huge irish friend ;)

to MuscleStud93 on 18 June 2018

It's now my third custom video, and I just can't get enough! Every second makes my heart beat so much faster. He is very professional and always want to make it as good as possible. And every time he exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to see the next video my friend!

to HornyIrishStud on 8 April 2018

Words can't describe how amazing this guy is. Ordered two custom videos and they were delivered very quickly. He did everything I wanted. Stunning and amazing body, just like his character. Very easy to deal with, polite and respectful. I can't wait to order another one. Highly recommended! Keep up the great work my friend :)

to Caleb on 3 October 2017

He deserves more than 5 stars! I ordered one custom video, it was delivered within 24 hours and just awesome! He knew what I wanted to see, his acting combined with his handsome face and huge body is something what I was looking for. Since then I ordered two more videos and every time it's a new feeling. Highly, highly recommended!

Caleb replied...
Your awesome. Thank you !! :)

to daniel carter on 11 June 2016

How can someone post a negative review about this god? I ordered a custom video yesterday and he delivered fast! And what he delivered was an awesome video, a stunning beast, full of massive and ripped muscles, veins like snakes covering the unbelievable hot body. In every movement I could sense the power this guy has, a sensation I won't forget! I will definitely buy more videos from him, he really really deserves it. Thank you Daniel :)

daniel carter replied...
wow man thank you!;) I'm flattered!

to CockyBoy on 29 July 2015

One of the best, if not the best on this site. I liked the show with him, his huge body and his adorable smile. He is very kind and reliable and so I can only say: Thank you Alex!

CockyBoy replied...
Thanks for this awsome review, see you soon bro!

Aesthetic Body

Almost tearing that sleeve

5 June 2019

Aesthetic Body

The best on this site!

5 June 2019

Aesthetic Body

Great physique!

28 April 2019


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