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to Mr Latz on 26 May 2020

I was able to finally do a show with him and all I can say is sexy and hot!! The videos and pics show him but to actually do a Skype show is damn hot! Definitely enjoyed him flexing and showing off his assets and will be back for more of those tight, hot and big assets. Can’t wait for what he will do for the next show from him. Recommend him because he wants to know what makes you happy in doing a show with him.

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks my man and I am VERY happy you enjoyed our show :) I aim to please my man! See you again soon! Told you, you would not be disappointed!

to AlexTopaz on 11 May 2020

First show I did with this person was awesome. Contacted him again to do another show. Agreed to the payment amount. He gave me the email address to send payment. Showed screen shot of payment got to do the show. Then started to send messages afterwards blaming me that I sent the payment to the wrong account. Wanted me to resend payment and to contact his friend since he was helping with his money. Tried looking the guy up and wasn’t able to find him and when asked him for help he sent messages say it’s your fault you need to deal with it. When I do receive my money back I am going to refuse to pay due to poor attitude and blaming the wrong person for sending the money to the wrong account. Will never come back to do another show with him and have the conversations with him showing his attitude to me instead of saying “hey sorry my mistake can I have my friend contact you to fix it.” 1 star completely.

AlexTopaz replied...
I am sorry about that Due to paypal limitations I have to ask my american friend to help me There was a problem with my friend's paypal account. The payment wasn't received Despite this I DID A SKYPE SHOW FOR HIM FOR 22 MINUNES 22 SECONDS! Besides, Mr. sjupiter80 fails to mention that the previous show was LONGER than what he paid for

to Armani Flexxx on 11 March 2020

Did another show with him and the singlet which he was very hot in and flexing those tight muscles of his for me. Wish that I could be there to kiss those biceps and worship him until he says stop. Definitely will be back for more of those great muscles and sex appeal.

to Tommy Flex on 6 March 2020

Yes did a live show with him and damn what can I say so hot and those muscle just being very well controlled. Definitely had me under his control and will be back for more and willing to see what he will do for the next show. One that I recommend doing with.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you for choosing me for your fantasy my man! The next show will top the 1st!

to Muscle Domination on 6 March 2020

Definitely was easy to work with for a show. Really enjoyed watching him flex those muscles of his. Enjoyed and will be back for more. :)

Muscle Domination replied...
Im glad you liked my show hope u back for more

to Ryan Williams on 26 February 2020

Did another show last night with this sexy hunk. Really was happy to flex any part that you would like. Even asked what to wear during the show and he made it so hot that I enjoyed it. Will be back again since he makes it easy to talk to and really wants all his shows and clients happy. Cheers!!!! I’ll be back for more. ;)

Ryan Williams replied...
thank you very much.. and im happy you were satisfied. you know thats my goal.

to Latin Bull on 19 February 2020

I did do a camshow with him and boy was it hot. Really flexed and showed all of him hot muscles for me and did a POV with the camera to show what he would see everyday looking down that hot body of his and showing me those pearls and damn. Will definitely come back for more.

Latin Bull replied...
Thanks SJupiter80 I also enjoyed the show and glad I was able to please. Hope to see you soon and getting bigger day by day for you!

to Ryan Williams on 3 February 2020

This guy is very hot. Personable makes sure you are getting what you paid for. Really honest and trustworthy will talk with you during the show to ask what you would like to see more of, funds out before hand what you would like to see him wear or not wear. Definitely recommend him and will be doing another show real soon. You’ll enjoy the time with him no matter what.

Ryan Williams replied...
Thank you very much man. It was a pleasure talking and I’m very happy you enjoyed the show. I look forward to another session.

to Master Of Subs on 29 January 2020

This guy is very hot and was ready when we called and did what I asked for and more. Worth the time and enjoyed the camshow with him and would love to do again. Can’t wait to see more of him.

to JR Jamiez on 29 January 2020

I paid for a private camshow on the last day of last year and he gave me 2 videos that weren’t what I requested for. I requested to have a private camshow which to this day I have never received and he has ignored me and has also asked for more money for food and other videos he has done for other people. I have the proof on my Skype account and can show anyone since I asked to for my money back from him all he said was ok and have been declined on the app and I don’t have the show that was paid for and now i have been blocked on Skype. He might think he is all that due to his age but don’t trust him. Again I have the proof on Skype showing he was avoiding me and pretending to be on Skype when he never was and never answered anything really.

to Armani Flexxx on 23 January 2020

Have done several show with him and has me combing back for more. Really has a good body and know how to show off and make you feel like coming back for more. Enjoyed the last couple of shows of showing off in different colors of underwear and teasing to have you come back again to see if you can have more of him. Works with you on making sure he is available and communicates well after to see if your wanting to do more. Will come back to see more soon.

to Armani Flexxx on 24 December 2019

Did a show with him a couple of days ago and damn. Had the right clothes on that I asked for and showed me what he had. Would have love to have been there to actually have worshipped him in person. Body is very lean and can see the muscle flexing when he moves. Definitely want to do another show with him and hope to see more of him real soon.

to Jake Hunter on 13 November 2019

This was my first experience with Flex Master Jake. I asked him to wear compression shorts and a shirt. Which he did and showed me those great arms, the hot chest being flexed in the shirt to see those sexy abs that he teased me with a quick peek before he slowly took off his shirt to show that he really was working on having that hot and sexy body of his. Then him asking if I would love to see his compression shorts, moving into better lighting for showing me his hot and sexy ass which he said that it was due to his great legs which made me fell like I wanted to kneel in front of him and feel those thighs and just making me want to grab and just play with his ass. He showed me everything that I asked for and honestly felt like I was there to where in the end since we had some extra time what I would like to see more of which he did a very sexy job of it since I couldn’t help but wanting to feel myself down there getting very hard and knowing that I felt so special and comfortable, that I can’t wait to do more with him next time. Hoping he will be willing to flex more in his shorts, teasing and just having me beg to have him take them off to show the compression shorts again. All around I recommend him to anyone if they ask.

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for such a great review! Glad you enjoyed our time on cam together. Looking forward to the next one. ;)


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