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to Airon on 13 April 2020

I'd like to thank Airon for a great custom video he delivered - in less than an hour!!! And beyond that, he's incredibly built and powerful, highly recommend!

to CockyBoy on 25 March 2020


Alex delivered a terrific custom video to me, probably one of the best I ever received, taking care of all the details I asked him about and performing marvelously. Not to mention he's huge and bulk which made that video even more impressive. So thanks a lot man!

to Andy Fit on 9 March 2020

Just got a custom video from Andy and all went fine - smooth transaction and delivered the same day, thanks a lot for that. And one more thing to note - his body is amazing and the photos don't really show, he seemed much better (defined, thick) than on the pics.

to Aesthetic Body on 3 February 2020

Wanted to join the crowd to pass a huge thanks for the incredible vid he created for me. It was very neatly done and with lots of respect to my requests. Thanks a lot again, man!!

to AestheticsBoy on 30 January 2020


Superb video by a superb performer! Can't be more grateful to AestheticsBoy for taking such care of all my requests - all done in time and with lots of respect to details. Thanks man!

to Roland on 30 January 2020

Very grateful for the video Roland delivered - all performed in time and of great quality. Thanks a lot man!

Roland replied...
thanks ;)

to Forbidme on 22 January 2020


Perfect performance as always and mindblowing shape - thanks a lot again!

Forbidme replied...

to Delz on 8 November 2019

Delz is huge, muscular and powerful, to say the least, and is in great shape. Highly recommend this guy, especially considering the ease of transaction - he delivered a custom vid in just a few hours. Pleasere dealing with!

Delz replied...
Thank you!!

to Andro Muscle on 2 November 2019

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with Andro, paying him for the video that he did not deliver after more than a month now. He claims he did the recording, but had technical difficulties with uploading the video to a transfer service, which I tried to help him with, but in the end he stopped responding to my messages in Skype. Maybe it's true, but in any case - please pay attention.

to Willy on 28 September 2019

Huge thanks to Willy for a custom vid he delivered - very quickly done and exactly what I wanted him to do. Not to mention his great build! ) Highly recommend!

Willy replied...

to WhiteKing on 12 September 2019

I wanted to thank WhiteKing for an amazing custom video that he created for me, which was exactly as I asked from him, taking care of lots of details that we discussed.
Also a smooth transaction and delivered on time, so I highly recommend.

to James Branson on 14 December 2018

Unfortunately, I did not recieve the custom video I paid for from Jamie after a bit more than a month after payment and could not reach him over Skype. Will be happy to update the review though in case things change.

James Branson replied...
I apologize for this brother! Had some moments where I got caught up in life and i neglected the professionalism aspect. Please message me on skype and we can get this taken care of!

to Armando on 20 June 2018

I'm very grateful for a cam show with Den, he's really astonishing in the way he's built and knows how to pose also. Very easy to deal with which is also a plus.


Armando replied...
Thank you !

to Caleb on 15 January 2018

I just wanted to thank Caleb once again for the great video he delivered me recently. And he's very easy to deal with, prompt in deliveries, so highly recommend! And what a huge stud he is on top of all of that! So positively a 5*!

to Atlas on 15 January 2018

I requested a custom video from Adam recently and can only say positive things about the experience. Prompt, easy to deal with, great video featuring everything that I asked him about and what a huge stud he is on top of everything.
Thanks a lot and highly recommend!

to CockyBoy on 16 September 2017


Thanks a lot for a wonderful show - and the shape is really amazing! Huge and crazily shredded!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you too for the time together and hope we can do it again cya soon my friend hugs

to HornyAlphaBoy on 9 September 2017

Sergio is exceptional - he performs perfectly, and I had several shows and videos made by him, all were beyond my wishes. I'm very grateful and recommend him highly!

to Forbidme on 9 September 2017

I had a great cam show with him and had a great experience. The guy is big and very defined and knows how to show off. Besides, he got all my requests right and performed in a best way possible. Again, thanks for the show man!

to robertinho on 3 February 2017

My experience with Robertinho was rather positive - did a good show with the guy a while ago and I can say he's real and very well built.

to Caleb on 2 February 2017

The video I got from Caleb is probably the best I had so far. Totally what I asked him for and he himself is just phenomenal. Enjoyed it a lot and very grateful!!!

Caleb replied...
Wow! Means a lot. Thank you !!

to darkjack on 30 January 2017

Thanks a lot for a great show. And Jack's physique is really incredible! HUGE!

to Teacher on 23 January 2017

Had a great video from ivfitbg - and he's totally ripped and loves to show off. Loved it a lot and thanks!

Teacher replied...
thx buddy

to robertinho on 23 January 2017

Great show and great shape - thanks a lot, Robertinho!


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