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to MuscleGod11 on 27 February 2018

You have a barber that gives you just what you want, a bartender that knows what you need before you ask, or a waiter who knows what you are hungry for just by looking at you. Why not have a muscleman who knows what you want, what you need, and what you are hungry for...all before you even say a word. Musclegod11 is THAT man! He has done this for me many times before and with my most recent show I don't really have to say anything because he already knows what will satisfy me. Oh sure, I could certainly have a decent time with another muscleman who might get me hard after some flexing and maybe even make me cum if he flexed enough; but why settle for just a decent man when you can have someone who knows you and cares about your needs? Get to know Musclegod11 TODAY...and allow him to get to know YOU! The best thing you will ever do I promise!

to MuscleGod11 on 24 January 2018

Every show I do with Musclegod11 is better than the one before! He gets better and better!!! And bigger and BIGGER! He knows just how to talk to me, flex for me and pump for me. Most importantly, he listens to what I ask, and not just what he feels like doing. He is here to make me happy...that is his make every show the best for you! That is what makes him the BEST!

to MuscleGod11 on 28 November 2017

I continue to have Musclegod11 as my ONLY muscleman for shows because he is the BEST. It is really that simple guys. We have done many shows together and know each other well. He knows what i like and what can get me to that just right place if ecstasy and excitement. And i know how to encourage him to keep pumping and bulging his muscles to take me there. There is NO OTHER muscleman that will consistently deliver like Musclegod11. I highly recommend him as your exclusive muscleman!

to MuscleGod11 on 31 October 2017

I had another show with MuscleGod11 and it was perfection! He had just returned from the gym and his arms were pumped! He flexed and bounced them as I enjoy and spoke to me in the way I enjoy as well! He really KNOWS his clients and remembers what they enjoy and always delivers what they want and expect, but also adds a personal touch that goes beyond their wildest dreams! MuscleGodd11 is my buddy and will be my exclusive man for shows! He is the best!

MuscleGod11 replied...
Thank you Steve,for being so genuine person from day 1,when we interacted.After numerous shows,you are still that type of a guy,like you was on begining.Because of your positivity,our every next show becomes better.Stay that kind of person always.Thank you so much,my friend!

to MuscleGod11 on 16 October 2017

Where can I begin to tell you how awesome this young man is? You have heard so many great things already here. Yes, he has an amazing body. Yes he knows how to give you a great show. Yes his muscles flex just as I like them to pop and flex.

So what is it about him that makes him SO special? He is a REAL person. With me he is himself; not a character, not a fantasy, not an image. He is like a guy next door, a best friend, a confidant. That one friend who understands you like no one else. We respect each other and encourage each other and share each other's life. We have a special freindship first, and he does amazing shows for me based on the fact that we are friends first and he wants to do his best for me because we are friends.

I know him and he knows me; so he knows what I like to see, what I like to hear, and what I need. I am proud of this young man and he is proud of me. If you are looking for a sensible young man who can be MORE than just your "basic fantasy muscle man", get to know this guy. You will not regret it! He is here to do his best for you and he will do just exactly that!

to MuscleGod11 on 26 August 2017

I had my second show with MuscleGod11 today and it was even better than the first. With his amazing body and sensual voice, he created the perfect atmosphere for me to enjoy. Anything I requested he performed perfectly and instantly. Curling an object, flexing just right, saying the things I wanted to was all there! If you want to do a show that is designed just for you and your pleasures, this is the man for you!

to MuscleGod11 on 8 August 2017

I connected with MuscleGod11 today and did a show with him almost immediately! From our conversation online I knew he would be just what I was looking for. Sweet, gentle, and aiming to please. We had a wonderful show together and he surpassed everything I imagined. He had taken the time to read the notes I sent about my turn-ons and did all I asked. What I loved most though, honestly was his smile! That made him so much more enjoyable; I could tell he was enjoying our time together as well and that made a big difference from other shows I have done with other guys. After the show, we continued our conversation online for quite awhile and I enjoyed getting to know him more and he was interested in me as well. Thank you to The Best Flex for making the payment process SO EASY and fast and for highlighting a nice young man like MuscleGod11! I will be doing this again soon!

to Tom H on 16 August 2015

Johnny is nothing short of amazing!!!! He is in INCREDIBLE shape right now and is in contest prep! But what I like the best is that he remembered what I liked from the first show we did; and then gave me even more of it! He did all I asked politely and respectfully and was just a lot of fun to be with! Incredible big muscles and a big heart and smile to match! Do a show with him TODAY and you will love it!

to Atlas on 23 January 2015

Just had my first show with Adam! He was very good at listening to what I wanted and needed and then delivering it! Big muscles, sweet talk, lots of fun! Very outgoing and active; he didn't just sit there and act bored! He seemed to have as much fun as I did! Great experience!

Atlas replied...
Welckom any tim Steev,i'm here to made your day (k)


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24 y/o

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24 y/o

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