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to Max Wood on 22 June 2019

Just had another awesome cam session with this alpha god today 6/22/19. Blown away with his body and can't wait to do another. Professional, delivers as promised every time. You can trust him and enjoy the rush of experiencing perfection.

to Bryan Long on 7 April 2019

Bryan is fantasy come to life. He just allowed me to pay for the privilege of watching him show off his flawless perfection and my head is still spinning from the overload on my senses. He body is a work of art, so tall (6'1), so handsome, so self aware, so confident. Only 23 years old and he knows how to create a total mind fuck of worship as a superior alpha straight male. My only warning is that you will become addicted to this young god very quickly.

to Master Brad on 25 March 2019

Just had my first skype session with Master Brad. He is a true alpha straight god. Knew exactly how to get into my head and push my buttons. Not a clock watcher, even gave me extra time that made me want to worship him even more. Superior in every way. Video and audio quality were very good, too. I can't wait for the next time he allows me to have a session with him.

to Jake Hunter on 21 November 2018

Just had a live cam session with FlexMasterJake and my head is still spinning. Flawless body, total confidence, and the ability to read what will most push his client's buttons. Perfect combination for a cam god. You'll love doing a session with him.

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for the positive review Steve. Already looking forward to our next show together.

to MuscleKing on 14 September 2018

Good body, but not very interactive during the show. English is very limited.

MuscleKing replied...
that you did not like the video I'm not your guilty pederast

to Mike Long on 14 June 2018

I just had my first session with him. A god among men, not worthy to be in his presence but so lucky to have had the chance to bask in his flawless perfection.

to Alessandro on 14 February 2018

Wow, amazing body, great cam show. So easy to be mesmerized by that perfect physique.

to Andrewfitness on 13 February 2018

Great cam show with him, he looks even better than his photos -- so tall, so sculpted, so deserving of worship. He is very hot and knows how to show off his perfect body.

to MuscleGod11 on 5 February 2018

I have just had the most mind-blowing experience with musclegod. He instinctively knows how to connect with others and make them NEED to serve him. He is flawless, perfect, amazing, undeniable. I must do what he wants.

to MuscleGod1995 on 30 November 2017

Very good session tonight, body is as hot as pics.

to FitnessFreak96 on 28 October 2017

Just finished a session online with him -- hotter than his pics, deep voice, very self aware. Amazing body, total perfection.

to 4King on 23 May 2015

Amazing body, face, and attitude. Gives an awesome session on cam!

4King replied...
thank you :)

to Kanye on 10 May 2015

Kanye is AMAZING. Just had a great cam session. Perfect body, so sexy, so seductive. Killer smile and handsome face. I want to worship him.

to MagicM on 10 April 2015

Holy fuck, he is one of the most breathtakingly perfectly sculpted flawless gods out there! Totally hot session.

MagicM replied...
thank you steve! :D

to Jake Hunter on 20 February 2015

This is one powerful self aware god. Amazing body, superior mind, flawless and addictive. I need to serve him more. It's all about what he wants, he deserves worship.

Jake Hunter replied...
Couldn't have said it better myself. Enjoyed our time together. Looking forward to next time. ;)

to CuteCamBoi on 31 January 2015

Mind-blowing show today 1/31/15. The body is pure perfection, the face is flawlessly handsome, and that sexy accent could talk me into anything. He deserves worship!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks. Good worship

to CockyBoy on 1 November 2014

I just had a cam show with this awesome master and he is so amazing those muscles are not from this world i definetly recommend 100% and can't wait to see him again and again and again! He is a GOD come to life!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you so much my friend AWSOME review from you amazing!! thank you

to Smokemymarc on 3 August 2014

Marc was AMAZING! He flipped my world around and made me need to worship a 19 year old superior. Can't wait til next show!

to Tony D on 12 May 2014

Great cam show -- amazing body -- totally cocky and aware of himself -- well done!

to Alex on 8 December 2013

Holy shit, this guy is a GOD COME TO LIFE. What a great cam show he gave me. My head is still spinning. He's so aware of the effect he has on people, how to use it to turn our fantasies into reality. He is powerful and unstoppable. Super high quality video too. Do yourself a favor and setup a session with Gaston!

Alex replied...
Awww ur too sweet! Thanks for the awesome review! Im happy knowing i made u happy!


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