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to Armani Flexxx on 19 February 2020

Just had a cam show with Armani. He's easy to talk to, friendly, and yes has the physique shown in the pics. His bicep peaks are amazing. Good looking too!

to Armani Flexxx on 5 November 2019

Preemptively giving a 5 star because Armani is super easy to chat with and a consummate professional. Looking forward to a meet up as soon as I can set it up.

to Nick Masterfield on 15 September 2019

I'm writing this as Nick is still on his plane headed home. Another 5 Star review for Nick. 2nd meetup, and this time for 2 days. As I've said before, Nick is a stunningly handsome, intelligent, easy going muscle model who portrays himself well beyond his age. A consummate professional. He somehow "knows" what you want even if you don't say it aloud, and he'll show you he does. If you've never met up with someone or are just nervous about doing so, he is the one who sets the bar and would put you at ease. Already looking forward to our next.

to Mr Latz on 14 August 2019

Contacted about a possible meet up, and without even getting into details about it, he quickly barraged me with how he is STRAIGHT and what he doesn't do. Maybe others have been pushy and it's overwhelmed Frankie but it's a turn off for that to be the tone of the convo. I've done over 100 meet ups and never push any limits to make anyone uncomfortable. If anything, *I* need to be made at ease. Also, considering some of the videos put out, including the deleted bicep fuck video, I would think he wouldn't be so brash about basic muscle worship. Nonetheless, 6 of the last 10 reviews are 1 star yet the overall rating is 5 stars which doesnt make much sense. I hope the old Mr Latz returns with all happy fans....

to Mike Long on 21 March 2019

Completed meet up #2 with Mike and once again, beyond impressed. Incredibly good looking, even bigger than before and very strong. Do not under estimate his strength! Ya'll are missing out on a fantasy come true...

to Nick Masterfield on 23 December 2018

Just did a meet up with Nick and I was literally left speechless at this handsome muscle model. Not only is he as polite and well spoken as can be, he can hold a great conversation. Nick was accommodating and creative and made this a fantastic encounter from start to finish. One of, if not the best meet up I've done and that time period goes back almost a decade. Highly recommend.

Nick Masterfield replied...
I enjoyed it as well and loved having some fun and also having great conversation! Glad you had fun and hopefully we can do it again soon!

to Nick Masterfield on 8 December 2018

Super friendly guy. Scheduled for a meet up in a couple weeks, will add another review then!

Nick Masterfield replied...

to Hector D on 2 November 2018

Great YouTube content but doesn't respond to e-mails or DMs even after he instructs you how to contact him. Skype?
I've bought two of his destruction vids which were okay.

to Mike Long on 6 October 2018

Just did a meet up with Mike Long. He's a 5 star rating and beyond. A consummate professional in all aspects. He's intelligent to converse with and more stunningly handsome than these videos can show. His physique is more impressive than these videos do him justice, as well. Communication was great and he was accommodating to help make it happen. Highly recommend if you are visiting Southern California.

to Aesthetic God on 7 May 2017

Been a while since I did biz with Nick but he had followed through on my custom vid. He's also always been nice to talk to, so Im surprised at any negative reviews...

Aesthetic God replied...
Thank you for the kind comment! Thanks, Nick.

to Logan Lowe on 20 March 2017

I just had a meet up with Logan. I'm writing this while still in disbelief that I had this gorgeous muscle model alpha God in my hotel room flexing and dominating me like no one ever has. He's got model good looks and a shredded rock hard body to go along with it. Worth every dollar and more. Prepare to be impressed.

to Dimitri Valentino on 14 September 2016

2nd meet up this year with DV a couple weeks ago. As before, a total stunna in person. Clean cut, hair game on point, peaked baseball biceps for my hands to enjoy. Absolute professional and friendly laid back humble company. An absolute stand out. Knows exactly what I like and made sure I had a great experience.

to Dimitri Valentino on 21 February 2016

I was lucky enough to have done a MEET UP with Dimitri this weekend. Let me start by saying he IS even better looking in person than these pics. If you are looking for someone with model good looks, muscle model physique, along with a magnetic personality then here he is. Dimitri makes you feel immediately comfortable and can make great conversation. Not a clock watcher, in fact he was creative enough to come up with ways to improve the experience. He's a real life professional who genuinely enjoys making peoples fantasies come true. One of, if not the best, meet ups I've ever experienced. Looking forward to the next.

Dimitri Valentino replied...
Thanks; looking forward to next time!

to Bobby on 18 January 2016

Just did my first cam show with Bobby. He's as shredded as his pics indicate, even in the middle of winter. He was pleasant and friendly from first instant message to the end of the show. Biceps carved out of stone. Smile to bring his admirers to their knees.

to Poseidon on 21 June 2015

2nd cam show - he performed past the time limit and as before, really customized the show to my liking. Muscle model body and looks.

to Poseidon on 21 May 2015

I took a chance and did a show with Poseidon and I'm glad I did. He's super nice, has Greek God good looks and a muscle model body. His abs and biceps were perfection. Costs reasonable. Not sure what happened with the other review but I'm satisfied.

to Rob Mathis on 2 March 2015

I've received 3 custom vids from Swag successfully and at reasonably cost. I've never not gotten what I paid for. In regards to some other reviews, there must be more to the story.

Bicep Fuck - Logan's Victim

to Bicep Fuck - Logan's Victim featuring Logan Lowe on 15 February 2018


One of the hottest secret fantasy vids we didnt know we wanted to see, lol. There's a classic video clip out there from years ago that probably was the inspiration, but Logan has his own way of torture. I did a meet up with Logan so of course a video can't compare, but for those who only watch and dont get to touch, this is pretty intense.

Muscle Encounter

to Muscle Encounter featuring David King on 17 January 2016


David's perfect alpha musclebod, good looks and fantastic flexing made this one of a kind. I hope he will have a full profile soon where we can connect. Please bring us more of him, TBF!


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