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to Kevin Muscle on 27 May 2021

When it comes to performance artists on The Best Flex, there is none better than Kevin Muscle. If you have a fetish request – forced foot licking, armpit sniffing, popper huffing, etc. – he is up to the challenge.

First and foremost, Kevin loves to flex his symmetrical body to give you a muscle high. His rates are negotiable, he puts out 100% in his shows, and above all he is not a clockwatcher. Chance ‘em. I’ve gotten a lot of muscle highs from him.

Kevin Muscle replied...
Thank you So much ! ????

to Blondmuscle on 6 April 2021

I've encountered more than my share of scam flexers (who may or may not be real bodybuilders) on TBF, and I've always immediately given them a 1-star (*) rating to warn other potential clients/customers that entering into a relationship with this person is AYOR.

With Blondmuscle, I can honestly say that he is genuinely interested in satisfying his customers and maintaining solid professional relations with everyone.

I've given him a 5-star (*****) rating in the past, and I continue to do so in 2021 without any reservations at all. He's a young European who's had his ups and downs, but a scam artist he's not. He's genuinely a very good person.

If you're still hesitant about doing a show with him, I would advise you ask him if you can pay him upfront half the price he's asking, then pay the other half he's owed after he's delivered -- be it a show or a video.

to David Biceps on 18 February 2021

Although a newbie to TBF, you can tell he’s got what it takes to be a force here (if he stays motivated): easy to talk to, reliable, honest, charismatic.

And unlike too many TBF bodybuilders, he’s not a clock-watcher just after fast cash. At the show’s end, you feel like you got your money’s worth as David puts in the effort to pull off your requests (be they flexing or role playing).

He accepts clients of all ages, races, sexual orientation, and pocketbooks (negotiable). He is a true work in progress and enjoys the company of fans who enjoy watching his powerful body emerge over time with more muscle mass and more muscle rips. Worthy of your support.

David Biceps replied...
Oo wow, best review from now. Thank you so so much Surfahripz16

to Kevin Muscle on 6 February 2021

Time differences being what it is, it can be difficult to arrange live Skype cam shows with someone who lives on the opposite side of the world from you. And even more difficult when that bodybuilder is a Personal Fitness Trainer who spends most of his time at the gym than at his computer.

But if you are lucky to catch Kevin at home, you’ll find that he is trustworthy and open-minded: you’ll get your money’s worth (rates are negotiable) as this straight Alpha is a superb muscle ripper who has the role-playing down pat to bring out the beast at his best.

Don’t be afraid to let him know your fetish, if that is what you’re looking for in performance artists on TheBestFlex. Once he knows you, he’ll deliver exactly what you asked for, making you drip, drool, and dope into muscle ecstasy from his muscle mass.

He can be absolutely addictive (in a friendly way). Highest recommendation.

Kevin Muscle replied...
Thank you very much! I Hope to see you again

to Ashton on 5 January 2021

SCAMMER ALERT. He started out his TheBestFlex career as a good, easy to talk to guy but something happened and is now pulling off scam after scam. (Possibly someone else using his name on Skype?)

to Muscle Chad on 5 January 2021

There’s no better way to start a New Year than to have a hot session with a TBF [TheBestFlex] member who’s ripped to shreds, and I lucked out by hitting up on Muscle Chad.

Chad is a newbie to TBF, and he is already showing muscle symmetry and proportion comparable to gymsharks older than him. Striated and vascular, this likes-showing-off-his-body performer executes his poses perfectly to accentuate his killer bod’s muscle fibers.

He also has a killer smile. But lurking beneath that cocky grin is an Alpha who feeds off working the submissive into a frenzy and at the same time (if this is what the worshiper requested) dominating him thru effortless taunts.

Muscle Chad is easy to talk to and easy to work with. In short, he’s trustworthy. He accepts clients of all races, ages, and sexual orientations, and his rates are very reasonable. If you make your requests clear to him, he will deliver the goods like a pro. A keeper.

Highly recommended.

to Moris Charles on 25 December 2020

Moris just began his career on TheBestFlex [TBF} and looks like he’s off to a flying start as he has that easy-to-talk-to fun personality and at the same time that cocky-grin attitude that most top-ranked TBF bodybuilders have.

Muscle symmetry and proportion are the aesthetic’s goals, and you can see him making progress toward his goals as striated and vascular muscle fibers pop as he flexes his hard chest.

He is open to all clients with reasonable requests for either a custom vid or a live cam show. Race, age, sexual orientation, and wallet size (he is open to negotiating his rates) are not considerations; but establishing trust between himself and his customer appears paramount with him.

As he gains more experience on TheBestFlex and becomes more comfortable in his skin, role-playing will become a stronger part of Moris's TBF portfolio. Highly recommended.

to Predator Jay on 23 December 2020

Predator Jay is a new member of TheBestFlex, and he should fit right into the top-rated tier.

He is open-minded (accepts clients of all ages, races, and sexual orientations), exceptionally friendly, and accommodating (his rates are reasonable and negotiable).

Prior to the coronavirus lockdown of gyms across Europe, he had a chiseled body to go with his handsome face. His upper chest (big striated pecs) is an amazing show of strength. His lower chest, however, is offseason physique

Predator is a real man’s man who checks all the boxes: dominant, Alpha, masculine virility oozing everywhere. No attitude. No clockwatching. Just loves showing off his muscles and delivering what you ask for if you made your requests clear. Highly recommended.

Predator Jay replied...
This means a lot for me!

to Kevin Muscle on 8 November 2020

Kevin is the epitome of male beauty, and knows the devil is in the detail – chest crossovers and muscle separations and striations over his entire body.

This very friendly Alpha is lethal at capturing his prey, and before I knew it, he had seduced me to crave more and more from him.

Give him a try. I found him to offer reasonable rates and to be generous with his time – unlike some bodybuilders who are disrespectful clock watchers.

And he truly seems to enjoy showing off his hard-won physique gains to bodybuilding fans. Highly recommended.

Kevin Muscle replied...
thank you very much! I'm glad you're happy. it's all that matters

to Damon Stephan on 1 November 2020

Stephan is a newbie on TBF and as he is just beginning his bodybuilding journey, don't expect that chiseled look you can grate cheese on. But if you like youthful raw energy, you'll enjoy Stephan as he loves showing off a physique that will improve and improve.

He is easy to chat with on Skype, responsive to requests, and welcoming to all worshipers. Reasonable (negotiable) rates. Give him a go.

to SuperShape on 9 October 2020

It has been said that “Aesthetic Bodybuilding is a quest to rival Adonis himself,” and once you do a show with Nick (going by "SuperShape" here) you can see why his quest is not to be a “beast” or “freak” but to be an aesthetic artist of symmetry and proportion details.

With a powerful V-shaped upper body and single-digit body fat running throughout his jacked physique, Nick is very proud of achieving the physique goals he set out for himself.

From a client perspective, he is among “The Best Flex” best in delivering shows. He is super friendly and very easy to talk to and is willing to discuss specific details ahead of his video/show so that he gets into perfect character when he does perform to ensure you a heartrate-pounding cam/video experience.

Rates are reasonable (or negotiable to some extent) and he accepts fans of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. Highly recommended.

SuperShape replied...
Woow, I’m happy that you liked the show and all you mentioned bout me here made me feel proud, I’m really serious to satisfy my fans at maximum quality.

to Kevin Muscle on 15 September 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic came the shutdown of gyms and with that came the online influx of bodybuilders who love showing off to “Ya Mirin brah” muscle-worshiping groupies (like me). Kevin is one of these new TBF posers.

Trustworthy is the reputation you want to have on TBF, and that he genuinely is. He is easy to talk to and open-minded to suggestions (within reason). Above all, he explodes with that Alpha energy which is so necessary to a “posed to perfection” show.

Rates are reasonable and – an important factor to those of us without deep pockets – he is not a clock watcher. He may be at the growing stage of his young bodybuilding career (still has to nail a “money shot” and learn more role-playing tricks of the trade), but he already has those killer looks and mouth-watering physiques of one of those studly college jocks you see walking around campus.

Highly recommended.

Kevin Muscle replied...
Thank you very much for your feedback really appreciated

to Xander on 6 September 2020

Xander is a young European bodybuilder with a strong gym work ethic: he is determined to create a worthy-of-worship physique (with veins popping up everywhere) second to none.

And like many aspiring powerhouse beasts, he seeks your support and deserves it, challenging you to come up with muscle scenarios that’s not “same old same old.” Give him your custom script and his Alpha nature will run with it to produce a sexy yet totally masculine workout regime.

While he is not fluent in English, he is very responsive and easy to talk to on Skype and is super friendly to all his clients no matter what their age, race, or sexual orientation. Above all, he is not a clock watcher -- unlike unfortunately so many TheBestFlex newbies. And his rates are reasonable and even negotiable.

If you like the dominating but genuinely "real" type like I do, however unpolished yet, this growing hunk is made to order.

Xander replied...
Thank u very much! Ur words is important for me! Thank u!

to Xander on 7 August 2020

Vascularity is a bodybuilding term that describes having many prominent, highly visible veins.

If you're looking for a young bodybuilder who's very vascular and who's focusing on maximizing his muscle hypertrophy, this very easy to talk to athlete is worth checking out.

He does both custom shows and Skype live shows at reasonable rates. While he is not comfortable speaking in English, he can do a solid Alpha show if you let him know ahead what you are looking for.

Highly recommended if muscle worship is your thing.

Xander replied...
Thank u Troy! Alohaa!

to Blondmuscle on 12 July 2020

I've done several Skype shows with this European hunk, and I can honestly say he always gives rock-solid performances above and beyond what is the norm for most TBF Skypers, most of whom are irritating clock watchers.

With very reasonable rates.

Moreover, he is one of the easiest bodybuilders to talk to. He genuinely enjoys having fans. Nice dude.

I can't speak for other reviewers, but I've recommended friends to him, and all have come away satisfied.

Highest recommendation! (My only reservation is that I don't know how he or any other bodybuilder is like when on drugs, and I've met several pumpers who were so f*cked up they couldn't even remember receiving money for a show from me.)

to RichyLift on 11 June 2020


Every now and then I get hit by a scammer and this man is the first scammer I've encountered on TBF in many moons. Said he wanted to be paid now, so I paid him via GPay ( for a brief (5 minute) Skype cam show. Then he said he got the money, then about an hour later wrote "just got home," then never responded after that.

He also has a PayPal ( account.

Not lit at all. But one bad apple doesn't spoil the entire tree, and I continue to have many many more fun experiences on TBF than I have bad ones.

Too bad this dude is getting a bad rep so early in his bodybuilding career. Hope he wises up and realizes scamming fans is not the way to go. Even though coronavirus is affecting almost everyone's pocketbook, scamming is just not the way treat fans no matter how desperate you may need the money.

From this bodybuilding fan: Less scam, less spam, more BAM! BAM! from all AF bodybuilders!

to Xander on 21 March 2020

Xander is an emerging, confident talent, and is worth booking a muscle worship session.

This musclegod is committed to pushing his engaging aesthetics to the next level in order to enter the realm of the complete physique and total beast.

Even though he is in the early stages of his career, his conditioning is sick! So if you are looking for someone who is easy to interact with, accommodates most requests, offers trustworthy service and reasonable pricing, accepts worshipers of all ages, races and sexual orientation, and (most importantly) delivers what he promises, Xander should be on your "must chance" list.

Xander replied...
Thank you for your trust bro! Aloha!

to Ashton on 18 March 2020

Every year TheBestFlex welcomes a new class of bodybuilders, and if you’re a musclegroupie like me, you can’t wait for the PUMP and circumstance to worship the “best of the best” of the Class of 2020 when they take center stage. Especially Ashton.

If you like your MuscleGod to be cocky and arrogant yet very friendly to worshipers of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and purse strings (control over the way money is spent) …

If you like your MuscleGod to be on a journey to becoming a specimen of coconut-size biceps, bigger n badder n beefier tris, striated pecs and solid abs, glutes to hoot at, alpha-size bulges …

If you are looking for jacked performances that show the MuscleGod is in love with his body and loves showing it off …

Then you should check out Ashton. The killer loves making his worshipers drool and drip with sweat as he moves in to dominate and destroy you.

Reasonable rates (and for those of us on student budgets, that matters a lot). Highly recommended.

to Muscle Nik on 24 January 2020

Nik is a new member of the TBF Class of 2020, and TBF made a perfect choice in selecting this Alpha as one of its "best of the best."

Personable, friendly, and very easy to communicate with (despite English not being his native language), Nik is packing the muscles and enjoys showing them off.

While he does not have the attitude/cocky-laden vocabulary that I like in my Dominants, that will come with more experience in front of the cam and in front of "tough" audiences -- and TBF features one of the toughest "muscle" fans in the world!

He is looking for all the support he can get as he starts his career as a aesthetic bodybuilder. Support him now: he needs the encouragement and financial backing to continue his quest. Very reasonable rates with 110% effort.

to Gunnar Stone on 21 January 2020

If you are looking for the muscular Daddy/Alpha type, Gunnar can't be beat. He is looking to break into the adult entertainment industry, and with him being very comfortable in his skin -- which you can't say about a lot of BBs, surprisingly -- I can see him having a career as an adult star.

I asked him to do verbal domination, but he said he is not into derogatory slave chat (calling gays "faggot," "sissy," "homo," etc.) but if a submissive requested that he wanted to be called names and treated like a bitch, he would do it.

In other words, he is very accommodating to reasonable requests. Underneath that Alpha skin is actually a very nice dude at heart -- authoritative without being a douchebag.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy Alpha who accepts clients of diversity (whatever your age, race, sexual orientation, or income), give Gunnar a workout. He loves giving private shows (custom vids or live cam) and can turn on the fetish stuff without breaking into a sweat.

to Armani Flexxx on 16 January 2020

If you have never done an underground show with a Dominant/MuscleGod, here is what you can expect.

Typically, a Dominant is the “badboy” type who refers to his muscle groupie (i.e. you) as his “bitch” or “faggot” or “slave” and treats you as such.
He will have the mindset of an Alpha Male, which is more than likely to be the exact opposite of your mindset. (Yes, there’s some truth to the saying “opposites attract.”)

Throughout the role-playing, the Alpha’s manflesh poses and verbal commands exude confidence and ooze cockiness, while at the same time making you (yes you!) start to feel worthless in this relationship. That’s his goal: the more you ogle, the more the MuscleGod drains/rinses you of your so-called self-worth.

Yet it all feels good, just to be associated with a “badboy” makes you feel good, as the adrenaline rush comes from worshiping him, even as his adrenaline rush comes from kicking sand in your face.

So If you’re starting to get bored with sameold sameold flexing routines and want to spice things up a notch, try a (custom or live) show with Armani.

Born with domination DNA (no role-playing needed), this friendly Alpha enjoys showing off his physique to all ages (18+), races, sexual orientation, and pocketbooks and gets off turning your private obsession into cam-on-cam reality. Chance 'em.

to Armani Flexxx on 15 January 2020

Contrary to what a poster wrote below, ArmaniFlexxx is not homophobic at all. He, like many other str8 AlphaDominants on TBF, enjoys verbally controlling and putting out fire-starting submissive males while (for the most part) submissive males accept being verbally dominated or humiliated by these fire-breathing dragons.

I had a Skype cam show with Armani and found him to play the role of the Italian Stallion to a T: a perfected physique and cocky personality that finds the idea of another guy wanting to worship his body both semi-repulsive and yet fatally attractive at the same time.

He didn't even break into a sweat throughout our Skype cam show, but every minute I felt the powerful vibes of a Dominator coming through.This dude really knows how to work (work it! work it!) his Alpha nature.

Chance him. He's a Jersey Italian dude, and that speaks volumes. You either find these "rough" types oozing with sexiness or you don't. I do.

to Harry on 14 January 2020

If you are like me and enjoy the company of nonjudgmental TBFers who could care less about your sexual orientation, race, age, or income BUT who possess an Alpha persona and a Alpha physique that can send you to the edge and back, you've come to the right person.

Harry is an European who knows how to turn on his Alpha nature verbally (he speaks perfect English) and knows how to intensify your Alpha-worshiping experience. His muscle pops, hairy chest, and 8-pack abs are ripe for the picking.

Try him. This friendly Alpha Dominant is easy to talk to so don't be shy about making a fetish request. While his rates are not inexpensive, he is more than willing to negotiate. Plus (in my few Skype encounters with him so far) he is not a clockwatcher.

Very easy to recommend.

Harry replied...
Thank you for your great inspirational review :D

to Lex Rio on 14 January 2020

Muscle worship domination is a very difficult fetish that every BB (bodybuilder) thinks he can do with ease.

Sculpting one’s body to near perfection is part of that domination. But just bulking/size and chiseling/symmetry doesn’t necessarily lead to domination.

The BB also needs to possess not just the seductive physique but the effortless, commanding personality of a Master to turn the muscle worshipper into yet another compulsive addicted hooked submissive boy.

Lex Rio has all the makings of an AlphaMaster with staying power on The Best Flex. He is always on top of his game (though injury has forced him to sit out for some time). If you are looking to be dominated by muscles, ask for pEaKs and he will deliver, ask for biCPEs and he will pop, ask for “more” and you are on your way to being controlled and owned.

Rates are reasonable and he is super easy to communicate with. Friendly as they come. Strongly recommended.

to Diesel Derrick on 8 November 2019

Diesel (as in Vin Diesel) is new to TBF and to Natural Aesthetics, but already this young alpha has developed strong arms and intends to develop a lot more as he begins his journey into the world of serious bodybuilding.

He welcomes worshipers of all ages, races, sexual orientation, and wallet sizes (very reasonable rates). As he is at the beginning stage of his bodybuilding, all the support and encouragement he gets now will go a long way in helping him keep his eyes on the prize -- which is a physique that will be not just a work of art but a masterpiece.

So if you are looking for a cocky but unoffensive dude who is very easy to talk to and work with, check this fast and furious stud out.

Diesel Derrick replied...
Thanks for the review???? watch as I I grow

to Young Markus on 4 November 2019

Marcus is a member of the new generation of Natural Aesthetics bodybuilding.

He is proud of the hard work he has put into his muscular development (especially his quads), but needs more support in his development.

If you like your bodybuilders to be cocky but still easy to talk to, Marcus fits the bill. This young Alpha can play the role of the Alpha if that is what you seek. And speak the role in perfect English.

And unlike some on this site, he is not here to scam people. He is here to be worshiped, which he gets much pleasure from.

Young Markus replied...
Appreciate it, had a fun time and looking forward to more.

to Wayne on 20 October 2019

Wayne is another member of the New Generation of serious gymrats ... and aesthetically he is at the top of the list of promising BBs.

He is very friendly to talk to and unlike some other TBFers I've met he didn't call me a "timewaster" just because I wanted more than the routine flexing (even though I enjoy muscle worship just as much as the next person here).

So I asked for a live Skype cam show and the European delivered the role-play with a spot-on cock-hard performance. More importantly, he played the role as if he was born for it, as I think domination is in his DNA.

Definitely honest and a 5***** TBF new member who (if he keeps serious about his muscle development) will be welcoming a lot of new online worshipers.

to Juicy Joe on 18 October 2019

Joe belongs to the New Generation of natural aesthetic bodybuilders. He's very easy to talk to, enjoys BB worshipers of all ages, races, and sexual orientation, and genuinely welcomes any advice you may have about kicking his Skype performances and custom videos to the next level.

Above all, he is trustworthy and will attempt to give you your show without being a clockwatcher -- and there are far too many TBFers who have their eyes on not going a second over the minutes you paid for.

Over time, if he sticks to his plans for muscle development, he will get stronger and stronger at fulfilling role-playing fantasies, but as he is still new to all of this, try to respect his "comfort zone" and give him all the encouragement he deserves at the start of his BB career.

to Tyson Carter on 14 September 2019

Tyson is one of TBF’s new breed of str8 bodybuilders: very easy to talk to because he has no issues with your sexual orientation or your age. He just loves being worshiped and expects you to service him to that end.

With a solid physique and a great attitude, this dude has every right to be cocky AF. And he has every right to play the role of the in-your-face Alpha as he roughs you up and turns you into what you consciously or subconsciously are – submissive and subservient.

Guarantee 5***** performance.

Tyson Carter replied...
Always a blast doing the dominant roles! I appreciate ya homie, I’m happy to act out whatever fantasy my guys have whether it’s dominant, submissive, or some wild role like a teacher or boss, or student, honestly just fun as fuck being able to act out a scene and making it perfect with my own stud flare

to The Titan on 10 September 2019

TBF is known for its quantity of str8 MuscleMasters. But every now and then you come across a quality flex machine who has that something "extra."

Rippedreaper997 is one of TBF's quality finds -- he goes the extra mile to provide verbal domination/humiliation as good as you can get on the net.

With reasonable rates, quick responses, and smooth transactions, this rough-looking ("rough" as in rough trade) Alpha prides himself on making his cam shows something you won't quickly forget.

He deserves his 5*****star ratings, but in return those who submit to this role playing can expect (like it or not) a middle finger from him. It is what it is.

to Blondmuscle on 17 August 2019

Among TBF's stellar class of 2019, Blondmuscle stands out as one of "the best of the best."

I personally seek out MAD (Master/Alpha/Dominant) types, and while most Europeans have a difficult time performing verbal domination since English is not their native language, this European's English is better than even some of TBF's native-English speakers.

Domination is in his blood. Born with it and stuck with it, the blond-haired-yet-black-tempered Blondmuscle is capable of dominating every which way and any way he can.

Yet this Alpha is one of the friendliest bodybuilders I have met here and is super easy to communicate with.

Open-minded, non-judgmental, and accommodating to reasonable requests, Blondmuscle accepts clients/worshippers of all ages, races, cultures, and budgets.

Above all, he is honest to his word, and for those of us who have been scammed by TBF con artists, trustworthy is probably the most important quality we look for.

Note: His current living situation prevents him from raising his voice much, so seekers of verbal domination would be better off asking for a custom vid than live Skype performances.

He has all the makings of a becoming a first-class fitness model, and as he focuses on being a gymrat with serious size goals, he genuinely seems to appreciate any support he receives. Highly recommended.

to FlexMasterJoe on 3 August 2019

This Alpha is one of the new breed of TBF young lions. What sets him apart from other young guns in his age group is his roar. Some bodybuilders have vocalizations that sound more like a cat’s purr. His is a long and loud roaring calling out to everyone, “Come at me!”

This aesthetic TBF-er is jacked, very easy to talk to, and easy to deal with as he's open-minded and open to all types of clients – old or young, white or dark, big or small, owner of luxurious Italian-leather wallets or possessor of a beat up velcro-strap surf wallets (like mine).

If he sticks with it, he will be with TBF for months (if not years) to come whilst only getting better with more video and cam exposures under his belt and with more muscle development to satisfy even the most seasoned muscle-worshipping fan.

Highly recommended.

to Steven C on 24 July 2019

Internet connection speeds in many net-backward countries are stuck in the 20th century, so TBF flexers in those nations have to live with long frustrating connection waits just for laptop reboots.

Thus if you are Skypeing with Steven C, who lives in one such country, expect long waits on your end as he has to wait for his puter or mobi to get up to speed.

But in Steven C's case the wait was worth it. He's a solid 5***** verbal flexor who really enjoys his role as the worshipped: as one of the gods looking down at you from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Consider yourself lucky to be his presence ... in the presence of someone who enjoys sweating and sweating as he puts out 110% effort in delivering a performance he was born for!

to The Titan on 19 July 2019

Ripped, shredded, swole, sent .... this cocky Alpha is solid AF and solid at what he does, which is commanding your attention as he moves in for the kill.

Above all, he comes across as trustworthy and will deliver what you ask for (if it's a reasonable request).

5 ***** except for our bad Skype connection (which made his verbal draining sound at times like a huge sucking sound instead English being spoken) and except for his headless appearance (like the Grim Reaper). But do not let these exceptions stop you from striking up a conversation with this Alpha.

to True Alpha on 19 July 2019

Whenever I check out the latest offerings from BelAmi, it just amazes me that this studio's chain supply of 5***** young European porn actors never ends. And whenever I go to see the newest additions on TheBestFlex, it just amazes me that TBF's list of 5 ***** hot flexers seems inexhaustible.

So True Alpha, a dominant Alpha/Master, extends the 5 ***** list of the best, which most of us have come to expect from TBF.

While English is not his native language (he's Russian), True Alpha is very easy to talk to. And while it will take more experience for him to perfect the role of the English-speaking verbal Dominant, he is very confident and talented at what he does with his muscles to draw you into his Dominant's world.

What I especially like about him is his unhurried attitude. While there are too many TBF Alphas on Skype who are irritating clock watchers, True Alpha will give you more minutes than you paid for as long as he senses your devotion to worshipping his male physique is genuine.

Open-minded and non-judgmental, reasonable pricing, and honest to his word, True Alpha should have a long run on TBF.

to Redneckmuscle on 2 June 2019

If you like your Alphas/Dominants scruffy and rough around the edges, especially one who gets off having his inked body being worshipped, this TBF newbie is made for you.

Redneck is very easy to talk to but don’t let that country-boy chill attitude fool you: he expects city-slickers like you and me to show him total respect.

He’s open to reasonable requests, so feel free to let him know what’s on your mind but be mindful that he’s not yet as experienced in fulfilling sexual-fetish requests as older TBFers are.

Accepts new customers of most ages, races, sexual orientation, and wallet sizes. Think he's definitely a keeper.

to Bryan Long on 6 May 2019

If you like your BBs verbal but very easy to talk to .... if you like your commanding Dominants cocky/confident/arrogant yet accommodating to your fetish requests ... if you enjoy the company of a str8 male who genuinely enjoys showing off his body to a respectful worshipper (the longer your show the harder and more intense his flexing gets until the muscle pumping and vein popping explodes in your face) ....

Bryan is made to order with very reasonable rates. Above all, he is trustworthy and will deliver the goods.

to WhiteKing on 29 April 2019

This bro in his early 20s is just starting out his TBF presence, so if you like them fresh and raw -- instead of polished and sameold sameold -- check him out. He's very friendly and easy to talk to, and though English is not his native tongue, he is as enthusiastic in learning new English terms as he is in popping his vascular muscles for you.

Domination is in his str8 blood, and he is at his beastly best when you let him know your fantasies ahead of time so the fetish action you are seeking unfolds in a way that will make you want to return for more.

(He accepts clients regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or income.)

to Bryan Long on 6 April 2019

He's a newbie to TBF but shows a lot of experience in his muscle poses and worshipping skills to deliver that "boner" experience.

If you are Skypeing, let him know what you are looking for -- muscle domination? fin domination? verbal domination? submissive/slave domination? -- and he will put on a solid performance tailored towards your needs or fetishes (within reason).

Genuinely a quality interactive dude who ensures that each and every customer -- no matter what your age, race, sexual orientation -- receives the treatment you ordered and expect. Definitely a keeper. Enjoy!

to Markus on 31 October 2018

An Alpha stud with that to-die-for bod and classic killer looks, Marcus enjoys being worshipped by all and will more than likely satisfy your domination/humiliation submissive fantasies.

He is honest, charges reasonable rates, delivers vids promptly, and likes clients of any size, age, culture, and sexual orientation. Above all, he is friendly and easy to deal with. And as he entered his first BB contest in the autumn of 2018, respectful feedback regarding his poses, stage presence, etc. are more than welcome at this early stage of his career.

Notes: He is an Eastern European but his English is excellent. He does not show his face in all his vids or cam shows, so if that's a requirement for you, let him know ahead of time. Have fun .... you will.

to Riley Jackson on 29 October 2018

Wish I could give him 6****** cuz he is hot AF (as fuck).

Riley Jackson replied...
lol agreed, they need to add another star

to Jake Daniel on 29 October 2018

As this competitive BB seems to spend most of his active life at the gym, it's not easy catching him at home & online & cam ready unless u make specific arrangements. But I got lucky.

There are some on TBF (The Best Flex) who are very good at role playing the part of the Dom/Master/Alpha. But with this natural blond, DOMINATION comes very easy & totally natural. It is not acting at all. He's a legit Dom from head to toe & will dominate u in your head & elsewhere (including your toe). Yet he's friendly and easy to talk to.

Totally swole & vascular (conditioning is sick) with those "bad boy" looks, this str8 dude will deliver what u r looking for cuz frankly he gets off dominating dudes -- whatever your age, race, or sexual orientation.

Jake Daniel replied...
thankyou man. and to anyone reading. I am available everdya we just couldn't catch each other cause of time zone different. granted yes im 2 weeks out and very tired and fatigue but ill make sure to get your custom video or live show done asap. just bare in mind im close to show. thanks again man loved the show we got done together

to Golden Boy on 29 October 2018

If u like your BB to be verbally and physically DOMINANT and COCKY ...

If u love worshipping a mega-ALPHA who loves showing off his physique to you whatever your age or race or sexual orientation may be ...

If u want a BB u can TRUST to deliver what u asked for or what u need to boost your testosterone levels sky high ...

Then Golden Boy is made for u. Believe me, he will become your go-to BB.

Golden Boy replied...
Thanks man, appreciate ya

to RomanMuscleGod on 4 July 2018

While I haven't done private cam shows with Roman in several weeks, I can vouch for his integrity and character. If you paid for a custom video or private cam show, Roman will deliver .... even delivering more minutes than you paid for!

He is one of the best under-20 bodybuilders on this site, and never fails to put forth his best effort to his growing fan base. When he gets into Beast Mode, trust me, he is awesome -- 100% sweat, muscles, and veins! Consider yourself lucky to serve this MuscleGod!

RomanMuscleGod replied...
Thank you bro :)

to Armi Hammer on 3 July 2018

Armi iz Russian, n it iz very rare 2 find Russians on this site, so I consider myself lucky 2 have met him. He's very very friendly and really enjoys flexing. Incredible biceps. Moreover, he enjoys chatting with fans from all over the world -- even skinny boys. Lol. Hit him up. He won't rip u off. Hez going 2 b a force 2 reckon with on TBF. Join Armiz Army! I did! Fire when ready! His rates are reasonable and worth it, especially considering he turns up the Beast Mode and puts out 100% sweat and energy! Chance 'em!

Armi Hammer replied...
thank you

to theyoke1337 on 30 June 2018

Of all the Doms I have met on TBF, theyoke1337 iz the ultimate Dom. There r some bodybuilders who can roleplay the "dom" if u ask them. This dude is a natural Dom, in much the same way he is a natural bodybuilder.

Ask him for a custom video or a live cam show and he delivers exactly what u r looking 4.

If CashMasters or FinDoms r what u r looking 4, he knows the drill. If just muscle worshipping is your thing, this bodybuilder knows how 2 give u a hardon.

Definitely a keeper.

to theSituation on 30 June 2018

My Skype mssg 2 theSituation on June 15, 2018: "You've sent €25.00 EUR to" ...... Since i sent it via my bank, it might take a day or 2 but u will get it.

But after 10 days theSituation never got back to me, so I deleted him from my Skype contact list. Maybe I should have waited longer, but I don't have the time.

Time 2 move on. Lost 25 euro but WTF, lost way way more in Las Vegas. Lol. Don't want 2 waste my time on dudes like him when there r so many hot dudes on TBF.

My own experience on TBF is that 95%+ of the dudes I've met here will give u what u paid 4. 1 bad apple does not spoil my deserts here.

to Andrewfitness on 26 June 2018

Andrew iz a busy dude so it was a while before we were both on skype at the same time. Asked him if he would do a "intro" flexing vid, sent him our agreed upon payment, and he instantly skyped me. Hez very solid, totally in love with his body, n serious about entering his 1st BB contest. Check him out n watch his progress.

to Flex Master on 31 March 2018

If you are looking for an arrogant young DAM (Dom/Alpha/Master) who enjoys verbally dominating you and humiliating you and ridiculing you as he turns you into the faggot that you really are, check out this dude.

But be careful, as he may become an addiction. I’ve had several live webcam sessions with him on Skype (flex.master55) and each gets rougher and rougher and rougher … and the obsession to SSS him gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

No matter how hard you resist the triple S ($ubmitting, $urrendering, $erving), if you crave worshipping the body of a growing bodybuilder, then it is only natural that over time you too will $ubmit to, $urrender to, n $erve the Alpha Male.

True, there are many Alpha Males on TheBestFlex, but not many can put you in your rightful place – used and abused ruthlessly like a slut … a pig that you are pretending not to be, resisting not to become.

I can recommend chatting with this Alpha Male. He’s all-races friendly, all-nations friendly, all-ages friendly, and 100% cash friendly. And his cam shows are all real and gives you your money’s worth.

But be careful: flex master can be addictive, as only totally Alpha Males can be.

to Seb Muscle on 4 February 2018

Warning: Seb is like a bag of chips. Dip in once and you just can’t stop coming back for more.

Hard to believe Seb’s only 18yo, cuz hez competing gainst aesthetic bodybuilderz at least 4 yearz older than him. But with his puppy eyes and off-the-chart chiseled physique, you can tell he will soon break in2 the top rankz of natural bodybuilding.

Speaking of topz, Seb – even though hez a super chill, super friendly dude -- enjoyz dominating guyz. The thought of him dominating you should drive you wild.

If a private worship is what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask for one. I’ve had several live cam shows. He delivers whatever it is you’re asking and paying for.

to Riley Jackson on 19 December 2017

I ordered a couple of private cam shows from Riley, and I can vouch that he gives 100% to make sure his personalized shows grip you. UNFORGETTABLE!

No matter how shy you may be, just clue him in and he’ll quickly get what fetish you want …. and then DELIVERS that role play you’ve been dreaming of and tailored-to-you show you’ve been wanting.

If you favor hard work and ripped aesthetics over roided dudes, you’ve found the right bodybuilder. SOLID as solid can be. The camera doesn’t lie, and the camera loves him!

(Unlike other reviewers who make exaggerated claims, I can’t say that so and so bodybuilder on this site is the “best,” cuz that would mean I have seen every performance here to come to that conclusion -- and I doubt if anyone has.

I can say that Riley is one of the best on TheBestFlex, always true to his word, truly enjoys getting into BEAST MODE, and worth every second you spend with him.)

Like we say where I live, "chance 'em, brah!"

Riley Jackson replied...
Hey man, thank you for the review! I'd rather you be honest than exaggerate, so as far as reviews go, this is a great one! Go Seahawks, except when they play the Eagles

to Niko on 23 November 2017

Niko says he iz "all natural" but looks a little roided 2 me. Lol. Hez very good @ what he does, which is flexing. He luvz being worshipped from head 2 toe, n if u r lucky 2 catch him online, he will deliver a solid show -- including any special request u may have. Worth it!

Niko replied...
Yes, I am natural athlete ???? Dominating and flexing my cup of tea ????

to Flex Master on 23 November 2017

If u like cocky dudes, this is the man! He loves what he does, which is basically domination via his muscle flexing and verbal abuse. If u pay 4 a show, he will deliver the performance u asked 4, cuz DOMINATION comes naturally 2 him.

to Riley Jackson on 4 October 2017

While I like my hunkz roided (n stoned and boned, like me), Riley is aesthetically inclined .... SOLID. I purchased a couple of custom vidz from him, n he delivered my pvt request 2 a T. He gave a hardcore performance, which gave me a hard on. What more can u ask 4 from a cocky studmuffin. BTW: Main thing bout Riley iz he is honest, unlike so many cam Masters who tell u pay up 1st, n then never contact u again, or if they do contact u, itz only 2 ask u 2 pay more.

Riley Jackson replied...
lol thank you man!! I always enjoy talking to you, you're a good dewd! And yeah I'll always be honest and fair with people, fuck all these fake cam guys and scammers

to Flex Master on 4 October 2017

Flex Master enjoyz dominating boiz (n men). More in2 aestheticz than roidz, he iz solid n he domz u verbally like few other Masters can. Main thing iz he's honest, unlike so many online cashmasters who never deliver once they receive your money via PayPal or other payment system.

Armi Hammer

Sweat makez me sweat! (And thatz a good thing.)

31 July 2018

Tom H

This is 1 of my fav fotos on TheBestFlex. Very cocky looking, yet sexually very hard looking. Photographer should get kudos 4 taking the perfect shot of Tom H.

7 February 2018


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