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to JuicyJ on 23 September 2019

Simply the best bodybuilder you can find. Rock solid muscles, perfect muscle control, so deep cuts... you can't ask for more.

JuicyJ replied...
thank you so much, sending some love you're way

to Aanor muscle on 11 September 2019

he is really rude, Added him, said "hello, how are you" and he immediately replied "pay here for talking"

Aanor muscle replied...
Stop making accounts dude lol, you are so salty, yes pay me for my time

to Georgi Flexx on 19 July 2017

Amazing guy and amazing body! Perfect rounded muscles. He is very nice and friendly too. Fair prices and not attached to the clock.

to JR Jamiez on 11 July 2017

freaking crazy prices, he asked 100 for 5 minutes.....pure madness

JR Jamiez replied...
I said 100 bucks for 5 min live video on Skype plus a 35 sec nude video I would sent you so get your facts straight before u comment some negative shit on my profile bye bye...


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