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to Niko on 26 November 2018

It’s been a while since last time I ordered video from him, but the quality of the show keep getting better and better! He followed my request perfectly and his muscles are just spectacular. I enjoy to deal with him and if anyone out there hasn’t had show with him, don’t be shy, he wouldn’t let you down!

Niko replied...
Thank you, dear!!

to Niko on 10 August 2018

I'm just speechless for his video, he did exactly what I want, it's just so good, if anybody out there who has not had show or order a video with him, just go and get it, you won't regret!

to Niko on 24 July 2018

Niko is the best, this is the third video I got from him, he is getting better and better, his shape is crazy, shredded and ripped, I believe he is in his best shape, so don't hesitated to order a video or have a show with him now, you wouldn't disappointed!!!!!

to Niko on 15 July 2018

Get another video right after the first one, so good, he finish all my requests and his shape is just amazing. Thank you so much!

to Niko on 13 July 2018

Niko is just simply amazing, great shape, every muscle is amazing. and he is really easy to deal with, really good person.
I highly recommend him!!! you won't regret.

to KevinMuscle12 on 17 May 2018

Great show, absolutely amazing, great body great muscle. It was an amazing experience with him, looking forward to another one.

KevinMuscle12 replied...



Natural bodybuilder and sportsman/

22 y/o

180cm (5'11")

83kg (183 lbs)