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to Joe Muscle on 17 May 2020

I had an issue to address about my video but refuses to respond.

Joe Muscle replied...
I don’t think that’s true. Maybe I didn’t see your message. DM me again so I can return ur money if u are right.

to HULK89 on 16 May 2020

I somehow managed to get scammed by the fake account. I got gypped 30 euros, I should have known something was off as soon as the scammer added ME. Keep in mind I don't think any guy from Thebestflex would add you first to do business. The scammer has a "." at the end of the Skype ID.

to Aestheticboy on 27 January 2020

I just received my refund from PayPal. I'll give two stars just because he didn't attempt to lie his way out of winning the case. Seriously he posts pictures way too often and if you compare that to his reviews, you know SOMETHING isn't quite right.

Aestheticboy replied...
Bro what are u even talking about? Don't waist my time with your stuff and stop sending me message asking for my underwears

to Benw1976 on 25 January 2020

Actually I'm neither lol. You agreed to what I asked of you, but I was just blocked sir without warning

to Benw1976 on 11 January 2020

He seemed nice but we didn't get far in our conversation before I was blocked...not sure what happened

Benw1976 replied...
Either your the guy who wanted me to do stuff way outside of my comfort zone or your the guy who kept harassing me for not doing payment through bank account.

to Mark Summers on 16 November 2019

Wrong video sent. Despite how intelligent he is I'm shocked by he failed to follow the instructions. Now he ignores me since I told him what happened.


That shirt really shows off your pecs. It's really sexy

7 March 2019

Tony D

Epic chest!

20 February 2019