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Reviews and Comments

to David Hunky on 18 May 2019

Platon Bogatreyev...nice try

to Skylar Fancy on 6 May 2019

I don't understand. Why would he offer to do my video and then just ignore calls and texts post payment. What happened with him? First he was legit with me and now I pay him an e gift card, he receives it, and then gives me nothing. If he can get me my video I will be more than happy to replace this review.

to Alberto Flex on 1 May 2019

Well done and he remade my video free of charge after finding errors

to Bryan Long on 27 April 2019

I finally had the opportunity to get a video with this muscle stud! Long story short his effort is top notch and so are some of his muscles!

to ALPHA24 on 26 April 2019

Actually from a couple of months ago, but this guy was did well with a custom he made for me

to Jo berg on 20 April 2019

Better than before, still not bad at all and quite attentive

Jo berg replied...

to Jo berg on 20 April 2019

Better than before, still not bad at all and quite attentive

Jo berg replied...
I try, thank you

to Skylar Fancy on 19 April 2019

Wasn't he on this site before???... Well anyway this Canadian muscle man is legit and worked very well with me. I have not had a single issue at all with him at. He's definitely much bigger and better on camera

to musclebeach on 16 April 2019

Excellent video from him. Good size in the right places.

to Mean Muscle on 14 April 2019

I wonder why this uber sexy and manly British stud doesn't already have great reviews? Hmmmm. Well anyway I think he's the best from the UK!

to Jo berg on 10 April 2019

We worked out a great show and at a great price too :)

Jo berg replied...

to Mark Summers on 3 April 2019

Easily the most professional I've dealt with! Such intelligence and physique...

to German4ek on 1 April 2019

This guy is a quiet one, but his body is phenomenal. His prices are so reasonable and his body had me turned on in seconds. He looks even better on camera than the pictures here. Weekends may be his main availability but he deserves more 5 star reviews!

to German4ek on 31 March 2019

This guy is a quiet one, but his body is phenomenal. His prices are so reasonable and his body had me turned on in seconds. He looks even better on camera than the pictures here. Weekends may be his main availability but he deserves more 5 star reviews!

to themind on 28 March 2019

Oh wow so he goes from being all innocent asking ME for a show first to just being a liar and thief after you pay him. How pathetic... Everyone, he is done with this stuff. This is coming from someone who did receive his video the first time to just scamming the second go round.

to MarkFlexberg on 28 March 2019

He knows how to move sexy on camera also he's super enthusiastic which is a plus!

to Tyson Carter on 28 March 2019

Bigger and better! That's Tyson for ya!

to Apolllo on 28 March 2019

Admittedly this man is a busy man, but that doesn't mean his videos aren't good. I appreciate how he was able to work with my details.

to HardRocker on 23 March 2019

He did great with my show today. He has gotten somewhat bigger

HardRocker replied...
Thank you for positive words

to Denis Ewerest on 9 March 2019

While his English wasn't best, we managed to work out an amazing custom video. I'm actually surprised by how open he was to the request I had in mind

to Platon Bogatyrev on 9 March 2019

He was kind to me. Despite a misunderstanding that was my fault. Showed excellent customer service

Platon Bogatyrev replied...
Thank you techno12 for your feedback. Will be ready to work for you, sorry for some technical issues

to Muscle hunk 3 on 5 March 2019

I was surprised that my expectations were exceeded, I'm very pleased with how my video turned out. At one point I wasn't sure if it was roleplay or genuine. ;)

to Dalton on 28 February 2019

He's so impressive! It's like he REALLY knows how to get you off

to ApollonFox on 27 February 2019

He's has shown interest in what your fantasy is like, but he will certainly do his best to match. He was very considerate and didn't judge me or act rude to me. Likeable

to Dominantmuscle on 25 February 2019

My patience is pretty much gone a few months later. He's on Skype, ignoring me and who knows else after everyone paying for their shows and videos. If he was ACTUALLY sorry for not being active then he would do the right thing for me and everyone else who was denied.

to HardRocker on 24 February 2019

My, what a well conducted guy. Reasonable prices, rocking body, good communication, and super quick delivery. My time with guy was great!

HardRocker replied...
Glad to liked it

to Dalton on 19 February 2019

Dalton is an extremely great guy to work with and performed my role play script with such great expertise. He also looked bigger than in the pictures, so they don't do him the most justice. Already I think he's one of the best!

to Bicep Bryce on 8 February 2019

He's alright. A bit limited but he did a good video for me

to Jack on 7 February 2019

I've been waiting on a remake from this kind gentleman. But he hasn't gotten back to me in a long time. I'll be happy to change this review when he gets me my remake.

Jack replied...
Send me message on Skype please

to Logan Lowe on 2 February 2019

I'm impressed with how my video turned out. Domination may be his forte but I like how open and considerate he was with my idea.

to Chris castillo on 29 January 2019

Great body, but I'm not coming to him for another show. He's wasn't really suited to handle my script and I should have read the signs. I thought he was also a little too quick on trying to get my payment. If you want to get a show go ahead just remember he's a bit selective on what he does.

to Willy on 20 January 2019

THE PICTURES DO THIS STUD ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTICE! He pulled off one the sexiest and most awesome custom shows for me yet! I'm interested in another with this man soon

Willy replied...
Thank you so much!! Please come back soon ????

to Master AP on 20 January 2019

He's a pretty awesome guy! Be sure to get sure your custom video before the end of the month. It's been a pleasure doing business with this intelligent stud!

to CockyBoy on 5 January 2019

He is forever impressing me with the amount of creativity he works into the shows. Love this guy!

to Tyson Carter on 5 January 2019

It's as if he keeps getting bigger, such a great body at such a young age. Liking the customs he has been doing for me

to EvanHoti on 19 December 2018

Nice video, I like how he acts genuine in them. Very convincing.

EvanHoti replied...
thank you

to themind on 10 December 2018

I'm sorry for misjudging you. He's actually a really good guy. It's just that for him to get me my video, we had to use an app that makes it easier to share large files such as Mega. Lo and behold, everything worked out!

themind replied...
Thank you for the positive review! Now I am confident in sending the videos/ shows!

to Clark Kent on 7 December 2018

The One and Only Clark Kent! He has a super sexy show for me. He's even got Superman underwear (If you are into that kind of thing). He'll have you turned on in seconds if you give him the right details. Can't recommend him enough.

to craving4power on 26 November 2018

I enjoyed working with this stud! He's very friendly and considerate!

craving4power replied...
Thanks man

to King Traps67 on 29 October 2018

I don't understand. He's not talking to me ever since I paid him for my video. It's over a week since I was supposed to have it. I've called and messaged through Skype many times but no answer.

to James Branson on 29 October 2018

What a charmer! I should have left this review a while back, but this man is such an excellent performer!

to The Quad Father on 24 October 2018

Apparently he settles for mediocre when it came to my video. Ignoring every attempt at communication with me regarding a remake. I'll give three stars only because of how he conducted himself with me before.

The Quad Father replied...
I've become very busy, I have so many messages a day that I get and I have a lot of personal things going on so I apologize for not remaking your video.

to Sixpackswagg on 24 October 2018

Forever a stud! His bulking is making his body look even better right now

to joeyvd on 19 October 2018

Such perfection! So sincere and such a great guy to work with!

to Jake Daniel on 19 October 2018

A roleplay expert! The shape of his body is phenomenal, just like he is. I find him quite easy to work with!

to GinD on 7 October 2018

What a bod, especially in those orange trunks! ;) He is overflowing with sexiness. A guy whose roleplay skills along with his upper body made for the best show I've had in a while!

to Sixpackswagg on 3 October 2018

I got another awesome video from this guy! Keeps getting bigger and better!

to Armando on 3 October 2018

It's true Armando is truly the sexiest alpha here on TheBestFlex! He conducts himself extremely well in business matters. Come pay this guy a visit!

Armando replied...
??????? , ?????? ??? ?????? ;)

to Dominantmuscle on 2 October 2018

Supposedly he is making a new Skype. But he basically lied and stole exactly 40 pounds me, a lot in US Dollars. He's not responding on Skype or email. If he gets me my video, I will replace this review.

Dominantmuscle replied...
Please add my new skype, as previously stated before my other one got hacked. My new one is live:27ecbce47479e720

to King Traps67 on 2 October 2018

I must admit this dude's got some of best pecs I've seen in a while!

to michaelmuscle on 13 September 2018

Business was conducted poorly, he even blackmailed me. Red flags written all over this guy

to muscleking5972 on 12 September 2018

Look's like I'll be the first to leave a review. I very much enjoyed the content this guy produced. My body is still shaking from the video he did for me. I'm very impressed with his body! Come give this guy a shot!!! I hope you enjoy him as much as I did.

muscleking5972 replied...
Nice to hear it, thanks.)

to ARNOLD STEFAN on 9 September 2018

So rude! He did not have to use vulgar language towards me!

to AngelinoBoy on 27 August 2018

An excellent video! I like how into it this is with his videos.

to Zeusmusclegod on 23 August 2018

He's A big guy, a big strong sexy guy with an epic body! Thebestflex is a site for only the best muscle men. Zeusmusclegod was so open and considerate with my request and blew me away with his infinite sexiness. A newcomer to this site and he has already topped ALL of the guys that I have ordered videos from in the past, in terms of style and sexiness! You could say that he is my new favorite. I look forward to another custom video with him soon!

Zeusmusclegod replied...
Thank you so much man!!! Glad you liked the video

to Edmond on 19 August 2018

I appreciate how patient this guy was. He also communicated well with me and got me my videos in less than 12 hours!

to CockyBoy on 16 August 2018

I give 100 stars to this man right here!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you bro!

to EvanHoti on 16 August 2018

A very full muscled guy whose shows I definitely enjoyed!

EvanHoti replied...
thank you)

to DannyRockmore on 16 August 2018

Absolutely impressive!

to ClassicPhysique on 10 August 2018

This man's chest was perfect and so was the video I ordered from him!

to Rauls Muscle Daddy on 1 August 2018

Man this guy sure is good! He's Incredibly easy to communicate with and has reasonable prices! He is underrated and should definitely have more reviews! The pictures don't do him justice! Come hit this guy up!

Rauls Muscle Daddy replied...
Wow!! Thank you so much! I love to please everyone I come in to contact with. I love it!!

to Sixpackswagg on 25 July 2018

I wish I could give this man six stars or even more! I thought he was incredibly easy to talk to in regards to ordering a custom video. His body is an example of epicness! He is my number one guy on TheBestFlex! I will look forward to ordering another video with him soon! See for yourself how amazing his body is!!!


That shirt really shows off your pecs. It's really sexy

7 March 2019

Tony D

Epic chest!

20 February 2019


Clark Kent

The real Clark Kent , God of bodybuilding , hot body

26 y/o

185cm (6'1")

95kg (209 lbs)


A handsome young smooth muscle stud

26 y/o

174cm (5'8")

84kg (185 lbs)