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to benmuscle23 on 3 November 2019

This guy is the best! An incredible physique, muscles that will make you go crazy and he's incredibly accommodating. Easiest guy to work with ever. great show, worth every penny

to Calin God on 25 January 2019

He was awesome. Cool attitude but knows how to be dom performer. highly recommend

to Niko on 15 November 2018

another show and Niko gets better every single time. he is so so hot. money on him is money best spent :)

to Narcissus on 19 February 2018

great show! worth the money

to Blayne on 18 January 2018

Had a great show with Blayne! He's really hot and knows how to please his audience. He's definitely worth every penny. Don't miss a chance for a show with him.

to Don Donato on 5 December 2017

this guy is the best! NOT a clock watcher, genuinely wants both you and him to have a great show. and look at those muscles!! he's awesome and you'd be stupid not to get a show with him.

to Tommy Flex on 30 November 2017

This muscle god is great to work with, knows how to rock his stuff, and ALWAYS delivers. done way too many shows, and never regret doing another one

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!!

to Ricon on 9 November 2017

terrible. i paid for a show, he didn't cum because he had taken too many steroids so he couldn't even get hard. he says "sorry will do another show tomorrow" but he never replies to me again.
Don't bother with him

Ricon replied...
what the fuck? i am a natural athete completly bullshit..... oh man, scam comment

to Damoninferno on 26 October 2017

very hot body, loves to please, and is very responsive and accomodating

Damoninferno replied...

to Tommy Flex on 23 October 2017

another day, another amazing show with the incredibly hot tommy flex! such great shows

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you very much!!

to Niko on 23 October 2017

he's great! amazing hot body and loves to please people. he's a must see!!

to Tommy Flex on 21 October 2017

stop what you're doing and get a show or video with him! his muscles are amazing and has a huge dick. very hot, great and easy to communicate with, and worth every dollar! hands down one of the best on here

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to RAMONDAVOS on 2 October 2017

i've done a lot of shows and he is by far one of -- if not the -- best there. his body is amazing and his attitude is great. he can play any role you want him to, but his alpha mode is great. love doing a show with ramon. if i could give more than 5 stars i would


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