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to Ashton on 18 April 2020

Incredible hot alpha and a very nice guy. bought a custom video and I love it. It's true: he was gone for a while and did not respond for a few weeks. He had a difficult time but he's back again now.

to FlexMasterJoe on 25 December 2019

he's young and yet an absolute pro. bought several custom vids and was never disappointed. cocky and hot af.

to Damoninferno on 23 November 2018

nice guy and not a scammer at all! he does amazing videos!

Damoninferno replied...
Thx my loyal fan. I'm back and I'm the real one. The number one alpha Lord Damon

to CockyBoy on 24 October 2018


nice and polite guy, sent him a lot of details for my video and he did a great job! love his pecs and abs too...

CockyBoy replied...
Tnks alot,kiss and i hope we can chat more and have great time together

to Mr Latz on 5 April 2018

nice guy, did a good job

to Young Muscle Stud on 5 April 2018

He's sexy and he knows it... real alpha male with a dominant attitude and a hot voice too!

to alexander91 on 26 March 2018

very nice guy, did a perfect job!

to EnhancedAdonis on 1 March 2018

he's the right man if you're into massive muscles and veins
nice guy btw

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot bro!

to Blackmusclemaster on 9 December 2017

Other guys just ACT like an alpha male but he really IS an alpha male. if you search for a REAL black msucle master - you have found him. he does a perfect job!

to Caleb on 9 December 2017

a very nice and good-looking guy, will ask him for my 5th custom vid soon, he always does a great Job!

to Damoninferno on 6 October 2017

He's very friendly, sexy and worth every penny!

Damoninferno replied...

to theSituation on 15 April 2017

There are only good things to be said about him. always amazing to watch his custom vids. he's one of the hottest guys out there and very friendly. i love his sexy voice too ;)

theSituation replied...
Thx buddy!!

to Caleb on 15 April 2017

got my first custom vid last week and it was absolutely amazing! he's so kind, so hot - and what a sexy voice!! ;)

Caleb replied...
Thanks! ;)

to Joshua Armstrong on 15 April 2017

Josh is a professional, made a lot of great custom vids for me. he does exactly what you're asking for.

to BigBoiChoi on 17 October 2015

great Body but too expensive and not very friendly...

BigBoiChoi replied...
shoot me a message on skype so I can address any issues...eugene0622

to MagicM on 9 June 2015

wonderful body and face, just an amazing guy, worth every penny!

MagicM replied...

to theSituation on 7 June 2015

nice guy with impressive muscles, hot Videos!

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to 4King on 7 June 2015

very sexy and polite guy! makes good custom vids!

4King replied...
thank you !

to Tomislav Zovko on 21 August 2014

he's a very nice person and probably the hottest guy on earth... he's shows are great and it's always nice to talk with him - he's not a cheater at all!

Private flex show

to Private flex show featuring Alan Valdez on 21 August 2014


the hottest guy on earth!