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to Sex Soldier on 22 July 2016

Just had a show with him. I totally recommend him, he is really accommodating and loves to play, his body is great, he knows it and he loves to show it and he his really handsome too. He did exactly what I love and the show was perfect. I really want to have more shows with him :)

Sex Soldier replied...
any time, with pleasure

to Mediterranean31 on 12 March 2016

very nice guy, great body, hot tatoos... he did a great show for me and it was really nice to talk to him !

to MarkMaty on 23 November 2015

Just had a show with him, he is very accommodating, very nice body and really handsome, and he does his best to please you, so that was a really good time.

MarkMaty replied...
thx a lot,had fun,hope to see you again

to farris on 21 March 2015

That man is pure perfection, really nice guy, very accomodating, and huge ripped body. He gave me a great show, so I would highly recommand him!

farris replied...
tks man

to Roland on 10 November 2014

just had a great show with him, his body is huge, he is really handsome and does everything he can to please you :)

Roland replied...
thank youu! :)


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