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Member since January 2019

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Reviews and Comments

to AngelinoBoy on 3 October 2019

the sexiest guy in Romania

to Andrew on 3 October 2019


Andrew replied...
a frustrated guy who wants a free show

to Hungry beast on 5 July 2019

Not worth spending even $10 on this guy. I cant believe he still has 5 stars here.

Hungry beast replied...
i am sorry, but why do you think that?

to Bicep Bryce on 3 May 2019

He is an lier, do not waste your money on him. He tool my money, did not do a show!

Bicep Bryce replied...
I dont think you can accuse someone of being a liar if you cant spell it;)

to AngelinoBoy on 28 January 2019

he is so professional and nice. tough and manly. real gentleman. the best show ever.

to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 25 January 2019

We had Skype show and this guy doesn't look fresh. I thinkhe is not good enough for this site. I am suprised that he is still a cam model. Don't waste your money.

to Calin God on 24 January 2019

Actually you are right. After doing the show with you, you proved me how professional and beautiful you are. Thank you for this good experience. It was such a pleasure for me!

to AlexTopaz on 24 January 2019

Great show in the uniform and boots!


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