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Reviews and Comments

to Calin God on 16 May 2019

He blocked me on Skype as soon as I paid. Hasn't responded or unblocked me since then. I used to buy vids from him all the time but recently he's been scamming people. I'm disappointed.

to Logan Lowe on 15 May 2019

wish i got my vid i paid for.

Logan Lowe replied...
When did you pay for a video ????

to Alessandro on 3 May 2019

I paid him for a vid and signed a contract saying I wouldn't share it but he never even delivered anything.

to Elliot Jons on 26 April 2019

Elliot is super flexible and approachable. He's accommodated all of my requests and makes the effort to be as punctual as possible. He's honest and lets me know his availability ahead of time so there's no lag between payment and videos. Honestly, this fella is everything you could want and desire from a passionate bodybuilder. Please check him out, I promise you won't regret it!

to Owen Maximus on 26 April 2019

Awesome dude, bought a video from him and he got it to me in less than 8 hours. Gave me everything I asked for also. Excellent job!

to Skylar Fancy on 20 April 2019

scammer who stole my money!

to Stud Max Teen on 13 April 2019

amazing dude and super reliable

to farris on 5 April 2019

amazing and talented guy!

to mahdy on 4 April 2019

A great video and personality

mahdy replied...
Thank you so much

to Mark Summers on 28 March 2019

Forever the most incredible, nicest, sexiest, handom, charming, and just all around excellent. Gave me a preview, and then another one! Stopped his schedule just to talk and even gave me tips on exercise!

Mark Summers replied...
dick pix and work out tips, thats my motto

to Black Panther on 16 March 2019

paid 2 weeks ago and received 2/3 of my vid so far. I take it he's busy!

to Muscle hunk 3 on 6 March 2019

amazing guy and even greater personality thanks!

to muscleking5972 on 3 March 2019

Like several others, I have waited months for a video which I paid for and he never delivered. Always an excuse, or doesn't reply. He is a SCAMMER. Stay away, you've been warned!

to HardRocker on 24 February 2019

He sends the vids within hours, super reasonable and great to work with. Did everything I asked and has an amazing build and shape. Check him out!

HardRocker replied...
Thanks bro

to 21cmBigcock on 24 February 2019

still no reply. no refund, no vid. nothing.

to Muscle hunk 3 on 23 February 2019

Amazing delivery and great to work with. Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Muscle hunk 3 replied...
You are very welcome :)

to FrankMichael on 17 February 2019

Came for another video. He is an excellent flexer and great at every detail I requested. Thanks again!

to 21cmBigcock on 17 February 2019

I paid this man for a video on 9 weeks ago and he's ignored my messages up until today where he replied '"hi". Scammer alert. Please avoid this guy, you've been warned.

to RyanMoon2 on 3 February 2019


to boy.king1 on 1 February 2019

not the best. he played music most of the vid, i couldn't hear anything. also asked for more money after i paid him in order to get my video.

to Body and Soul on 1 February 2019

Very cool dude

to Roland on 1 February 2019

He's been really bad lately. I paid for a video, it took him 2 weeks and he sent 1/3 of it, and it wasn't even what I asked for. Very terrible work.

Roland replied...
It was a fake people with a fake account...

to FrankMichael on 1 February 2019

Frank is really approachable, jacked, and great at pretty much any scenario I toss at him. He’s super easy to work with, and communicates well also

FrankMichael replied...
Thanks !! I look forward to hearing from you.

to Skyler fancy on 28 January 2019

very rude and asks for more money without delivering the first vid I paid for

to David Soldier on 28 January 2019

lots of texting, typing, and talking to other people. video was shorter than I'd paid for. he does put in some effort though.

David Soldier replied...
hanks for your review my brother, I am new to this program but I am grateful to you, for supporting me wholeheartedly

to Mr LGfit on 28 January 2019

Suuuper nice and sexy guy.

to benmuscle23 on 28 January 2019

great guy, great video. he kept me updated which was awesome!

to ScottAmbrose on 8 January 2019

Great guy who's been really busy yet takes time to make customs. Really appreciate him and hope he returns soon!

to Jack on 5 January 2019

brilliant man

Jack replied...
Thank you

to Skyler fancy on 3 January 2019

A scammer who shouldn’t be trusted at all costs

to Tatted Athlete on 28 December 2018

best christmas present ever

to Mike Jones Magic Mike on 25 December 2018

received nothing

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Hi, sorry to hear such serious issues. I try my best to update all my messages on Skype whenever I can during busy periods. There has been a miss-understanding in one of our chats, could you please message me immediately on my Skype name live:magicmike202017.

to FlyAsh Flexum on 21 December 2018

really, REALLY awesome guy!

to Skyler fancy on 21 December 2018

Truly a waste of time. Nothing was accomplished once I paid him. No refund either.

to Mike Jones Magic Mike on 3 December 2018

been 2 months and never recieved anything

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Hi, sorry to hear such serious issues. I try my best to update all my messages on Skype whenever I can during busy periods. There has been a miss-understanding in one of our chats, could you please message me immediately on my Skype name live:magicmike202017.


Skype ID is "masterjpo"

14 April 2019



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