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to Airon on 26 March 2021

I have now bought several custom videos from Airon, and I am now convinced that he can bring any fantasy to life. Superhero, job interviewee, destroyer of eggs, fruits, shirts and steel bars - he and his huge muscles accommodate with ease.

I just give him an idea, and he delivers it even better than I imagined. He has never shied from an idea; in fact, he seems to sincerely enjoy making each video. His muscles - especially his thick chest and bulging biceps - are the subject of dreams. There is so much power packed into them.

I had never requested a custom video from anyone before the pandemic. I thought it was a good time to give it a shot while I’m isolated. Now I’m addicted! Airon is amazing.

to Airon on 7 February 2021

I have bought several of Airon’s TBF videos. He’s already big to start, but when he’s in full flex, his muscles and veins just explode. You don’t just have to imagine that he’s strong. You can see it in his awesome feats of strength. Check out the video where he lifts a grown man overhead or the one where he bends steel bars. He’s also great for making custom videos - a super cool personality accompanies his powerful physique. For sure, one of the best!

Powerful Muscle Crush

to Powerful Muscle Crush featuring Airon on 9 May 2021


If you can’t decide which of Airon’s muscles are your favorite, you’re in luck with this video. You get to see 3 sets in action. First, you see his huge thighs crush watermelons with ease. But then it gets better as he crushes one with his powerful arms up against his massive chest. Finally, you see him hold a man in that same strong hold, and you have to hope he doesn’t crush the man’s head in the same way. ;-) Because he absolutely could. Airon is looking bigger than ever, and I especially love the way his veins explode when he’s applying his destructive force!

Leather Belt Power Destruction

to Leather Belt Power Destruction featuring Airon on 26 April 2021


Hercules! That’s Airon, as he hulks out of these leather belts. Nothing can contain his mass, his explosive power. They just serve to give him an awesome pump, which is in full display as he flexes the rest of the video. Nothing is as amazing as watching objects yield to Airon’s incredible strength and power. Great video!

Double Muscle Domination

to Double Muscle Domination featuring Airon on 20 April 2021


Wow. What a way for Airon to show off his awesome strength, by dominating two other men at the same time! It’s a great way for him to prove that his muscles aren’t just for show; there is some serious power behind them, and he’s not afraid to use it to put others in their place. I think many of us would like to be in the place of the hooded guy, sandwiched between two muscleman, feeling the hard muscles of both. A great video!

Massive Muscle Pump

to Massive Muscle Pump featuring Tom H on 3 April 2021


Such a handsome muscle god. He turns me on just by breathing. Seriously, listen to it...

Oiled Up Birthday Flex

to Oiled Up Birthday Flex featuring Airon on 3 April 2021


I am now convinced that everything Airon does is amazing. While I normally like a lot of verbal flexing, Airon doesn’t have to say a word as his muscles do all the talking. His brute force is simply astounding. I could watch him destroy things all day, and he doesn’t disappoint in this video as he tears a shirt to shreds. My favorite muscleman!

Mega Stud In Your Bedroom

to Mega Stud In Your Bedroom featuring Wayne on 3 April 2021


Beautiful to watch. His eyes capture and draw you in.

LOVE MUSCLE - Muscle Tease

to LOVE MUSCLE - Muscle Tease featuring Shawn on 3 April 2021


Wow! So glad I bought this. He is ripped and shredded and beautiful to watch as he shows almost every inch of his muscular body. I realized that his shirt never came off, but it didn’t need to, because he gave you plenty of glimpses of the amazing body. What a tease!

Powerful Hunk

to Powerful Hunk featuring Airon on 3 April 2021


I could just listen to this video and get turned on. Airon’s grunts attest to his power. But watch, and it’s a feast for the eyes. Tearing out of his shirt is an appetizer. The main event is watching him bend steel bars with ease and get super pumped while doing so. Airon is the absolute best!

Big Muscles Shower In White Tshirt

to Big Muscles Shower In White Tshirt featuring Airon on 3 April 2021


This video was the inspiration for a custom video request I made. Let’s just say I’d give almost anything to shower with Airon. This video is the next best thing.

Massive Muscles In Tight Shirt

to Massive Muscles In Tight Shirt featuring Airon on 3 April 2021


Airon has helped me survive the pandemic in many ways. He’s one of the rare few who’s just as hot in a shirt as out of one. This shirt leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination and just shows how big he really is.

Oiled Up Muscle Flexing

to Oiled Up Muscle Flexing featuring Airon on 3 April 2021


This guy is the best. Sure, lots of guys have big muscles, but Airon know how to use them to get and keep your attention. The oil makes them even hotter.

Bicep Flex, Arm Wrestle and Worship

to Bicep Flex, Arm Wrestle and Worship featuring Airon on 2 April 2021


You know his will be a great video from the start when it opens with Airon bouncing his massive pecs. He doesn’t even need to have his shirt off. In fact, as he then flexes his biceps, the shirt serves to accentuate how huge those guns are. They clearly want to bust the sleeves. The shirt does inevitably come off, and we’re treated to an impressive display of rock solid muscle and veins. Those muscles are put to work in the final sequence when he armwrestles an opponent. It’s not even a contest - but it does give his arms a great pump! I would gladly lose every round if I could wrestle Airon.

Handsome Muscle Giant

to Handsome Muscle Giant featuring Airon on 2 April 2021


Handsome. Muscle. Giant. Those 3 words say it all. In this video, you get what Airon does best: flexing all his big muscles from an angle that makes him seem larger than life. He tells you how big and strong he is - but there was never a doubt in your mind. At the end he leaves you with a great view of his amazing pecs.

Muscle Cop Domination

to Muscle Cop Domination featuring Airon on 27 March 2021


I think Airon should hold a contest: be the sub in his next domination video. I’m sure the entries would be in the thousands! But alas, we are not the lucky one in this video. The “poor” victim who is arrested by the muscle cop must “suffer” for his crime. I would quickly commit any crime to be the victim in the video, someone with a front row seat to Akron’s muscular power. Awesome display of muscular domination!

Muscle God Perfection

to Muscle God Perfection featuring Airon on 7 February 2021


The title of this video is spot on: Airon is the perfect musclegod. He never disappoints. Even without words, he captured my full attention. In this one, his massive arms and chest stretch a shirt to its limit. 3 1/2 minutes in, the shirt comes off, and the veins come out in all their glory. His magnificent chest is magnetic, drawing you right close to it. This video gives you ample time to take it all in. It’s the next best thing to being there.

You Can't Resist My Muscles

to You Can't Resist My Muscles featuring Jeff B on 26 October 2020


He’s right. I can’t resist. These muscles are phenomenal. One of the best videos I’ve bought on this site.

Massive Muscles Bending Steel

to Massive Muscles Bending Steel featuring Airon on 22 September 2020


I grew up watching Superman, where George Reeves would bend steel with his bare hands. His strength was amazing, but of course, it was just acting. Airon is NOT acting! You can see the force he needs to summon to bend these steel bars, and they ultimately yield to his power. If I were ever in jail, I would trust Airon to bend the bars to free me from the cell. As to the rest of the video, you see him in a tight Captain America shirt, and plenty of glistening pecs and biceps. Those alone would be worth the price of this awesome video.

Lift and Carry Domination

to Lift and Carry Domination featuring Airon on 22 September 2020


Have you ever had a bodybuilder lift you straight up over his head? It’s an incredible experience. This video is the next closest thing, as Airon lifts a lucky guy up in different ways. My jaw dropped when he held this guy up with one hand, flexing his other biceps at the same time. Airon is one of the most amazing men on TheBestFlex, and this is one of his finest videos.

20 Minute 6 Shirt Destruction

to 20 Minute 6 Shirt Destruction featuring Airon on 22 September 2020


Airon is simply incredible. I first learned of him on another site and was glad to discover him here. His physique is outstanding, with a personality to match. You may perceive him as the silent type, but he communicates much without words. He takes control in each video and demonstrates his awesome size and strength. This video is a treat - 6 shirts destroyed in a full 20 minutes. I want to keep coming back for more. ????????



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