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to SuperShape on 12 February 2019

Wow! just Wow! an accomplished athlete and fighter! A true Alpha beast with a killer body, very proud of his accomplishments! and as if these weren't enough : a very very smart guy that can hold a conversation! I recommend!

SuperShape replied...
Thanks man , Looking forward to see u soon again????????

to Flexmode on 19 January 2019

Very few CamGuys have what FlexMode has : Brains and Brawns!! For the past year I have had regular shows with him, each one better than the last!! This is my second recommendation for this Muscle God!! Highly Recomended!!!

to SmthDifferent on 29 October 2018

He is one of the most genuine guys on this site. Really smart , really professional, he knows exactly what you are in need of. So don’t hesitate and contact this stud!!

SmthDifferent replied...
Thanks for the nice words.

to Ubsx01 on 25 May 2018

A God among men! Perfectly chiseled abs, Legs to kill for, and Bicep peaks of a natural bodybuilder! Ubsx01 delivers requests perfectly. 100% recommended!

to agaesthetics on 14 February 2018

A muscle beast oozing with overconfidence! His biceps peaks allows him to be cocky and dominant! To make matters worse he is a muscle machine with brains!!!

agaesthetics replied...
Yup thats me haha glad u liked it and more surprises to come????????????

to Flexmode on 13 December 2017

I already interacted with Flexmode. What can I say! truly the best I have interacted with so far! He is smart and can hold a conversation. Apart from his mind he has honed is body to be a true muscle sculpture. Shoulders, Biceps , Pecs are all part of Muscle Flexing Machine. I definitely recommend. 5+ Stars

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for your review and for the nice time. Your welcome

to Niko on 26 November 2017

Wow! Just wow! A natural muscle guy! He has the assurance and dominance of those who honed their body to be works of art! He knows what he has achieved and knows what advantages it gives him! Great recommendation!

to Niko on 24 October 2017

Amazing Guy! with Amazing Biceps and Abs!! I strongly recommend!!! Everybody should get a show with him!!

to HotAss on 23 August 2017

Pure Dominant Spirit!! And with that spirit goes a bicep peak out of this world. Not only his biceps are huge, everything is, Glutes, Pecs, Legs!!!! Easy to deal with! Highly Recommend!

HotAss replied...
A moment of intense exchange. Thank you for this kind and flattering review, hope to see you soon.

to AlphaTopModel on 19 June 2017

A Beast! A dominant beast! His physique is outstanding!

AlphaTopModel replied...
Thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed time spent with me

to MuscleGod11 on 25 April 2017

Dominant and creative. The combination is lethal! And his body as ripped as ever increases his cocky behavior! I recommend!

to Alberto Thor on 20 April 2017

Truly the son of Thor, he is a Muscle God!!! Ripped and very muscular ! A deep voice! I highly recommend

to MuscleGod11 on 15 April 2017

He is becoming better and better!! A real brutal dominant muscleguy!! His creativity know no bound!! Which is very rare these days!! And his body is on par with his attitude!!!

to MuscleGod11 on 30 March 2017

Rarely have I met a guy so confident and cocky about his physique and the effect it has on average guy!! and with jut reason!! He is very dominant and his shape is insane. I recommend!

to robertinho on 20 January 2017

Tall and muscular! And at such a young age too! His attitude makes him a muscle god to respect!

to Dominiic on 7 January 2017

Dominiic is very dominant! He loves the status of superiority his physique gives him. You can tell he's not playing a "role"

Dominiic replied...
(Devil) hehe thanks :)

to Mateus on 30 December 2016

I seldom come back for second shows, but I couldn't resist with Mateus! He is not a clockwatcher , which is hard to come by these days!
You can actually have an intelligent chat with him!!
And his body remains in top shape as during the 1st show!!!
Again I recommend him!

to Mateus on 19 December 2016

Very Positive experience with Mateus!! He's in top shape, and dominant. His English is really good. A solid recommendation!!!

Mateus replied...
Thank you. Anytime with pleasure.

to Justin Sanders on 24 November 2016

His biceps are huge!! and Justin has the attitude that goes with them! very professional and dominant. I give him a solid recommendation!!

Justin Sanders replied...
thanks xorne!

to daniel carter on 23 September 2016

the killer looks of a Muscle God, shredded and huge!! His biceps are unreal!! and he knows it!!! I highly recommend!!

to Joshua on 6 September 2016

Amazing guy! very dominant and a cocky personality. I recommend him!

Joshua replied...
Thank you !!!

to Aaron the Muscle God on 6 September 2016

Great body and great personality. He is bigger and more shredded than in the pics on this page. Very dominant and alpha! I recommend him!

to Exequter on 1 June 2016

This guy is so alpha, you can only feel intimidated!! He knows he has a supreme body, and he makes sure you know it too. Definetely recommended!

to HornyIrishStud on 21 February 2016

Easy to do business with. Very good looks and a sexy voice!. The body of a greek god! I recommend him!

to Alex on 25 January 2016

Great Guy! Performed exactly what I requested!! I'll be back for more!

Alex replied...
Thanks for the good words! Let me know when ur game for more since im recently back fulltime!

to Claudiu on 4 January 2016

An impressive and intimidating physique! Very professional Camshow! I can only recommend!

to AngelinoBoy on 15 December 2015

such power! His physique is great! I recommend him

to Master AP on 15 December 2015

Very intelligent and honest guy, godly biceps. I really enjoyed our camshow. I recommend highly.

Master AP replied...
Glad you liked it!

to Alec possum on 18 November 2015

A month after my video purchase, I just had a live camshow with him. Great Show, Great Shape and Friendly chat. He is not a clock watcher, as he gave me waay more minutes than paid for. I Highly recommend him!!!

Alec possum replied...
a pleasure to cam with :)

to Alec possum on 14 October 2015

Friendly, Funny and Polite. I bought a video from him, and it met my expectations. Looking forward to more.

Alec possum replied...
great to deal with you! :D

to Solid352 on 8 October 2015

Did a great camshow with Solid352. Cocky attitude, great body. Gets into character as soon as he knows what you are looking for and stays in character even after the show. I Will definitely be back for more.


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