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Reviews and Comments

to Aaron Jay on 10 July 2019

Aaron is a great guy, looks amazing and is really nice and accommodating. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed.

Aaron Jay replied...
Thanks man, I had a good time during our show, see you again soon ;)

to DrewFitt on 20 November 2018

Drew is awesome, with a great body and he is fun to cam with, easy going and full of surprises, I highly recommend, give him a try.

DrewFitt replied...
Thank you for the positive feedback! I try to make sure all my clients are taken care of!

to Mr Latz on 19 November 2018

Mike is a great guy, easy to deal with and in great shape. Give him a try.

to HornyIrishStud on 18 January 2018

Great person to cam with, easy to deal with and very honest, looks great and is very nice. Highly recommend him.

to Marcowrestler on 28 December 2017

Had a cam show with Marco, great guy, easy to deal with, looks great, perfect body, I unreservedly recommend Marco.

to Andrewfitness on 10 December 2017

Just had a great show with Andrew, he is a nice and honest guy, highly recommended.

Andrewfitness replied...
Thank you so much. ????????????

to Tommy flex on 17 August 2017

Tommy is excellent, great body, nice guy, very accommodating, check him out, highly recommended.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you very much

to FitnessFreak96 on 17 August 2017

I highly recommend FitnessFreak, he is a nice guy, easy to deal with, excellent cam, and, amazing body. Check him out.

to HotAss on 14 August 2017

Had a great show earlier today, honest decent guy, in great shape, I highly recommend.

HotAss replied...
Thanks for your recommandation ! It was a very pleasant moment together

to Shredded Captain on 10 December 2016

Just chatted with Shredded and he is a decent guy, and, he looks amazing, he is just sorting out his Paypal, and I hope to catch up with him again very soon. I recommend checking him out.

to rdy2flex on 10 October 2016

Awesome guy, easy to work with and talk to, honest and in great shape, high quality webcam and lighting add a lot to the show, highly recommend.

to Matt Cooke on 30 July 2016

Matt is awesome, easy to deal with and is amazing on cam. If you give him a try u will not be disappointed. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

to Alexander Steel on 25 July 2016

Good guy, very nice and accommodating, very good show, highly recommended.

to Mike Milan on 3 August 2015

Good guy, in great shape, easy to deal with, recommended.

to Dreamcaster234 on 25 July 2015

Cammed with Jan, awesome guy, in great shape, easy to deal with, loves to show off, highly recommended

to Poseidon on 24 June 2015

great guy, nice body, highly recommended

to theSituation on 4 June 2015

awesome guy, easy to deal with, in great shape, recommended....

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to Aanor muscle on 31 May 2015

awesome guy, highly recommended, amazing shape, easy to deal with...

Aanor muscle replied...
Thank you !

to 4King on 18 May 2015

awesome guy, friendly, and, in amazing shape, highly recommended

4King replied...
:) thanks

to JacquesMiller on 3 December 2014

Had great show with Jacques, highly recommended, great looking and very accommodating.

JacquesMiller replied...
Thanks ;*

to CockyBoy on 5 July 2014

Awesome man, gives a great show, nice guy, very accommodating, one of the best. Highly recommended.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you so much buddy,apreciat alot your review and speak with you soon.Cheers

to Roland on 29 June 2014

great cam show, amazing guy, perfect body, reasonable price, very accommodating and knows how to show off his ripped body, highly recommended.

Roland replied...
thank man! :)i hope see you soon! :)

to MarkFlexberg on 6 June 2014

Just had a show with Mark. Amazing guy, eager to please and really into showing off. Highly recommended.


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