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to Kane on 7 December 2019

I ordered custom video from this beautiful man again!!! And I have to say he made one of the best videos I've ever seen. He did exactly what I wanted and even surprised me. He has now improved the camera and everything is even better to see ... Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed !!! Thank you, Kane!

to Wayne on 9 November 2019

Hi I ordered a custom video from him. He is a very handsome muscular man, with a beautiful face. Communication with him was very good and he did everything I wanted to see. Video was clean in HD quality too. He is an honest and serious man and paying was easy. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this man. Thank you it was amazing!

to JohnnyCreator on 11 August 2019

I bought another custom video from him. Because he is one of the best for me on this site. I'm glad I found you. Highly recommended! Thank you so much!

JohnnyCreator replied...
You are very kind to me! I am glad to meet you. Thank you for the excellent review, although I did not deserve it.

to Aaron Jay on 11 August 2019

Beautiful man, nice body, big muscles and big ... The video was amazing and fulfilled my expectations. I'm very satisfied. He makes perfect roleplay and has a good manly voice! Highly recommended! Thank you Aaron!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much for the kind words! I have fun making the video for you :)

to JohnnyCreator on 13 July 2019

Nice muscular man! The video was very good. Friendly communication, he fulfilled all my request. I highly recommend him !!! You won't be disappointed. Thank you!

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thank you so much for your support and for believing in me! I will keep delivering the best i can for you , always!

to Narcissus on 17 June 2019

Very hot man! His body is so incredible and muscular. He's serious and honest. Communication is very friendly and smooth transaction. He fulfilled all my request (100%). Custom video was so amazing!!! I can't get enough of him! Highly recommended!!!

to Kane on 26 March 2019

I disagree with you gethyn123. I bought 5 videos and I am very satisfied. Communication is very good for me.
I'm planning to buy more videos. Thank you, Kane!

to Kane on 9 February 2019

Makes the video so perfect ... everything I wanted to be there! Thank you!



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