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to Tim Nash on 10 May 2021

Several shows with Timur. When you think he can't be hotter, he blows your mind. So much energy, so much strength, so much passion, so much fun for you and him. Once in your life, just try Tim, and dream !!!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you )))

to Forbidme on 21 April 2021

It's been a while since my last show with Mario. And it worth the wait. So much everything you could expect from a man on The Best Flex : sexier, stronger, hotter. He likes to flex so much that you have so much fun in a show with Mario !!!

Forbidme replied...
Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

to Jax Rain on 16 January 2021

He is hot and he knows he is !!! So he flex, his pretty face smiling at you, his muscles growing. Every time he flexes it's hotter, more defined, sexier. He is kind though, but he knows he can turn you on and he will. I will come back for more def !!!

to Tim Nash on 15 January 2021

A second show with Timur. I didn't think he could be hotter and stronger than the first time and he was. Be blessed for this amazing time you gave to me, it was breath taking

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much)I’m pleased

to Whiteshark900 on 1 January 2021

Only italians can have charm, charisma, be that masculine and yet this strength. This Shark looks sexy and handsome, but when he starts flexing, you can't stare at anything else but him. He sensually flexes his muscles one by one. Your are touched by his smile, and in the same time his muscles are pumping, his veins are getting bigger, his muscles are expressing themselves. Perfect V, perfect abs, perfect pecs bounce. His arms are strong, his shoulders are big, his legs are impressive, his beauty will transport you.

Whiteshark900 replied...
Thanks a lot :P Hope to do more shows together in the future :)

to Travis Maverick on 19 December 2020

I could say he is hot. With his blue eyes and perfect smile, he is our american dream. I could say he is sexy, each muscles is perfect, from legs to shoulders, with crazy abs, veiny arms. He plays with his body, even we all know who will be the winner. I could say he is a charmer, an entertainer. But look at his profile . . . you already know it don't you. I recommend it, easy to deal with, super fun, super nice, a dream coming true !!!

Travis Maverick replied...
Thank you :)

to Tim Nash on 15 October 2020

The more you'll try not to fall in love for him, the least you will succeed. Very handsome, and a body to die for. He is doing anything he wants with it. Ask him, he will do it, with so much more intensity you expected. He likes to show off, he likes to please you, you see it, you feel it, this is what it makes the show so special. He is ripped with muscles and veins, he is sexy, he knows it, and even with all this, he remains kind. ??????? !!

Tim Nash replied...
Oh my god????thank u sweety??

to SuperShape on 14 October 2020

There are some model out of the league. He belongs to this category. A body to die for, but the way he flexes . . . he really shows his strength, he doesn't hide anything, but it seems so easy, so fluid. So you see an unbelievable shredded body with a man teasing you and turning you on as if it requested no efforts for him. Really impressive.

to Luk Cage on 9 October 2020

Second live show with him, and he was even more extraordinary than the first time. Very intense, he likes to flex so much, you can feel it. He likes to show everything, legs, chests, shoulders, arms, face. And they are all impressive. I don't want to imagine what could be the third show !!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks for the nice words, see you for the next one !!!

to DylonSC on 6 October 2020

Had my first show with Dylon. What a great show ! He does anything he wants with his body, is so shredded (amazing six pack, ripped arms and shoulders). Extremely confident, i had a hot moment with this incredibly sexy guy.

to Tony Mo on 6 October 2020

He is one of the sweetest guy here. But he has also an amazing body and he knows how to use it. He controls his body so well, he likes to flex and do it so good, with his angel smile. A great mix you'll want to see more !!

to Andy Fit on 15 September 2020

First video received from him. What a gentleman, what a man !!!! Insanely sexy and handsome, his body is beyond imagination. During the show, the body is getting bigger, when you don't think he can make it stronger he does. He gives all his heart during the show, flex so hard, and always with a smile in his lips and his hypnotizing blue eyes. Andy is a must see, Andy has to be added as your favorites models right now !!!

to Kevin Muscle on 11 September 2020

Had a great show with Kevin. Very generous, he gives 1000 % for a very hot and sexy show. Thank you !!

Kevin Muscle replied...
Thank you so much!

to TheDoughboy97 on 9 September 2020

He used to be reliable and hot. Perhaps he is still hot, but reliable anymore. Promised me a show 2 days ago, said he was free "now" . . . and then disappeared. A weird excuse but still nothing and don't answer as he used to. A classic from scammers. So beware !!!

to Carl on 24 August 2020

I am sorry for the 1 star reviews . . . Cause i had a live show with him, and he is speechless. Deep sexy voice, more muscles i could handle. He did exactly what we agreed. He was sexy, he had a perfect control of his body, flexing slowly and strongly. His biceps, his pecs, his back, his abs are incredible, it will be hard not to have a show everyday. I highly recommend !!

to Flexmode on 20 June 2020

What an awesome man. So easy to deal with, so nice and handsome, and so big. Big juicy ripped muscles he loves to show off. When you think he can't be bigger, he proves you you have seen nothing yet. With so much confidence. A must seen guy for sure !!

to Bodyouwant on 5 June 2020

When you see him first, he looks like an average muscle guy. He is so much more. So sexy, he knows exactly how to flex and bounce his muscles. One by one. He knows how to tease softly, or how to show off like a beast. Amazing veins, he also play with his V, his abs, his biceps. He is a real seducer, with his body he controls perfectly, but also with his face, with intense glance and this so cute smile. A real gentleman in the body of a hot athlete !

Bodyouwant replied...
Thanks man all the best

to Luk Cage on 27 May 2020

Luk Cage is sweet. Sweet face and lovely smile, very easy to deal with. A nice guy really. And very nice in a show. He gives himself 1000 %. Perfect shape, gorgeous smile, always nice, always saying thank you when he is literally blowing your mind. A nice guy really . . . Veins to die for, big and veiny biceps, stunning V he loves to show off, pecs he pumped on your face. The kind of nice guy you don't even dream about !!!

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks you for the compliments ????

to Marco Badass on 18 March 2020

Handsome, with big veiny arms. Badass like he says, sexy, very easy to deal with. Fantastic model !!

to JamesFlex on 4 March 2020

Sexy bad boy, easy to talk. He is sexy, handsome, big huge tatooed arms, hot voice. You make a request he fulfills it even better than expected. I highly recommend him

to Harry on 29 January 2020

DId you see his last video ? Biceps to blow your mind ? Well, not only his biceps will blow your mind. The whole man is a masterpiece. Sexy voice, great attitude, confident, handsome like the Devil. And a body . . . complete control of his body . . . he flexes whatever he wants. Harry is a gambler, and you'll love to lose !!

to ClassicPhysique on 5 December 2019

I had a second show with this great guy. And it was even hotter than the first time. I couldn't think it was possible. Very easy to deal with, easy to communicate, he plays the game. You have a goodlooking man, with an angel smile, and the devil's body. And he knows how to play with both. I don't recommend, you HAVE TO try and adopt him !!

to ClassicPhysique on 7 November 2019

He is just fantastic. He is sensual, so sensual . . . he is flexing his body slowly, showing a perfect control of his strength. He is smilling, and getting bigger, as if it was just easy. He is teasing you, playing with you, seducing you . . . And even you know it's just business, well . . .

to EvanHoti on 14 October 2019

Ivan is hot. He is handsome and cute. But behind his angel face, you have strength. Incredible strength. Hot biceps. Very big arms and shoulders. And he know how to flex, everything seems easy, he gives you 1000 % and at the end, you are like him, breathless !!

EvanHoti replied...
thank you so much

to GoldenBoy on 18 September 2019

He is a goldenboy in every way. Wonderful smile, wonderful attitude, such an aesthetic body, sweet and kind. He is incredible !!

to Alex Boyka on 7 September 2019

You see him on pic ? Well . . . he is even better on a live show. Shredded, handsome, sexy, he flex, he moves, he dances and your only wish is to spend some hours staring at him and listening him talking to you with his sexy accent.

to Gunnar Stone on 27 August 2019

He is a phenomenon for sure. He has a sexy voice, a big and powerful body. He knows how to flex, softly or strongly it depends. He has a fucking hot smile, he is ripped, good attitude, he worths to become one of best flex superstar !!!

to BigXander on 31 July 2019

Farris is extraordinary. Ripped like hell, wonderful smile, veiny, sexy, how knows how to flex perfectly. He is a masterpiece, never been disappointed by him

to Kevin King on 19 May 2019

What a great man. More handsome like his pictures here, he is also very nice, and def knows how to flex. He takes pleasure doing it, and you def take more pleasure staring at him. I highly recommend him and get other shows for sure


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