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to Joe Muscle on 5 May 2020

He is a tenacious guy, who made the agreed custom video, even with a leg injury. A solid man but also a great poser. If he accepts, I'll be a recurring buyer. Highly recommend

to Armando on 1 April 2020

After a long absence, Armando is back. As always, he is very friendly, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. And that body is still in perfect shape, still with that huge chest and pumped arms.The best around here.

Armando replied...
Thank you very much my dear friend!

to Michael Bradley on 28 March 2020

Michael looks amazingly ripped and shredded. Ready to compete tomorrow. In the custom video I requested, he flexes close to camera his huge arms, massive chest and the best six packs on TBF. Amazing condition for an stunning athlete.

to MartinezFame on 21 March 2020

I agree with the previous reviews. I had problems with this guy when I bought him a custom video. He gave me back the money I sent him via Paypal. That's why I recommend proceeding with extreme caution and send the payment only through Paypal. I think all buyers should demand payment only through Paypal with all the models of the website and thus avoid headaches.

to Maks King on 22 February 2020

I bought a couple of custom videos and they were delivered to the following day of the order, exactly with what I had suggested. Payment through Western Union. I got impressed: he has huge chest, shoulders and back and powerful arms. He's still 18, so is very promising.

to Arthur Bangs on 28 January 2020

Arthur Bangs is the sweetest of the guys around here; handsome, with a pair of beautiful blue eyes and a body of a Greek god.
He does everything you ask and it does it perfectly.
He is looking for support because he wants to continue his preparation as a bodybuilder. Support him now, his shows are worth every penny.

Arthur Bangs replied...
thank you soo much !

to SlayerStrong on 4 September 2019

He is one of the best and most friendly models on this website. Tall, handsome, with lots of body hair to adorn his impressive physique, this guy also gives away his pleasant and affectionate personality. Without thinking twice, super recommendable.

to Hades on 19 June 2019

I bought my first custom video from Hades. The video is excellent, in high definition and with perfect light. He is in good shape and gave a great show with lots of energy. Super reliable person. Highly recommended, his videos will not disappoint you.

to Narcissus on 28 April 2019

Tall, elegant, handsome, with a body to die for but also respectful and friendly.Stunning shoulders and legs.His videos are super professional and the custom video was delivered quick and it was exactly as I had requested.100% recommended.

to Huge Ali69 on 25 March 2019

I received my first video on demand from Huge Ali69 yesterday. According him, this video was the first custom video he did in his life, but he did a great job; the video was exactly just what I asked for and I really liked his style. Incredible physique with muscular body, full of energy. English is not his native language, but was easy to work with, because he is a polite and intelligent human being. Highly recommended.

to AestheticsBoy on 15 March 2019

Everything that's written down is true. And more.
Handsome in face and physique, this 19 years old man is also a sweet. honest and peaceful person. You will notice this immediately and you start trust him as if he were your brother or best friend.
The custom videos I requested were filmed with a good Full hd camera and delivered in a few days.
A young bodybuilder that I will continue supporting with the purchase of his videos in upcoming years.

to Mike on 13 March 2019

In my opinion, the best bodybuilder poser I've seen in years. He is in perfect shape and he is also a friendly and easy to deal guy.
The image quality of the videos I bought him is unsurpassable.

Mike replied...

to Ivanyakutin on 2 February 2019

Be careful. He understands well what is written. Just he want sell what he's interested in selling.
He has a spectacular body and reasonable prices for his premade videos.

to King Traps67 on 26 September 2018

He is still a young man, but he has achieved an impressive physique.
You need proof of that? Just ask him to show and flex his pecs and traps. But I assure that is true, he has worked hard and all his muscles are powerful.
He is also a friendly guy an easy person to deal with and willing to show his body and make a good video.
The custum video I requested was filmed and sent to my email in less than 30 minutes. The video quality is good, 1080p.
I wil continue to support this great guy.

King Traps67 replied...
Thanks very much brother


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