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Young Junior Bodybuilder, Hot Boy,Chest,Vascular,abs,pecs,sexy, Alpha-male,Power,Domination,Wrestling,worshiping,massage,Shower,Handsome

24, 179cm (5'10"), 89kg (195 lbs)

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Atlas has 117 reviews.

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 2 November 2019

This man is GOD!!! Another AWESOME custom video!!! WOW!

from DBs [14089] on 29 September 2019

I just had a cam and I was absolutely stunned for seeing how HUGE he is! I think I never saw this man so BIG, VEINY and RIPPED! It was just unbelievable! It was so incredible than I asked for a custom video!
Hurry, people! If you appreciate muscles, you wont get disappointed!

from JoeMama [50] on 21 September 2019

ATLAS is amazing he always aims to please his worshippers. He did all the time for me fleaxing He was so dominant and demanded I worship his muscles!! I cannot wait to see him flex again !! HE IS THE BEST!!!

from JoeMama [50] on 12 September 2019

Very big and great flexing make fantasy cum true He is usually very good but he miss several flex show with me after I pay is he ok or on "vacation" again.
I hope he is ok and can still do show for me..

from JoeMama [50] on 2 September 2019

Atlas is very great at flexing.. however I paid for show and I don't see him in four days..Is he ok or did anyone else notice he don't respond?

Atlas replied...
What its your Skype ID? Pls Try to contact me again, i was in vocation!

from JoeMama [50] on 8 August 2019

Atlas gives the best flex show ever I have done many sessions with him on skype he is ver nice a respectful and delivers more than expected!! his muscle are amazing he is an awesome flexer for worship.Everyone one should set up a session with him and he is honest and HUGE!! pecs arms legs back trap everything was better than expected!!

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 29 July 2019

Just got another amazing custom video from this MIGHTY GOD! The best!

from ICBiceps [156] on 26 June 2019

I just had a cam show with Atlas. It was awesome. His muscles are so ripped and huge. He really made it a custom muscle fantasy. I was most impressed by his sincerity. I have bought videos of him here before, but the private cam show blew my mind. You will be so glad you did. He's the best!

from jjdesim [70] on 17 June 2019

back for a third show and keeps getting bigger and better!

from gardenweasel1 [425] on 11 April 2019

Another live cam show with Atlas. He did not rest until I was satisfied. Twice. Friendly and and hot. Recommended.

from djmuscleflex [15065] on 31 March 2019

Alex is one of those people who is very honest and quite friendly. His personality will suck you in and his extremely hard body will have you drooling. For me Alex is a true muscle hunk and thrives on getting your custom videos done correctly. True muscle artist. !!!!

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 24 March 2019

Been buying vids from this KING for years...Always gets better and better! There is no-one like him!!! My latest custom vid? WOW! I bow before god!

from Fzpanda [960] on 19 February 2019

Bought a video from him. Speedy delivery and good communication. Highly recommended.

Atlas replied...
Thanks for your review, the more next week i have a show so , i train so hard now to become like a real god :)

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 24 January 2019

The incredible GOD continues to deliver the most amazing customs!!!!!

Atlas replied...
hey, fans like you keep me stay in shape.. and make good content :) tks

from gardenweasel1 [425] on 24 January 2019

I've had several live Skype shows with Atlas and boy...they just get better and hotter...and they were hot to begin with! Friendly and responsive...there is not a weak body part. It's all massive, defined and he knows hot to flex. Really nice guy who works like the Muscle God he is to show you all his power. Incredible.

from azstar [210] on 9 January 2019

I've bought several custom videos, and you could not find a better, hotter, more honest model to hire. I recently asked him for a custom video on a Friday, including a strength component. He responded immediately, as usual, and said he would send it to me on Monday. On Monday, he said he was sick and unable to make the video since he was not feeling strong enough, and refunded my money immediately, without my asking. If you want huge, hot, sexy, honest bodybuilder who understands his business, hire Atlas!

from gottagetbigger91 [290] on 26 December 2018


Ordered my video and it was absolutely fantastic!! Loved working with Atlas, he’s very professional and goes above and beyond!

from 33jjfriend [60] on 8 December 2018

Wow top of the line pure male interactive and surpassed all judgments. I cannot believe what I just saw. Like a cartoon, drawn to perfection, exaggerated amounts of muscle in all the right places. BRAVO ENCORE! THANK YOU ATLAS

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 7 December 2018

Got another super amazing video from this mighty GOD!!! He never disappoints!

Atlas replied...

from spenny781 [1357] on 27 November 2018

just had an amazing show with Atlas! superb and ripped. perfect to work with highly recommend

from sfo13m [6491] on 23 November 2018

Ordered a custom video from Atlas. His muscles were big and round, and he did excellent roleplay. I will definitely return for another flex vid.

from newrobb [40] on 14 November 2018

I am a devoted muscle worshiper to my muscle God Atlas. Always in shape. Ripped and vascular. I love his striations and veins and muscle fibres which he serves up to me willingly and with dominant attitude. Just the way I like it. Friendly. Professional. Outstanding physique to worship. Always in shape. But when he is competing- no one can touch that extreme muscularity, definition, separation, detail and vascularity. I am his muscle Slave. HAIL ATLAS! And thank u.

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 13 November 2018

New custom vid! The greatest body EVER! Worship this God!!

Atlas replied...
One of my loyal humble worchipper, thanks for your patience, and the next coming day, i would be big and ripped hot as fuck :)

from mb707 [480] on 27 October 2018

Had another show with atlas. He puts you at ease so much during the show, and really makes it special. Such an outstanding physique too! We focused a lot on his big beautiful pecs. Not a clock watcher either. Really amazing guy

Atlas replied...
Welcom any time, im focusing to add more chest size, thanks for the show :)

from 01228053512 [65] on 25 October 2018

You are the most amazing and greatest body in the world and I want you to train for an ideal body

Atlas replied...
Sure, by the support of Fans like you, that would help me to push myself to Growing XX

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 21 October 2018

THE GREATEST BODY and the BEST custom vids!

from djmuscleflex [15065] on 7 October 2018

Adam is one of my favorite bodybuilders here on the bestflex. He is very very friendly and delivers a show that is mind blowing. His body is just absolutely impressive and thick. He has fun with my custom videos and he performs then well. He is a muscle worshipers dream man. Support Adam. You will not go wrong !!!!

Atlas replied...
Thank you for your words and ur support as well, one day for a real muscle worchip season :)

from mb707 [480] on 4 October 2018

Had an amazing cam show with Atlas. What an incredible physique and he really knows how to show it off. Such a friendly guy too ???? Can’t wait to have another show.

Atlas replied...
Im always Ready to pleasant u, once you feel upset come to have a show with me (kiss)

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 28 September 2018

Another custom from this amazing muscle GOD!! The BEST!!!!

from jj112 [20] on 26 September 2018

Very kind and will deliver what you ask for in a timely manner!!! His Pecs are big and nice!!!

Atlas replied...
Im try to make a good content with pump, hd quality to made ur muscles fetich real. Thank you for the reply. Kiss

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 16 September 2018

Another amazing video from this INCREDIBLE GOD!! His custom vids just get better and better!

from sfo13m [6491] on 7 September 2018

I ordered another custom video as Atals was preparing for a bodybuilding contest. His pecs are full of muscle and he knows how to flex them.

It was an excellent video.

from sfo13m [6491] on 3 September 2018

I ordered another custom video from Atlas, as, now, he is in precontest-shreds mode.

His conditioning is impressive: full muscles, veins, and striations (my favorite muscle is pecs).

I certainly wish him well in his contest and will return for other custom flex videos.

from sfo13m [6491] on 26 August 2018

I have bought several custom videos with Atlas, the recent one being last week. Atlas is a cool guy to chat with as well as to do business with. I recommend him highly.

Currently, he is in fantastic precontest condition-vascularity, full, round muscles, and striations. My favorite muscles to worship: pecs, legs/glutes, arms (+ the huge biceps vein).

Atlas replied...
I dont know,how can i train witout fans like you. Thanks you for the great words ;(

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 20 August 2018

His custom vids keep getting hotter and hotter!!!

Atlas replied...
Im the one who getting sexy and hotter than before :)

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 8 July 2018

Just got another amazing custom video from Adam! He is SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!

from Dave-H [1160] on 7 July 2018

I can't wait for my next custom video from Atlas!
In the sample videos he's sent me on Skype he looks amazingly ripped and vascular now, and he is so nice to work with! I'll keep on coming back again and again to see his displays of effort and vein bursting power, he's great!

from growinmusc [5475] on 5 July 2018

Atlas is incredible in custom video. He's very good at understanding what you'd like to share in with him through custom video and he definitely delivers. From his videos on TBF, I'd seen already that he'd be very into/enjoy muscle display etc - and he more than fulfilled request(s) I'd made. I've seen negative comment on TBF re: Atlas, I could never make negative comment - he's great to interact with an via video. Strongly recommend.

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 1 July 2018

Another SUPER HOT custom video from Atlas! I cannot get enough! I want to FEEL his power for real some day!!

from caldermark [7485] on 1 July 2018

I continue to receive outstanding videos from Adam. He always seeks to follow my suggestions and flexes so hard that he always breaks out into a sweat. I consider his huge vascular muscles among the best on Best Flex, and I plan to purchase many more videos from this true muscle stud.

from papo1980 [675] on 2 June 2018

Adam is amazing! He is easy to get along with. Love the way he shows off his sexy muscles. He aims to please. One of the best! Definitely check him out for sure.

Atlas replied...
Thanks you for the support and thr review ;)

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 15 May 2018

Just got another custom video from Atlas...He has the body of a GOD! His videos are totally amazing and he delivers quick!

Atlas replied...
Thanks for your cooment and for your loyalite as well.

from blon [5] on 10 May 2018

A piece of s***t !!!

This man is a real bastard !!
He took your money and get nothing after !!

Don't make a show with him !!

Atlas replied...
You're the same person usnig two differents profils, You pay 30 usd for 10 minuteS THEN Once i start your show for 5 minutes, You Stop. And you ask for 5 minutes until another time, i say ok, But you did it again for the second time, the RULE ITS CLEAR,YOU CANT PAY FOR 10 MINUTES SHOW, THEN SPLIT EACH TIME LIKE YOU WANT IT.

from hyugan [10] on 10 May 2018

Paid 30usd and say yes it's okay, but never do the show, and say " I'm a thief "
Never do a show or never paid for him he's an asshole

Atlas replied...
(Florian pics) skype name he use two profil at bestflex under name blon,hyugan, the same person,Never trust Him, he treat me like his slave, he ask for 10 minutes show then he split it like He want, i say ok for the first time, then you did the same for me for second show, Plus, you're the one who say im a thief, i have all the screenchoot in my laptop. Please, guys and fans dont Trust this French men.

from sfo13m [6491] on 7 May 2018

I ordered a custom video from Atlas. As usual, the video was full of big, round, and full biceps and legs.

Atlas is a friendly guy and loved to flex for his fans.

I definitely will buy more custom videos from him.

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 14 April 2018

Ordered several customs from this MIGHTY Atlas! Each is better and better! Truly a huge powerful GOD

from debonaire [1797] on 12 April 2018

I had a pretty detailed script for my custom video. Atlas went above and beyond to make sure he gave me everything I wanted. He's got an amazing physique and his role playing skills are tip-top. He was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

from Dave-H [1160] on 9 April 2018

I had to have another custom video from Atlas, and this time it was posing, showing off his amazing vascularity. I was not disappointed!
He could not have put in more effort to give me what I wanted, and the video was fantastic quality too.
I cannot recommend Atlas enough, he is such a nice sincere guy as many have said, and the effort he puts in to please you is just amazing.

Atlas replied...
Thank you dave, just give some Months , to start cutting, im sure you would love to see my ext rem vascularity and veins.

from Dungu789 [485] on 27 March 2018

Holy moly, what a truely awesome experience a cam show is with this guy. Incredible physique, and great personality and amazing shape and definition too.

He is extremely responsive, and loves showing off his hard work.

He is absolutely awesome and I would recommend giving him a chance to work his magic on you too!


from gottagetbigger91 [290] on 26 March 2018

So I ordered a custom video from Atlas a few months ago, and the only reason I took so long to write this review is because it took me this long to actually make it all the way through. Atlas is--first of all--a really nice guy, making a potentially awkward conversation very easy. Second of all, the payment process was very easy and very quick. And his video...

Wow. Just wow. Exactly what I asked for, with a touch of what makes him unique. I was beyond impressed with his professionalism, and his physique is always really really impressive.

The whole experience, top to bottom, was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone who asked, and I am definitely going to order another video from him when I can! Thank you Atlas!!

from DBs [14089] on 3 March 2018

The problem about doing shows with Adam is you can not do just one! Right after finishing a cam, you will want one more and even that won't be enough! His perfect hard huge ripped muscles, his cute face will make you addicted! He is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!

Atlas replied...
you get addicted to me, i love that :)

from djmuscleflex [15065] on 2 March 2018

I received another custom Video from Atlas. He has a very charming personality and I can tell you the camera Loves him. He really personalizes his custom Videos. His body is HOT. I love the fact that he teases you at first and then BAM. WOW. You can tell he puts a lot of work into his body. You will NOT be disappointed with him at all !!!!

Atlas replied...
Thanks you so mush, for your review Im Pro, and i know how to take someone to my world. fans like you would Encourage, in my bodybuilding career :)

from Dido13 [185] on 28 February 2018

I just had a show with adam and the only thing i can say is that he is truly amazing ..
Great personality, very easy to deal with and a body to die for ...!!
He really wants to know what you like the most and puts many effort to deliver you the best outcome with his body
I strongly recommend him if you are looking for musclegod !

Atlas replied...
Thanks you so mush.

from Dave-H [1160] on 27 February 2018


This was absolutely fantastic!
I asked Adam to do some bar bending for me, as it's one of my favourite strength feats to watch.
He was a bit doubtful about it at first, but he eventually agreed to do it for me. It took a little while to get the bars prepared and find a good time to do it, but it was well worth waiting for!
Adam put everything into it, and I think may have surprised himself that he was actually strong enough to bend the bars, which were solid steel and thick!
I can't praise him highly enough for this, and of course he looked fantastic while he was doing it!
Really friendly and amazing guy, I do hope to work with him again.

from Dungu789 [485] on 26 February 2018

What an incredible experience - highly recommended this young man. Amazing physique, so huge and ripped, and what a great guy too.

Super personality, very responsive, very accommodating, great quality for the show too - lighting, sound and video quality is fantastic

Recommend this gent - 5* quality all the way, will for sure do more shows.

Incredible, and superb value for money too - he is MAGNIFICENT!

from hornyboy1234 [260] on 25 February 2018


A great show with a really hot guy. He did exactly as I wanted and more! I'll be back really soon for more :)

Atlas replied...
Atlas always in Progress, just come to feed his Muscles :)

from djmuscleflex [15065] on 24 February 2018

OMG. I just got my latest Custom Video. ATLAS blows me away every time. I have more than a few of his videos from the best flex website and he is an amazing man. He is very sexy and his voice just melts me away. His body is a work of art. I absolutely LOVE the way that he executes a scene. Between his being handsome, sexy voice and Rockin body.. He is a Keeper. He has a True Fan for LIFE !!! Anybody who gets his videos from the webstie or orders a custom video....DON'T WALK..RUN......You will NOT be disappointed. !!!!

Atlas replied...
Thanks you so mush!

from DBs [14089] on 23 February 2018

I just got another video of this incredible man! His shape is still hard, lean and huge! His muscles are perfect in every detail! His flex routine is impeccable! His deep voice and accent is sexy! wow! Awesome to deal with as always! Of course, I recommend him highly!!

from musclevan [395] on 17 February 2018

Adam is so hot and gives the best muscle worship shows ever, his body is in amazing shape and he likes to show it all!!! Love this guy!!!! I wish I could worship him in person one day!!!!

Atlas replied...
Thanks for the comment, im try now to add more size so my lovers can enjoy to see a bodybuilder champiob flex and make theire fantasy real. You're one of my favorite worchippers i enjoy our camshow. If you feel sad and boring always come to feel me, kiss.

from DBs [14089] on 17 February 2018

Well... I could say this man is cute, sexy, strong, huge, ripped... I could say he gave me a FANTASTIC time in the last (and all past) cams... I could say I am fully hipnotized by his hard colossal muscles... but EVERYONE who has a cam (or gets a video) with him already know that... So, dont waste your time reading one more review and get a show or ask a cam and came to his legion of addicted fans!

Atlas replied...
Always here to make you Hot im added now a new size!

from djmuscleflex [15065] on 17 February 2018

I have downloaded a few of Atlas's shows and then took the plunge to have him do a custom video. BAM. WOW. !!! I was actually blown away at the video. He went above and beyond on the scene that I provided him. I couldn't of asked for a better video. His Muscles are beyond anything imaginable. The custom video is also personalized with your name so it is like you are in the same room and he is addressing you. He has a devilish smile and a very charming personality. Communication is very easy with Atlas and very smooth. I have requested another custom video and I can't wait to see that one. I am sure it is going to be as mind blowing as the first one.

from Dave-H [1160] on 12 February 2018

I had a custom video made for me by Adam recently, and it was fantastic!
He crushed six apples for me one by one as if they were nothing, and his muscularity and vascularity were outstanding.
He's a really easy to deal with guy too.
I can't recommend him highly enough.
He only lost one star because the quality of the video was not as good as some I've seen from him, and it kept going out of focus. That was just caused by a lighting problem apparently, which will be fixed next time!

Atlas replied...
thanks for your locality, Your next Video Would be Perfect and in Very Clear Hd Resolution,and i will disable the Focus.. so you can relay Enjoy!

from caldermark [7485] on 12 February 2018

Adam is a great model. He is in outstanding shape and is one of my favorite models. His muscles and veins are extraordinary! He very cooperative and is eager to produce a quality video or show. I highly recommend him and plan to buy many more videos from this gifted person.

Atlas replied...
Thanks for your Review, im Growing Now and im try to add some size, just For you and for my Muscle Lovers, you can Get Your Valentine discount for your custom video and for you live Muscle Show, with me. Starting from 15 February to 27 February. Thanks for your support.

from papo1980 [675] on 5 February 2018

Adam is one of the best performers on here. Love everything about this guy. His muscles are incredible and his personality is amazing! He is the total package. Can’t wait to see him again!!

from growinmusc [5475] on 4 February 2018

Great video from Adam - great opportunity to see him for the first time, rather than a preview clip. It's definitely worth seeing full clip - he is very engaging and in great shape for clip. I recommend Adam's video(s) - you'll not be disappointed.

Atlas replied...
Always here to make Your Fantasy Real :)

from jonjon89 [45] on 4 February 2018

I just did a show with sir Adam here and it was one of the best shows ive had in awhile. He loves to show off his big muscular physique. And I have to say he stays in tip top shape. His photos match his current condition. He also does a phenomenal job at gearing the show for you as he will take direction and respectfully call you by your name. He cares for his viewers which is why I will be doing another show with this beast again and again.

from armwreslr [215] on 26 January 2018

I ordered a custom video from Adam, and he did a great job. I ended up ordering a second time, and he did another great job! Highly recommended!

Atlas replied...
Glade you Like it, tks for your support!

from spenny781 [1357] on 24 January 2018


ADAM is pure perfection! so accommodating with your request. perfect muscle god. his condition is on point and in his posers just blows you away. ive had 2 shows already and i could not recommend enough. you won't be disappointed.

Atlas replied...
Thank you, Im happy you like My Show!

from meistermax [485] on 20 January 2018

Very friendly guy with an amazing condition. The size of his arms stunning, their shape and proportions almost perfect. Shredded and vascular and he loves to flex. His poses look great and he loves to deliver a good show, which he does. I can just recommend to find out yourself!

Atlas replied...
Always my goal its to become more proportions from head to feet. thanks for your support :)

from oriten [170] on 17 January 2018


Abs flex and belly button play close bb hot

from squashme [430] on 15 January 2018

I requested a custom video from Adam recently and can only say positive things about the experience. Prompt, easy to deal with, great video featuring everything that I asked him about and what a huge stud he is on top of everything.
Thanks a lot and highly recommend!

from Dido13 [185] on 14 January 2018

I just received a custom video from adam and the only thing i can say is that he is pure muscle god !
Amazing body and very easy to deal with !
I highly recommend him !

Atlas replied...
Welcome Any Time My Muscle Lover :)

from gioweb21 [65] on 12 January 2018

Adam looks bigger than ever!!!! He's also much stronger that we was in the last video I watched him and he keeps gettting bigger and stronger!!!!!! For sure he will be a super heavywhey boybuilder in a couple months!!!!

from Dentrom [785] on 8 January 2018

Adam is a muscle wonder to behold! It is rare to find a camguy with so much complete muscle shape, size and detail. The vascularity of his arms and striations in his pecs will make you dizzy! He's got ALL the goods and he knows how to use them - flexing to make the most amazing details of his physique stand out, and working his muscles like he's squeezing your brain into helpless mush! He loves to dominate, yet he is professional and seems truly dedicated to pleasing his audience. All in all, an ideal combination of mind-blowing muscle and good character.

from Pumpirony [135] on 6 January 2018

Just did my first camshow with Adam, and it more than lived up to all the great reviews. He's very friendly, knew the right things to say to make the scene even hotter, and clearly was paying attention to what I liked. I was able to let him steer the show so that I could enjoy without giving constant directions. Oh, and besides all that, he is sexy as f***, and looks amazing!

from gioweb21 [65] on 5 January 2018

Adam is one of the best huge muscle guy I've ever watched!!!! His powerfull muscles are insane and he keeps getting bigger and bigger as the time goes by!!! Sure I will hire him for more muscle webcam shows!!!!!

from avvykavvy1 [10] on 2 January 2018

Adam is crazy hot! Such a well-defined and growing muscle man. He just oozes confidence but also is very kind and wants to please you. Definitely recommend shows with him!!

from gardenweasel [70] on 31 December 2017

Adam has done several live Skype shows with me. Always friendly to set up...through a reliable website so no scamming. He wants to know what I want from each show...and he gives his all each time. Really sexy attitude...great verbal and of course that monster vascular body. Perhaps the best muscle show on Flex. Brilliant guy.

from geek123456789 [10] on 29 December 2017

wow rak rzal Adam wooow ila briti dir hna les video dailk manyvids ratrbeh kter

from DBs [14089] on 29 December 2017

I have had many cams with Adam and I have bought many videos from him. Well.. I can say that each one has been better and better. Since I know him (few years), his condition and look have just improved. Right now, you won't be able to believe how this muscle-god is looking! Ripped, veiny and huge are all pale descriptions for this incredible man! Always willing to please, he is able to go from a professional flexer to a dominant muscle-god if you like! You will be able to track all the veins on these hard huge muscles and he will take you to the paradise! Highly recommended if it was just that, but he is also absolutely trustable, punctual and a fast deliverer. Dont waste your time and contact him!!!

from dcbrit [2360] on 29 December 2017

I asked Adam to make a custom vid for me, and all I can say is wow!! First of all he is the easiest person to work with. We chatted a bit on skype and then I send the description of what I was looking for on email. He turned it around in no time and was exactly what I asked for and more! Adam has the most incredible physique, and is in stunning condition right now. His whole body is shredded to the bone, and his vascularity is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! I 100% recommend him to any muscle lover. :)

from geek123456789 [10] on 28 December 2017

wow rak rzal Adam wooow ila briti dir hna les video dailk manyvids ratrbeh kter

from musclepup [3550] on 18 December 2017

I purchased two custom videos from Adam and I plan to buy more. He is professional and easy to work with and he delivered exactly what I requested. He's an expert poser and his muscles look amazing on cam!

from abfreak [335] on 17 December 2017

I'm a museum quality muscle worshipper and I was just blown away by Adam! I'm stll recovering! Mass, striations, vascularity, beautiful lines. Superb biceps-triceps-delts, incredible quads, rippling back, striated glutes!!! and abs you could lose your tongue in. Handsome and intense. He loves to be worshipped, feeds on your energy, teases out your fantasy and then delivers! A nice guy who deserves the support of every muscle worshipper! Get on your knees and enjoy the ride!

Atlas replied...
My best worchipping season its when my lover use the use his microphone during the show and you're one of theim. Thank you and hp New year.

from azstar [210] on 10 December 2017

I've bought several custom videos from him. He's fast, reasonably priced, and you will not believe how he looks now. He is simply stunning, huge, breathtaking, handsome and rock hard! I would love to see him showing and posing his huge muscles and chiseled physique in a competition on stage. He deserves to be admired and worshipped!

Atlas replied...
I cannot Say more than thank you, im just win my National Show, More Ripped physique soon.

from DallasBB [3465] on 7 December 2017

I had my second cam show with this INCREDIBLE man. First, Adam has one of the most spectacular physiques on the planet. Period. Every body part is perfect---thick ripped pecs, big hard, peaked round biceps, deep and sexy abs, awesome legs, a big thick back (make sure you ask him to do a rear double bicep shot...there is no other like it). But then, here is where the real magic comes in. He poses and flexes as though he is in your head. Every pose is flexed hard and held for you. He knows how to make you excited and poses slowly, and then he almost knows what to do to take you to heaven. He looks like a statue, and shows off every angle of his perfect body. He listens to you and wants to ensure a great time. Plus, he is so nice and kind, and really enjoys his job and making your fantasies come true. He isn't just a poser, but he is engaged with you through the whole session. DO NOT MISS OUT on him. Although I'm nervous to say that as he may not have any time for me, but he is truly a MUSLCE GOD in every sense of the word. If you are a true muscle worshipper, he will be your perfect muscle God.

from Rackfan [1200] on 20 November 2017

Simply stunning, incredible flexing and beautifully coated with oil. Adam is utterly shredded, sensational show.

from Glyphic [35] on 8 November 2017

Easy guy to deal with and completely trustworthy. The video was delivered quickly and was great quality. Adam is in amazing shape and loves flexing - can't wait to see more!

Atlas replied...
You're one of my favorite worchipper, tks for your spprt.

from paul duchai [485] on 14 October 2017

Hello: Muscle worshipers, I have been away from this site for a couple of years and now have returned to rediscover my absolutely awesome muscle gods. ADAM is on this list and I had the opportunity to see him again. WOW!! Bigger, more mass, with symmetry and detailed definition. His muscle control will blow your minds. He is super attractive middle eastern MUSCLE GOD. To watch him pose is a statue awakening from a deep sleep to pump hard and express his physique with vascularity for the eyes to behold. Motivate him to grow as I have and experience the master with his muscled physique. He hits each beautiful pose, slowly moving the hard worked out muscle to see from all angles. I recommend this GOD of muscle to all of you the real muscle worshipper. He is not a clock watcher and preforms to your requests. Help him on his way to grow bigger and compete once again in 2018 early MAY. A 10+++

Atlas replied...
I enjoy to flex my muscle for the true muscles worshipers. Thanks.

from DBs [14089] on 22 July 2017

I have bought another show and another video. They were awesome! Adam is bigger, ripped and stronger! Great time!

Atlas replied...
Thanks you, and welckom any time.

from sfo13m [6491] on 12 March 2017

I ordered another video from Adam. He seems to have added more muscle mass.

Nice round muscles and great flexing.

from DBs [14089] on 26 November 2016

fantastic shape and great video!

Atlas replied...
Im happy you enjoy it!!

from sfo13m [6491] on 12 September 2016

I have ordered flex videos from Adam in the past. I ordered another, and I was very happily surprised--Adam put on quality muscle mass since my last video (about a year ago). As he is preparing for a contest, the muscle mass is beginning to become chiseled. (Biceps veins are already prominent.)

Adam has been a great guy--he is kind, trustworthy, and loves muscle and to show the results of his gym training.

I definitely recommend him.

from kevin maximus [20] on 24 November 2015

I bought Adam's video "Two muscle hunks wrestling".It was the best wrestling video i ever seen. A real wrestling match full of action and submissions. I hope to see new wrestling videos of this young bodybuilder Adam Cha. During the match adam was in trouble but at the end he destroyed his opponent. Good job Adam. My name is Adam Yandiev and you are the best athlete in this website my friend.

Atlas replied...
Thanks for your reply, and happy new 2016 year!

from sofladdd99 [130] on 19 June 2015

great cam show w/ Adam. Dark eyes and great disposition. He is so easy to converse with. And I need to mention that his body is as advertised. He is the real deal. His pic's match his ripped muscularity. Great showman and I will be returning for more.

Atlas replied...
Welckom any time I was enjoy to show my gains for you. tks for your kindnedd. and see you soon kind regard,take care. adam.

from Coolmanrico [826] on 17 June 2015

I once again received an amazing video from this stunning guy. He's Very friendly with a amazing body.He has Big arms, cut abs, and my favorite a strong chest. Love how he can bounce his pecs rapidly or very slow. Will be back for more.

from Visconti [90] on 6 June 2015

J'ai maintenant confiance et vais envoyer email,
et verrai un peu de soutien pour la prochaine competition. Sincères salutations.

from DBs [14089] on 13 March 2015

i just had another incredible cam with Adam. He says he is in offseason, but you all should check him... big ad still with rips and all definition!

from Coolmanrico [826] on 8 March 2015

I Received a great custom video from Adam. I was left in awe as Adam flexed his hot, huge, hard body. I Will be back to worship him more and hope his dream of becoming pro come true. ;)

Atlas replied...
Thanks you Rico, i will do mybestflex to make your fantasy real, Peace!

from koopa77 [255] on 19 February 2015

Not bad in your shirt ripping video. loved it. :D

Atlas replied...
Welckom Any time Sir, i can make anyother private costume video, i must obey you.. Welcome anytime Peace!

from leanhairy [385] on 15 February 2015

i had other cam shows with adam, and i have to say they are getting better and better. not only that body is incredible, but adam is also improving his confidence and way of posing, making you feel more involved in the show. Professional and friendly, he tries to fulfill all your requests. Guys, you can't miss watching his shows and helping Adam in his bodybuilding journey

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 14 February 2015

Every video I order is amazing!

from paul duchai [485] on 26 January 2015

Hey muscle lovers and worshipers. Here is a muscled beast named Adam that I have had the awesome priviledge to see in muscle motion. Check out the first video in red trunks this is his present offseason muscle size. Note that being heavier still maintains size shape and definition. Besides the muscle he is handsome engaging with his admiring muscle worshiper. He is extremely accommodting to every wish. His muscle control is perfect from all the angles. The veins popping and pump are to die for. Think any one who witnesses him for the first time ill as I to visit him more and more as his journey to be the biggest with his natural symmetry and balance of muscle will also become one of his all time supporters as I have become. Come one , come all and be pleasured by ADAM serious muscle HUNK

from shyguy [435] on 25 January 2015

I have had several Skype shows with Adam. I can not rave enough about his muscle shows. He poses, he pumps and oils and flexes his beautiful hard muscular body. What a treat!!!

from stevep [182] on 23 January 2015

Just had my first show with Adam! He was very good at listening to what I wanted and needed and then delivering it! Big muscles, sweet talk, lots of fun! Very outgoing and active; he didn't just sit there and act bored! He seemed to have as much fun as I did! Great experience!

Atlas replied...
Welckom any tim Steev,i'm here to made your day (k)

from beefy4muscle [1665] on 23 January 2015

Just bought a video from Adam...All I can say is...He is INCREDIBLE! And the video was done very quickly...took only one day! Very sincere and trustworthy...and an AMAZING face and body!

from sfo13m [6491] on 21 January 2015

Adam is an excellent cam model; I have bought a couple private videos. He is easy to deal with, and his physique is wonderful to watch as he flexes and poses.

Atlas replied...
Thanks,it's my pleasure Sir!

from Sammael [1385] on 21 December 2014

Great body, like showing it off.

Atlas replied...
Welckom any time!

from leanhairy [385] on 20 December 2014

too handsome. you'll risk to get addicted to this young champion...

Atlas replied...
i'm always availiable for you ! just let me know for the hooot show !

from DBs [14089] on 17 December 2014

i had just good experiences with Adam. He has a very amazing body and does a great job showing it off. Strong, big and ripped! Can not recommend more!

from Tomino [50] on 14 December 2014

I am very sorry, that i cant shear the opinions above. My experience is, that Adam is a cheeter, scamer and liar. He asked me to pay 100 EUR as advance payment for customer video. At the beginning, he promised everything, (I had even impression, he wouldnt hesitate offer me to sleep with his own mother, if I would have interest, just to get some quick cash) he even begged me to do a nice video for me. Than after he has received his money, he apologized at least 5 times for delays due to his contest preparations, and finally he never delivered anything what he has promised. Hands off from this awful Moroccan liar!

from paul duchai [485] on 13 December 2014

Hello friends that enjoy a muscled flexed physique. I have had the amazing luck to have met this bodybuilder and to experience one of his cam shows. I must say Adam had an awesome symmetrical shaped physique that shows with all the work from his gym, striations, definition and vascularity that brings the beauty of his muscles to our eyes. He is very likable and easy going individual and offers all requests to his fans old and new. I must say that when he poses the muscle control is terrific from all angles. From close up to full body physique. I have been entranced by his hard working in the gym and his character that I will follow his journey to become the best in his weight class and future competitions. Very reasonable rates, so one and all just meet him once and then understand why he wants to be a IFBB champion.

from JoshC [30] on 12 December 2014

Fantastic body, very pleasant disposition and really enjoys showing off all his hard work.

from Matt.45 [135] on 10 December 2014

Adam is a kind and thoughtful man who puts so much into his physique. He deserves so much respect for his look. You won't be disapointed :)

from Visconti [90] on 4 December 2014

Je viens tout juste de lire ici. J'ai répondu sur Facebook avant, mais on peut communiquer ici
je comprends si l'on va peu sur 'facebook'. Je voudrais un peu aider pour prochaines compétitions
au Maroc, mais aussi en Europe, un peu tout comme sponsoring. Salutations...

Atlas replied...
Merci de m'avoir m'écris, voici mon email: Ecris moi la SVP! Peace & love!

from Visconti [90] on 3 December 2014

je vous envoie une invitation Facebook...

Atlas replied...
ok!mais c'est rarement quand je rentre sur facebook,je préfere le skype!

from Visconti [90] on 3 December 2014

Hello, je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès
en bodybuilding. Sincèrement. Où vous

Atlas replied...
hey,Merci,c'est trés gentille de ta pars, on peux nous rencontrer sur skype,si vous voulez, Merci pour ton soutien en avance!

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