Natural sexy muscle

18, 177cm (5'10"), 78kg (172 lbs)

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Natural sexy muscle


About me

Best muscle for a young natural, very sexy and dominate


from surfahripz16 [807] on 3 August 2019

This Alpha is one of the new breed of TBF young lions. What sets him apart from other young guns in his age group is his roar. Some bodybuilders have vocalizations that sound more like a cat’s purr. His is a long and loud roaring calling out to everyone, “Come at me!”

This aesthetic TBF-er is jacked, very easy to talk to, and easy to deal with as he's open-minded and open to all types of clients – old or young, white or dark, big or small, owner of luxurious Italian-leather wallets or possessor of a beat up velcro-strap surf wallets (like mine).

If he sticks with it, he will be with TBF for months (if not years) to come whilst only getting better with more video and cam exposures under his belt and with more muscle development to satisfy even the most seasoned muscle-worshipping fan.

Highly recommended.

from longbyname [727] on 3 August 2019

another superb show hes so open minded

from P. Alex [250] on 1 August 2019

great show and amazing body. got right into my scene and went with it. easy to deal with and i recommend him

from TM95 [241] on 15 July 2019

Great kid and a great show. I would highly recommend him and trust me, he is honest so the bad review is someone with hurt feelings.

from BDFLEXGA [465] on 15 July 2019

Cocky YES
Amazing Body YES
Nice (when ya want him to be if you get my drift) YES


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Age 18
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 78kg (172 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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