Master Joao

Looking for worshippers

39, 165cm (5'5"), 80kg (176 lbs)

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Looking for worshippers


About me

Showing off my body to people who trully admire a nice hairy muscled chest is something I really like. I love using tank tops, deep v's, suit shirts and when worshippers get weak on their knees when I flex my biceps.

Contact me if you're interested in a private camshow where you can interact with me and/or a custom-made video for you to watch over and over. Check my Tumblr for more pics.


from bakerbi80 [5] on 27 January 2017

Master Joao is an Alpha God and exceptionally nice individual. His body of work, ;) , is art. I highly recommend Master Joao for business, enjoyment, and custom work.

Thank you Sir!

Master Joao replied...
your groveling is my pleasure - keep that money pouring in

from mwmorton [5] on 11 August 2016

I recently received a personalized video from Master Joao in which he dominated me and showed me the true Alpha and Master he is. It was insanely hot and he was very easy to work with in regards to the personalization of the video. It was the hottest thing I have ever experienced, and Master Joao truly is an Alpha and Master. Thank you Sir for showing me my true place in life: at your feet, worshipping you.

Master Joao replied...
Sometimes you have to go rough a bit more rough to show boys who they belong to... just that ;)

from Mack33 [35] on 28 April 2016

Had written a fan fiction for Master João based on his pictures which he posted on his tumblr, so I already knew he was a great guy! I had never ordered a custom video before from anyone, so MJ popped my cherry, so to speak. What can I say? You always want your first time to be with a real man and MJ is real and certainly ALL MAN. Even though his natural superiority means he could make you cum with little effort (hell, a flash of those dark hairy pits and I'm done), he puts in a LOT of effort for you. Excellent excellent excellent.

Master Joao replied...
It's both an honor and a pleasure to deal with people like you: one of my biggest fans on Tumblr and definitely a great guy to collab. Always plenty of me for when you want to come back for more ;)

from Ridge181 [10] on 23 December 2015

exceptionally nice man and such a great body. full of muscles. his pecs are especially my favourite. his atittude is great and he is real.. such a lovely show I had :).

Master Joao replied...
Another happy customer.

from dlareg84 [5] on 18 November 2015

Master Joao is a God. Love his stunning hairy musculature body. Easy to communicate and do business with. His video will make you kneel down on your knees. His pictures says it all and his video cams will show you who is in charge. I had become he devoted worshipper instantaneously. Definitely rooting for him and willing to worship him like a Giant Muscle God that he is meant to be.

Master Joao replied...
Little men always know who is Alpha. We complete each other. It's great having people who trully appreciate the effort.

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Age 39
Height 165cm (5'5")
Weight 80kg (176 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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