Mike Oxlong

Hardest Worker In The Room

Mike Oxlong

22, 182cm (6'0"), 116kg (255 lbs)

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About me

Young, hungry, beast bodybuilder. Goal is to be PRO! here to showcase and meet others who are just as passionate about bodybuilding as I am!


I can't stop watching this handsome massive and absolutely shredded guy flexing.. Its like you have no control and in fact you really don't have any control. I mean, just look at him! Just look how incredible he looks in every way and can you imagine him even bigger soon? With an even better shape than now? Something that's impossible you say? Just wait and watch, when this stunning guy reaches a new level, beyond anything!

Shiwa [583] on 26 Jun 2022

His videos always have me drooling. I watch them over and over. I asked for a custom video and got cocky with him. I don't know why a fat, blubber boy like me thought that I could control a muscular champion like this. Mike, please take me back.

I promise, I'll submit and obey. I'm sorry. You were a stand up Olympian and decent person the whole time, and I... I'm sorry. Please, take me back. I'll be a good piggy. I promise. A beefy masterpiece like you deserves immediate submission - no questions ask. Those of you who have the chance, you're lucky. Don't blow it. =(

obedienceandshame [2852] on 24 Jun 2022

Have gotten many vids from Mike. He always gives quality. Even when he's busy, you can be assured that he will get you your show/ vid in a timely fashion all while being one of the best you've had. Also, let's not forget he's in insane shape! Huge and ripped to the max. Great stand up guy to work with and get your shows and vids from!

tt220 [235] on 23 Jun 2022

Just a short live show first, but he is in INSANELY ripped condition and so sexy

southboy69 [75] on 18 Jun 2022

I've really seen a lot of videos so far and I've seen a lot from Mike as well. He literally took my breath away. In the off-season I was already completely enthralled...but now? Damn you guys! That massive body, defined to every little corner with those incredible veins popping out in every pose.... That rugged masculinity coupled with a handsome face.... You are helplessly at his mercy, you are dominated on a level that is simply beyond description. Every single of his flexing sends a feeling through your body that is so intense that you simply become addicted. I got several videos straight away because of this fact. I can only urge everyone to do the same. And Mike will get even bigger and better. You won't find that kind of potential very often.
Thank you Mike.

Shiwa [583] on 4 Jun 2022

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Mike Oxlong


Age 22
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 116kg (255 lbs)
Eyes Other
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Mixed


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