Riley Jackson

Under this world class body is a dirty mind

26, 180cm (5'11"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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Under this world class body is a dirty mind


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Sexy Underwear

Riley Jackson

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Shower Flex

Riley Jackson

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Summer Flex

Riley Jackson

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About me

Just recently traveled the country and now living in Southern California at the beach. I'm your cute/hot neighbor that is hiding the perfect body and the strength of 3 men.


from M.J. [5] on 21 March 2018

I had a couple live shows with Riley, and he was absolutely awesome. In fact, I enjoyed the shows so much that I subsequently purchased three videos from him, where he shows off every inch of his magnificent physique.

Needless to say, Riley is very handsome and very sexy, but just as important he is also a very nice person, and he rightly deserves the highest possible rating of five stars.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you MJ!! I appreciate the review. It's always good talking to you and I'm glad you're doing well, relatively speaking haha. I'm always up to make you videos and chat

from labtec830 [50] on 19 March 2018

It's no surprise to me that I can look at the reviews of Riley Jackson and see one glowing account after another, many only days apart from one another. I recently received my third custom video from Riley and he always delivers in every way possible. He's excellent with communication, he's personable, and he cares very much that you like the final product. On camera, he's an Adonis - the blending of a very chiseled and aesthetic physique with a hypnotic and addictive personality. I'll definitely be back for more!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man! Your videos are always fun and creative to do and you're very friendly and professional, it's always good talking to you!

from jockboyrick [25] on 14 March 2018

Riley is fucking amazing, period. Before you finish watching one of his vids, you'll KNOW you have to order another one.

Whatever you want him to be, he's not only up for it but ready to please. He takes requests and can be as laid back or as hardcore as you like. I personally love hardcore verbal, and the custom vid Riley made for me is much so that I couldn't get through it in one sitting.

Riley is super responsive on Skype, easy as hell to talk to, and very quick with the video orders. His rates are really reasonable, too. I've been scammed plenty by muscle vid guys, and that makes me appreciate a trustworthy guy like Riley even more.

Gotta ad -- Riley is hot as fuck and knows how to show off his incredible body. He's the real deal.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you for the review Rick, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! You're also cool to talk to. Keep fooling around with that guy lol

from orangetiger [25] on 2 March 2018

Very reasonable rates, easy to talk to, friendly yet dominant when he needs to be.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man! It's been good talking to you

from youp555 [230] on 24 February 2018

Had another show with Riley after a long time, and he's still phenomenal! He is really one of the nicest, most professional, and best looking cam guys out there. Can't highly recommend him enough!

Riley Jackson replied...
It was great catching up again! It was a fun show

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Age 26
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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