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Riley Jackson

Under this world class body is a dirty mind

26, 180cm (5'11"), 86kg (189 lbs)

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Under this world class body is a dirty mind


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About me

Just recently traveled the country and now living in Southern California at the beach. I'm your cute/hot neighbor that is hiding the perfect body and the strength of 3 men.


from ja8690 [1180] on 5 December 2019

I ordered a video from Riley last night and received it in under an hour. Record time! He doesn't mess around. Does a great job of showing off his nice physique while being incredibly charming. You can't go wrong connecting with this guy.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man I appreciate it!! I'm glad you liked the video and me! I'm always down for more!

from JoeNYC [3885] on 24 September 2019

Riley Jackson is truly one of a kind! He is my #1 favorite guy on this site and the one that I get the most custom videos from, by far! Admittedly, I don't post reviews here as often as I should or as often as he deserves, but if I were to leave a review on Riley's page every time I received an amazing custom video from him, there would literally be hundreds of reviews (and counting) from me here already! To say that I am a huge fan of Riley's is a massive understatement! You won't find anyone nicer, more trustworthy or more reliable than Riley Jackson! He is truly one of a kind and the best guy on this site! When it comes to custom videos, Riley is always enthusiastic, eager to please and he will give you exactly what you asked for! He also always remembers what you like and he perfects it with each video that you request from him! And speaking of getting videos from him, there is no one faster at making them than our Riley! He is also great at role-playing! These are just some of the many reasons that I keep coming back to Riley for more and more! Another big reason is that he is ridiculously hot, obviously, and he has been making some incredible gains lately, which has been awesome to watch! I truly can not say enough great things about Riley Jackson! He is, quite simply, the best!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you Joe!! We've known each other for a long time now and I'm glad we're friends! It's always fun to make your videos!! I look forward to a lot more!! Hahaha

from cocorico [215] on 23 September 2019

Best on the site. This guy delivers ????. Hot as f***, reliable, fast.. Got a couple vids a year or two ago, and would not hesitate for another custom vid. Actually just did lol.

Riley Jackson replied...
Hi there! Thank you man for the review and I'm always up for more! I've made a bunch of gains in the last two years so you'll love this!

from photography.dg [15] on 21 September 2019

Sensational show his ass is incredible

Riley Jackson replied...
lol thanks man I appreciate that and the review! I’m always down for more

from VentusHeart [796] on 10 September 2019

King Riley served a lot lately!!!!

He always was a staple on The Best Flex but he upgraded himself to the next level: more sass, more attitude, sexier poses, bigger quads... And an XXL butt!!!!

We have decided to stan him forever. <3

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you bud!! I'm excited to be the biggest and strongest I've been in years and it's only the beginning! Lots of progress is coming quickly

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Age 26
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 86kg (189 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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