Riley Jackson

Under this world class body is a dirty mind

26, 180cm (5'11"), 86kg (189 lbs)

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Under this world class body is a dirty mind


Muscle Shower 2

Muscle Shower 2

Riley Jackson

SALE! $19.99 $24.99

Summer Muscle 2019

Summer Muscle 2019

Riley Jackson

SALE! $19.99 $24.99

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About me

Just recently traveled the country and now living in Southern California at the beach. I'm your cute/hot neighbor that is hiding the perfect body and the strength of 3 men.


from mikedis [75] on 9 March 2020

i just got another custom video from Riley and it was another amazing video as always. If you fellow Riley fans haven't checked him out in awhile, you really need to. He has been working out like crazy and the results really show. He is truly looking the best he has ever looked. He is pure solid muscle and perfecty aesthetically stunning. He also happens to be the nicest and most reliable guy in the business and great at playing up to whatever scenario you are looking for in a video. He also has an amazing onlyfans page as well. He posts to it everyday, usually a couple times a day, with a combination of getting to see him working out and him showing off all of his amazing physique that is a result of his hard work. And on top of all that, he is also the fastest at getting you your video and the most generously priced guy for your purchase. I canot recommend him enough.

Riley Jackson replied...
Hi Mike, thank you for the glowing review man!! You're a great guy and I always enjoy our videos and chats! Thanks for all the support man

from Zoomzombie [50] on 29 February 2020

As the previous 5 Star reviews have said before me, this guy is a pro.

Just got my first custom from him and it was above and beyond. I’ll definitely be back.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man I appreciate it!! I'm glad you liked it and I'm always down for more fun vids!

from VentusHeart [1111] on 6 January 2020

I've been a Riley fan for two years and let's just say he's like a fine red wine: getting better and better...

Physically, he never was that huge : his shoulders look now like two giant roots coming off the ground, his abs are even more defined and his biceps have clearly gained some centimeters.

As a flexing/hunk performer, his last bunch of videos were the best he never did: he has the attitude, he learned a lot of suggestive poses that could make great photoshoots. He never felt so good in his body and you can tell !!

His prices are worth it, high key!!! Hunks generally ask a way higher price for way less material. Plus he's really grateful for his loyal fans. Dealing with him is always super easy.

As a person, he's very clever, generous and nature friendly. He has a really great philosophy and his lifestyle make his progress even more impressive.

To summarize, Riley is my ultimate favorite guy on The Best Flex; not only for his godlike body, angelic face and hot attitude... But also and mainly for his personnality, the way he treats people and his heart <3.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you for all the kind words! The gains I've made have been very exciting and it's been a lot of fun! I've grown mentally and physically over the last 9 months, and am in a good place. And I always enjoy our talks!!

from JoeNYC [3940] on 1 January 2020

Riley Jackson is truly the best guy on this website and he is my absolute favorite! I have been getting custom videos from Riley for 4 years now and in that time, I have literally gotten hundreds of videos from him! Recently though, I have become an even bigger fan of his than I already was because he has completely blown my mind with his gains! His transformation and progress over the last several months has been incredible and it's been extremely exciting to witness! Riley is bigger and hotter than ever and he looks phenomenal! His big arms/biceps/triceps drive me crazy, as do those perfect, ripped abs! Riley's body has never looked as amazing as it does right now! I just can't seem to get enough of Riley or videos of him lately! In fact, I think I broke my own record (which was already pretty high) in the most videos requested from him in a single week and yet, I still want more! Besides his obvious physical attributes, Riley is also truly a genuinely great guy and a real class act! He is the nicest, friendliest, most reliable, most honest, most trustworthy, most eager to please and enthusiastic guy on this site! He is also the fastest at getting your videos to you (or doing a show) and he will always give you exactly what you requested! If you're into any kind of role-playing, Riley is also a pro at that! Also, as his other "regulars" can attest to, he has a knack for always remembering all of the things you like! Some qualities that really separate Riley from most other models and that make him so special and unique is that he treats you more like a friend than a fan, he treats his supporters/clients with respect and he is genuinely appreciative of us! All of that is so rare to find and I think are some of the main reasons why Riley has experienced so much success in the camming world and why us Riley Jackson superfans stay so devoted and loyal to him! But those are just some of the many reasons! With Riley's recent gains, which show no signs of stopping any time soon, this is such a great time to be a Riley Jackson fan! I'm so excited to see how Riley is going to continue to blow me away in 2020! :)

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you Joe!! Yes this an exciting time! So much gains have been made and still more to come. It's amazing to be at my best and nothing that can stop me ????

from DoonB [3715] on 27 December 2019

If you're just starting out, Riley is your guy to go to. He's truly one of the nicest guys on here. You won't be disappointed with his physique either, and he does great at role play if you want to try something different.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you Doon I appreciate it! I always enjoy talking with you and our vids!!

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Age 26
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 86kg (189 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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