Shredded as Fuark

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22, 190cm (6'3"), 100kg (220 lbs)

London Central, United Kingdom

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Live Cam Shows and Videos all day long HD QUALITY!


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About me

Hi everyone for live cam shows and custom videos sent me a message on skype- or drop me an
6ft3-190cm,100 kgs alpha Russian Fitness model and Bodybuilder

Muscle Worship

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I'm available to meet in London Central, United Kingdom.


from RBJ89 [2426] on 10 December 2020

Got my custom today. He was great at communicating and being open to odd requests so I'd say of you have an oddball request you'd like to see a big muscle god try out then give this guy a try!

from ferdi.1 [100] on 9 December 2020

I got a custom video - I am completely satisfied. Everything as agreed. And his body is absolutely amazing. Tall and muscular.

from undersneaxx [850] on 4 December 2020

Shredded as Fuark is a unique and great guy. The contact is very pleasant and the agreements are adhered to perfectly. The video is fully based on my wishes. I thank him very much for the excellent film adaptation.

from AlanMccarter [62] on 3 December 2020

Custom Video ….This guy is my dream.

(BICEPS & FOREARMS) Either Shredded as Fuark biceps are pumped, or his off-season condition is immensely of a PRO Classic bodybuilder. The muscle bellies bow outward when the biceps are engaged on the front dbl bis pushing a well-developed PeAk. Them fuckers are extremely developed laced in vascularity and striated like a motha fuckin CHAMP! I can almost see a split between the long head and short head of the bicep on both GUNS! Perfect symmetry!!!! It is hard to tell the size of the arms cause of the size of his chest and delts. I would not have guessed 19”

His palmaris longus muscle extrudes on the forearms. The entire brachioradialis muscle is very well developed. Them forearm muscles are all genetics! Not sure if he ever measured his muscles before, them forearms must be damn near 15”+

(TRAPS) When he fuckin rip a most muscular, the trapezius muscle extrudes up into the middle neck (splenius capitis). These muscles are extremely developed, THICK, striated and the front explodes with vascularity. The Rhomboids minor and major on the upper part of the back are clearly developed.

(TRICEPS) The brachii medial head and brachii long head are extremely present on the front DBL BI and fuckin ties into the armpit (almost tapered) …. INCREDIBLE! The separation between the bicep and triceps is clear and well defined! And, when he extends his arm …. The horseshoes explode! When he hits a front dbl bi…. Them triceps bow equally to your peaked biceps

(CHEST) The entire mass is extremely developed. It is nothing but of an elite bodybuilder that can tie the upper pectoral into the front delts. When relaxed them lower pecs stand full and create a shelf over the abdominals. Them pecs are all striated! 100% MOTIVATION!!!!

(DELTOIDS) Cannonballs homie ….. YEP! This muscle group is probably his secret weapon on a bodybuilding stage! He is fuckin HUGE …. I have never flexed or seen any motha fuckin human being flex all three heads of the delts simultaneously. His medial deltoid is the fuckin Cannonballs. Rounded and very well developed. The posterior deltoid is ripped and striated. Clear lines separating the deltoid to the back. The anterior deltoid is extrudes clearly separated from the medial deltoid when hitting a most muscular. All three heads are a BADASS example of a exceptional bodybuilder! I cannot wait to see these bad boys flexed before competition ready!!!

Shredded as Fuark 100% symmetry! Proportion is on point..... MASS is present.

from AlanMccarter [62] on 24 November 2020


My 2nd roleplay video with 3 cam shows from Shredded as Fuark.Nailed it again. How he is able to take an outline of an idea and turn it into a cinematic experience is award winning. The creative dialogue, facial and eye expressions, body movements, manly voice and wardow all come together in perfect execution. Each scene sets up the next scene and so on until the final scene which encapsulates the theme of the video.Even though he is a one man operation, he is able to introduce characters into the video that one believes are actually there.The physique, it's obvious, is exceptional. From the delts, pecs, lats,bi's/tri's, down thru the abs, connecting with glutes then on to the quads and finish at the calves. No weak spots. The hair on the torso is just added alphaness, to a man that exudes alpha He-Man personna. Looking forward to seeing how Shredded as Fuark handles my next roleplay idea I throw at him.

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Age 22
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


Location London Central, United Kingdom
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