No words only acting

21, 180cm (5'11"), 94kg (207 lbs)

Iaşi, Romania

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No words only acting


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About me

My name is Xander, 21 years. I am a performance bodybuildermuscle and venous guy who live the moment. My mission is my reward customers willing to look at me. Quality is more imoportant than quantiy. Promise an enviable shape both the on season and in the off season and very ripped! I like to be appreciated and revered!

*My skype: live:.cid.c7ffac7b0d4cb8d3
*My email: big.xander99@gmail.com
*My profile onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/u22332450


from Jaynuke1 [7965] on 3 March 2021

I have been doing custom videos with Xander for over a year. He has always been kind and friendly when talking about videos. He takes feedback well and is constantly improving his physique and video skills.

His physique is one of a massive ripped athlete. He has huge arms, a wide back, huge pecs and incredible legs. The vascularity is crazy. His ability to custom tailor your request into the video is incredible.

Xander replied...
Thank you for your trust! Appreciate!

from alex_28 [618] on 24 February 2021

Had my 2:nd show with this amazing man and it was even better than the first one! His muscles are so thick and hard and he likes to show off. And that handsome face... 10 stars from me to Xander!

Xander replied...
Thank you very much!

from VentusHeart [1157] on 23 February 2021

Woow... You ain't ready for Xander!!!

It's been one year since the last video i asked him... Can't believe all the progress he made so quickly: bigger (truly giantic), incredible poses and stripping, impressive quality overall...

If you love heavy muscles with cutie faces Xander will be your boy ??

Xander replied...
Thank you very much! Appreciate for your trust!

from fagslavex16 [464] on 20 February 2021

Said he made a video in 15 minutes . Made me wait for the whole day. Then the video turned out to be boring no verbal...no action. Then he started begging me to give a review. I kindly asked to fuck off, he started cursing and calling me names.
He says his dick is 19 cm. Ask him to send a picture with a tape! It’s 15 maximum.

Xander replied...
Thank you for your review. First of all, this review doesn't bother me at all. People who are my clients / friends know what kind of person I am. I am happy to be surrounded by quality people, but there are also such frustrated people. The story begins like this: I was contented by this individual for a custom video. After I offered him a discount (he was the one who prayed for me, like we were at the market) - “At least xx (is about money here) please u know ill get back for more ... do u ? ”. It took 4-5 hours for the custom video to be delivered. (Not all day). He said in the review that it was a boring video. This is his review after watching the video “Fuck u blowing my mind god” (I will not publish the entire review because I respect privacy). I didn't ask him to leave me a review. I just asked “ U can write a review on my tbf account?” (These reviews from you help both me and others in this community to make a first impression. As for a product, if you see that it has only good reviews, you will buy that product). His answer “ Damn you’re annoying greedy and stupid”. (Remember, after I offered him a discount). I am a transparent person and I assume what I do or what I say. As proof, I pointed out that I can't be called greedy after I offered a discount and then told him it was "You're a frustrated bastard.". I apologize for these words, but you have a limit. I don't behave nicely for money. It's all about education. And I will not allow anyone to offend me as long as I do not bother. He thought it would hurt me with this review, that's called frustration. I thank him. I wish you a nice day!

from alex_28 [618] on 19 February 2021

Woow! Its so nice to be surprised when you have your first show with a guy. And this man is a true woow! Xander has a beautiful muscular body, full of veins even in off session. And his legs...omg so massive and beefy its unreal! Super friendly and nice to talk to makes it even better. I loved it!

Xander replied...
Thank you! The details make the difference!

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Age 21
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 94kg (207 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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