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Unreal thickness and dominant attitude in my new custom! He is a true mighty beast! Have your way with me Sir! There's no way I could stop you!

beefy4muscle [7932] on 28 Jun 2024

This guy is beyond words. He's so big, so beautiful. Those LEGS man!! Each video is better than the last, thank you!

Brandon078 [597] on 8 Jun 2024

New custom! Total GOD. Thick and powerful EVERYWHERE!! The legs? total skull crushers!!

beefy4muscle [7932] on 7 Jun 2024

Another custom.... If Superman was real....this is him!

beefy4muscle [7932] on 22 May 2024

This guy is a total stud. So nice and easy to communicate with and very clear about delivery dates for videos. He listens to every request and runs with it.

And that's great because he's SO MASSIVE. He's blown the hell up in his offseason. Such huge round smoke muscles that seem like won't stop growing. His glutes and chest are the highlights for me. But everything is so well developed and full. Can't wait to do more with this total stud 💪💪💪

muscle_lover1 [1475] on 15 May 2024

Damn! Every custom is better than the last. Adam is one incredible hulking/bulking monster!

beefy4muscle [7932] on 15 May 2024

I can't get enough of this thick powerful massive god! 3rd custom.... Damn! What can he do to me next????

beefy4muscle [7932] on 1 May 2024

New custom, even better than the previous one! Truly massive god-like monster!!!

beefy4muscle [7932] on 30 Apr 2024

Love the new custom I just got from Adam! Bulky and thick and POWERFUL looking! And those legs? WOW~

beefy4muscle [7932] on 25 Apr 2024

Ordered more videos from this fella and he does not disappoint! Delivers fast and is great to talk to :)

visionS1 [250] on 19 Apr 2024

I received another custom video from Adam. He made a great posing routine. He is currently going through a bulking phase for his next competition. He delivered the video on time as promised. Adam is really great to work with. He is super nice, and is always continuing to improve.

andy0105 [100] on 15 Apr 2024

Adam Muscle replied...
Thank you for your support, brother!

I got another video from this man, and he is so big. so much muscle. so gorgeous. I'm telling you I just keep watching it over and over again. Thank you for that video big man, I can't wait for the next one!

Brandon078 [597] on 13 Apr 2024

Adam Muscle replied...
Thank you for your support, my friend!

Just got a other video from Adam and he's putting on more size during his offseason! Delivered in a timely matter, can't wait to see what he makes next :)

visionS1 [250] on 15 Mar 2024

Adam Muscle replied...
Thank you for your support, my friend!

While Adam has a pro level physique he is not forthright and does not keep his commitments. He has only provided half of the videos I paid for two months ago. His communication is nearly non existent. Not recommended.

harlanny [20625] on 27 Sep 2023

Just did my second video with this beast. WOW! He did not disappoint again. He took my feedback from the first video we did and made this one ten times better. He is so HUGE and handsome, and is super nice to deal with (even though I got a little annoying with my own excitement!). Could not recommend this stud more!

muscle_lover1 [1475] on 28 Aug 2023

I got my 2nd video, and I just want MORE. Muscle lovers, contact this man. I promise you! He's great to work with, really good at flexing and most important he is BIG.

Brandon078 [597] on 16 Aug 2023

First of all this guy is super nice and accommodating to my requests for my video! He’s also MASSIVE, some of the most insane quads and glutes on a guy I’ve ever done videos with. Handsome as hell too. Video was great, he did exactly what I wanted and then some! Give this massive stud a go!

muscle_lover1 [1475] on 15 Aug 2023

He produces good videos, I managed to get 2. But I would have gotten 50 more, if he would let me. I even paid him more than what he was asking! Plain and simple: he is way too busy to be making videos for his customers, and his communications are very sporadic. A simple question can take days for a response. I don’t know if he does live shows, I didn’t ask for one. But if you are requesting a custom video, be prepared to wait WEEKS for it. He is a gifted athlete and I wish him well, but he is not ready for a fan base yet.

ADAM1 [11610] on 5 Aug 2023

Adam Muscle replied...
I'm very sorry brother but first of all you don't pay me videos for advancing therefore I give priority to those who do because they deserve respect when paying for their cash videos. Anyway, thank you very much for your review and I hope you are excellent. Successes.

I just received my first custom video from Adam. He made an amazing flexing video, and he really enjoyed showing off his incredible physique. Adam is extremely massive, and has the biggest quads I have ever seen. He delivered the video on time. Adam is a very nice guy, and is really easy to work with. I will definitely order again from him.

andy0105 [100] on 2 Aug 2023

Just received my first custom from this muscle beast! Very easy to work with him. Looking forward to more videos. And it can't be repeated enough...amazing ridiculous quads!

tiki3012 [20928] on 9 Jul 2023

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