Massive Muscle Hulk Out featuring Airon

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Fans went crazy for Airon's first ever video, featuring him shredding a shirt with a bicep flex. Now he's taken things to the next level. His huge pecs rip apart this shirt. His biceps burst through the sleeves. Not even his jeans can survive as he rips them apart with ease. So handsome. So strong. So perfect.


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from johnthomas [1881] on 18 October 2020

what powerful muscles: biceps, triceps, lats, delts the whole package. /the ripped shirt is so erotic! great eyes, very handsome

from beddubi [6054] on 21 June 2020

Look awesome and ripped but as told before me, ripping the shirt more slowly and when it still on would have improved the level of the whole video and of course if Airon was more verbal but, overall this was HOT and I RECOMMEND for sure! 4.5*^

from spence [180] on 16 June 2020

Good, but should have had more time showing the shirt actually on and being slowly ripped apart. Most of the shirt ripping was after he had taken off the shirt.

from jackwall [7941] on 15 June 2020

Yes this is a real Hulk Out when the muscles do all the ripping!!! BRAVO!!

from Loulouetc [340] on 14 June 2020

It's a really nice video, beautiful body and amazing hulking out! Keep going!

from alex_guy [1410] on 13 June 2020

airon is awesome .... i bought all his videos and he surprises me every time .... his muscles in every video are more and more devastating and big .... this type of video that then tears off the shirt is one of my favorites ... it takes very little to destroy the shirt in pieces, it's really incredible! his gigantic biceps come out and swell in a few seconds ... no shirt would be able to contain these muscles so big .... not to mention his pectorals .... they destroy the shirt and tear off the buttons in the blink of an hour eye .... compliment airon, you are gorgeous and gigantic .... PS: feed these biceps and make them bigger

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