Big Biceps Tight Shirt featuring Andrewfitness

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Andrew is on another level. So handsome, with a smile that'll make you melt inside. Yet biceps so powerful he could crush you at will. Starting in his tight red Under Armour shirt, you can see his massive biceps flexing. As he strips and unveils the true beauty of this body, there's nothing you wouldn't do for him.


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from Samson71 [343] on 25 February 2018

Superstrong360!! Where to start with this Muscle God! First off his new bicep video is amazing. It's one thing to have big muscles, but it's another thing to have the alpha personality and swagger to take the experience to a whole new level. Mission accomplished here. Plus he's a really chill guy to talk to on this guy and look forward to more amazing videos. One of the top guys on this site. :)

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