Oiled Up Muscle Perfection with Antonio.Ricky

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Antonio's debut video is going to leave you mesmerised by his incredible physique. Huge and defined muscles from head to toe. Bulging biceps and shredded abs, covered in oil and ready for you to admire.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Oiled muscle | Private flex shows


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crazy sexy man! if he puts out a oiled nude posing routine video im there! Thanks Ricky.

jbird65 [1806] on 14 Mar 2019

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Antonio has beautifully sculpted body. A well define chest, vein covered arms and those awesome abs left me in awe for the entire video.

Coolmanrico [887] on 17 Feb 2019

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Loved this video and hope Antonio keeps looking this hot as he continues making more videos. I love me some ripped muscle flexing in my face and this video just such a nonstop flexfest. Add oil and I'm hooked! I think next time Antonio should stand up straight and proud as he flexes rather than hunching forward slightly, which he may have done because the camera was so low. He can certainly be justly proud of his supremely muscular physique!!

in2muslmen [20910] on 17 Feb 2019

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Antonio's body is incredible, especially his chest! He's really handsome too. Loved every second of this video. Can't wait to see what else he comes out with.

nsmith987 [1765] on 15 Feb 2019

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