Close Up and Oiled Up with Bernard

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This massive beast of bodybuilder knows how much you long to be smothered by his muscles. So be prepared to get your face crush by his almighty pecs and massive biceps against his rock solid abs.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Oiled muscle


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Good lord! Why did I wait so long to buy one of Bernard's videos??? His oiled and pumped up torso certainly makes for one of the sexiest videos I've ever seen, so let's hear it for the bodybuilders! While I of course admire all muscular men, those bodybuilding types who really pack on the muscle have their own special beauty! The size, density, and vascularity of Bernard's muscles are not of this earth! He's effing huge AND ripped and he clearly loves flexing as hard as he can. His breathing so hard during his flexfest as he pumps up to the max is beyond sexy, especially during his multiple most musculars. And I've never seen a biceps vein as thick as Bernard's! He's got a slew of videos that I certainly look forward to purchasing and viewing!

in2muslmen [17047] on 6 Feb 2019

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