Big Hunk Destroys Shirt featuring EvanHoti

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From the very start it looks as if his muscles are bout to burst out of his shirt. As he stats to flex, the shirt doesn't stand a chance! Ripping it easily with his superior power until there are only threads left!


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from Thatg4yman [170] on 10 December 2020

So much potential wasted because you didn’t shut up. I was really looking forward to watching this video as the preview looked great! However once purchased and watching i quickly discovered this video is you talking for just over 10 mins, that combined with the very distracting backdrop and you messing around with the camera unfortunately killed it for me, best advice I could give you is let the muscles do the talking as that’s what we are here for and think about what the camera can see.. everyone has a plain wall somewhere in their house and filming against that makes you the focus and not the background.

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