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Bodyguard Series - Parts 1, 2 and 3 with Jacked Jake

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This three-part bundle deal contains three amazing full-length videos from Jake. It's delivered as a single ZIP file and inside you'll get three individual videos. It's a total of over 30 minutes of muscle.

PART 1 - COCKY NEW BODYGUARD - You're recruiting for a new bodyguard. The candidates have been average so far. Then in steps Jake. You don't really need protection, but you like the idea of having a dominant muscle man around. And Jake fit's the bill perfectly. Huge. Cocky. And ready to please.

PART 2 - NUMBER 1 BODYGUARD - When he finds out about a plan to replace him at his job, Jake does what does best - takes control of the situation and shows everyone who the real boss is. It doesn't take long before his massive biceps, solid six pack abs and powerful chest convince the business owner that he's making a mistake.

PART 3 - BODYGUARD TAKES CONTROL - In the last of a three-part series, Jake puts his plan in to action - to take control of the business he's been protecting. He doesn't need to use force. Just his sheer presence and muscularity is enough to convince the owners to hand over a controlling share. The power and control Jake has over other men is truly amazing.


Abs | All American Hunks | Arms | Chest | Cocky

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